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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Miffy at Mealtime

I have always wondered how Miffy uses her "x" mouth when she eats.
Now I know.

1.Miffy's Mouth

[Sorry, but the youtube link is now dead]

2.Miffy eats her dinner


  1. I'm gonna wait til other comments before watching...

  2. forget about ghost stories, trying to figure out anime character anatomy is even scarier :^o


    brb everyone, throwing out all my miffy stuff ;_;

  4. Thank you for your comments!:D

    Catty - don't worry! Nothing too shocking here (it's quite funny actually), but be carefuly if you are a fan of Miffy!

    I think I've just done damage to the Miffy

  5. ;_; Miffy nooooo!

    That reminds me of an early part in the manga "Parasyte", actually. The guy's face splits into an 'x' and then...yeah. He eats someone's face.

  6. lol This clears up so much! I think Miffy is a girl, by the way. Not that it makes much difference. Now I'm going to wonder how Barbie dolls eat...

  7. teira-chan - parasyte! That's a good manga. Now you say it, the way Miffy eats her dinner does have resemblance to the manga.

    Tani - a girl???!! Good god! That can't be true! Haven't you heard about girls being made of sugar and spice! Outrageous!

    OK it's not your fault. It's Bruna's fault.

    After Miffy I don't know how many people would want to know how Barbie dolls eat! XD

    Many thanks for your comments!


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