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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie In Tokyo

I'm still in the process of translating new stories...
Meanwhile you can watch Tarako Kewpies and amuse yourselves!

1. Shibuya, 2006



  1. That was cute! I like the first one. She hugged it and it ran. XD

  2. aww! so cute. yeah I liked the first one.

  3. The second one is like... ITS ALIVE! Oh and Saya i'm finally getting to learning Japanese! I understand a little hiragana and a couple words. Watashi wa amerikajin desu. わたし わ あめりか[jin] です? (ok i only know like 30 of the hiragana... lol)

  4. that second one is TERRIFYING

  5. Adorably Dead,and
    dee - I like Tarako Kewpie because it's weird and cute at the same time! Did you see its little feet and how they moved? That was funny!XD

    Bryan - that's just marvellous, Bryan dear. You will soon be helping me with translating Japanese stories!Keep it up!

    neu - I know. It looked like it was coming closer!

    Thanks for your enjoyable comments!!

  6. I forgot that I hated dolls.;__; Saya- san, I think you brought my nightmares into reality...

  7. Tani - as all shrinks say, you have to face your fear in order to overcome it! haha. I advise you to watch these Tarako kewpie videos at least twice daily. :P

  8. Saya, I have a video that may interest you.


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