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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie Goodies

1.Tarako Kewpie Doll
This easy-to-carry size Tarako Kewpie is perfect for people on the go. Take it out of your suitcase at break and give it a little cuddle to relieve work tress.

2. Tarako Kewpie Pillow
After a long day at work you just want to dive into your bed with a giant Tarako Kewpie.

3. Tarako Kewpie Curtain
A gorgeous curtain to hang in a doorway.

More goodies below...

4.Tarako Kewpie Matryoshka
Would look great on your mantelpiece.

5. Tarako Kewpie MP3 Player
For those who want to listen to music in style.

6. Tarako Kewpie Lego Bricks
Stimulate your child's creativity with Tarako Kewpie Lego Bricks!!

More Tarako Kewpie Goodies coming soon (maybe tomorrow)!


Bryan said...

I like the expression on the little boy's face next to the giant tarako kewpie pillow XD

And thats so cool, a Tarako Kewpie MP3 player!

Catty said...

Ohmygod that's AWESOME!!!
I want a Tarako Kewpie MP3.

Adorably Dead said...

I really want the mp3 player and the pillow now. And the little boy is so cute!

King Progdor said...

See, I saw this coming. It doesn't really surprise me that they'd market something like this.

Mark my words, next thing you know there'll be a kid's anime based around this.

Catty said...

Tarako Kewpie anime?

neu said...

no wonder so much weird stuff comes from Japan, look what their kids are growing up with! DX

SAYA said...

Hi guys, thank you for your comments!

neu - yeah, look what I have become!! XD, I'm a decent girl really!XD

Anonymous said...

Huh, seems like those little things are pretty popular in Japan. XD I want a Tarako Kewpie plushie~ D:

The kid in the second photo is hilarious. X3 He's all like "OHMYGAWD! :O"

Anonymous said...

Must...have... 0_0 ....

Anonymous said...

I nnnneeeeed the Lego's! NEED!
Any clue where to find them?