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Friday, 20 March 2009

The Worrying Nurses

My friend had a motorbike accident and he was in a hospital until just recently.

The hospital is large, quite old but known for having cutting-edge equipment, and we have never heard any bad rumours about it. My friend could just be making the whole thing up lol.

My friend damaged his collarbone in the accident but it was only a light scar (though he needed an operation) and he was told he would be out and about within a week.
This happened apparently two days before he was discharged.

If you have ever stayed in hospital you know how early they turn the lights off at night. Each bed, however, is usually equipped with a lamp that gives off enough light for reading. My friend was reading a comic book under such a lamp when he felt the call of nature (not pee, but the other one). He got up from the bed, put his feet in slippers, and went out into the corridor.

A corridor at night in hospital sounds spooky, but in reality (he said) it was not that bad, because there was still some light, and also becuase he was a bit hyper thinking he would be out of this place in two days. It was very quiet, but that was all.

My friend reached the lavatory and went into one of the cubicles.
After he had finished his business, he kept on reading the comic book in the cubicle (without wiping down there lol) when he heard a patter of footsteps going down the corridor.

Just as he thought 'someone is coming here,' the footsteps stopped in front of the lavatory.
And then;
'Are you alriiight?'a nurse asked him.
So my friend replied, 'I'm alright, thank you.'
He heard the nurse leave, the patter of footsteps gradually fading into distance.

My friend went back to reading the comic book . About five minutes had passed when he again heard the same footsteps, which again stopped in front of the lavatory and a nurse's voice said,
'You are taking a long time. Are you reeeally alriiight?'
My friend replied, 'Oh, I'm really fine. I'm gonna finish soon.'
The nurse said, 'OKaaay.'
He was quite impressed about the nurse's caring attitude.

He again went back to reading. A while later, this time from inside the lavatory, he heard a voice saying,
'Uhhhm..Are you really alright?'
He got a fright because he didn't hear any footsteps this time and didn't expect her to come inside the lavatory.

And he was getting rather annoyed by the constant questioning so he said rather harshly, 'I'm REALLY fine! And if you didn't already know, this place is men's toilet!'

No reply came from the nurse and a dead silence followed.
He thought 'oops maybe that was too harsh,' and opened his mouth to apologize when the door went Baaang!!

My friend cried out and looked up.
And in the gap between the door and the ceiling there was a woman looking down at him who said,

'Arrre youuu reeaally alriiiighht?'

My friend, terrified and desperate to run away, banged the door open, but the nurse was not there anymore.

He ran back to his room but couldn't sleep the whole night.
But he was OK the next day and safely got out of the hospital.

He also told me that when he thought about it later, each voice seemed to be different from the last. And the final voice sounded the deepest of all.


  1. this is my worst nightmare. i hate using bathrooms that are open to the public.

  2. anti-zombie death squad20 March 2009 at 17:24


    i see apparitions often but this experience, i pray not to have.

  3. Have you ever seen that movie "The Maid"? Remember that part when the little boy asks her to help him find his ball and his voice gets deeper and slower as he talks? I love that part. Also, I find hospitals to be creepy places in general... So many lives are made, broken, or extinguished... moreso than any other locale. Can you imagine all the residual energies they must contain? Terrifying.

  4. And thanks again, Ms. Saya. You have the best ghost stories! You must be sooo much fun at parties!

  5. Very nice story, Saya-san! Reminds me of this video: Only even creepier, because hospitals make everything scarier.

    I've been reading your blog for a while now but haven't commented yet. I just wanted to say thank you!

  6. Ohmygod I hate hospitals.

  7. I hate hospitals even more now. lol. And I loved that youtube vid that K posted, so cool. The guard was kind of cute. ^_^ Not to sure I would mind if he came to check on me.

  8. I've seen specials on TV about haunted hospitals before. That's kinda out-there.

    But when you think about it, the older they are...

  9. 美B - no worries, bad ghosts don't appear to angels like you!

    anti-zombie - you should take anti-ghost death squad with you when you go to bathrooms!

    William - no, dear, I haven's seen that movie yet! Sounds interesting though! Yes hospital are scary! I know what you mean by the residual energies. There must be many ghosts wondering around in those places!

    Thank you for thanking me dear! Invite me to your party one day!:)

    K - how very sweet of you to leave a comment!! The video you linked looks quite similar to my story. Interesting! Please leave comment anytime, you are always welcome!

    Catty - me, too dear. I eat a lot of veggies to keep doctors away.

    Adorably Dead - hahaha! Come to Japan, there are alot of cute ghosts around!

    King Progdor - the older the hospitals are, the more fun you can have in there?:)

    Thank you very very much for your comments!!!!!!!

  10. You.. eat something HEALTHY?! My diet consists of sprite, cupcakes, doritos, and the occasional KFC bucket and cae/cupcake/hershey kiss. Amazing. 0o0

    Yet, the only time I've ver gotten actually sick was twice-- both stomach bugs. My first one almost killed me.
    IOne week without keeping anything down. Spent 3 days in the emergency room.
    I learned not to eat Playdoh.

  11. I really hate public bathrooms. D:
    the dim lighting! The leaking faucets! THE LACK OF TOILET PAPER.

    ...idk. I've never been hospitalized, I hope it stays that way T T

  12. i really liked this story. glad to see you still post them!
    i only found the underworld a couple of weeks ago, and read through all your stories in 2 nights. 2 very sleepless nights :)

    i really hate hospitals. my mum works in one. she claims her colleages used to tell her stories of seeing children in victorian clothing, although she never saw anything.

    looking forward to more~

  13. Hello.

    Saya. Your return is most welcome.

  14. Catty - Playdoh? You didn't!What did it taste like? I once ate a bit of soap that looked like sweets. It was horrible.

    neu - the best advise I can give you so you stay healthy is - eat your veggies and stay away from Playdoh!:P

    Sookan - Oh! I'm very happy to hear that you like my stories! There were ghosts in victorian clothing in your mum's work place? That's cool!
    Oh but don't tell your mum you spent two sleepless nights because of me or she'll be most displeased!:P

    Mr. Welldone - oh are you the REAL Mr. Welldone! Excuse my rudeness, but there has been a Mr.Welldone impersonator on this site. Welcome back to you too, sir!:)

    THANKS TRILLION TIMES for your comments!:D

  15. It tastes salty, very salty. And it has a wonderful texture.
    See, what happened was I was having a contest with my brother to see how much playdoh I could eat.
    Threw up after 10 tubfuls.
    Like, tubs of playdoh. Not bathtubs.

  16. Umm.. He didn't get to wipe his as*, did he?

  17. I think there's a lesson here. Never cross nurses or question their duty. ^___^

  18. This is the site's scariest story, I think. Another reason why I'd rather not have myself admitted into the hospital.

    Just imagine if it happened to you dammit. *shivers hard*

  19. i'll answer, "i'll be fine if you're not here, ma'am" and run as fast as i never run before XD

  20. What if he didn't answer at all?? :O Hmm..

  21. Oh my god, that's freaky, I wouldn't have responded the nurse when she asked, "Arrre youuu reeaally alriiight?" I would have said, "Not anymore!" D:

  22. great story man! I hope that Nurse not appear in my Hospital where i work.

  23. that was scary. but i didn't understand one thing, 'each voice seemed different from last' so there was not only one nurse.......

  24. i think the nurses with footsteps were real nurses then the one with no footsteps copied the other nurses. or maybe the nurses knew something was in the bathroom that's why they checked on him every few minutes? idk....
    any way thank you very much saya for these wonderful stories!!^^

  25. Well, that's why you shouldn't stay in the toilet after you've finished your business in there. He could always continue reading in the comfort of his bed.


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