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Monday, 6 April 2009



Although this is a cheap animation and there is nothing too graphic in it, I found this video very disturbing perhaps due to the theme it deals with.

Definitely not for children though.

And of course don't watch it if you are feeling depressed or suicidal.

I could look at it positively and think it's trying to put people off suicide.


  1. Actually, as far as suicide goes..jumping off a building is a horrible idea!! A person I know felt depressed because her boyfriend dumped her and she jumped off a 4 story parking structure, however, she did not die but broke both of her legs! Even now, she cannot walk properly.

  2. Not too mention how messy and disfigured the person gets. A lot of sleeping pills is quicker, cleaner and more peaceful. I'm NOT advocating suicide. This one was a bit disturbing... Saya- san, are you trying to put us off? It's working.

  3. 美B - what a horrible story! Yes things like that can actually happen. Jumping off a building because your boyfriend dumped you? Not my cup of tea, dear.
    I might push the boyfried off a cliff, but I would never jump myself.

    Tani - so no suicide for you then? Good! It seems I have saved yet one more soul.
    Oh I'm taking away that pills on your table, just in case!

  4. I knew someone who OD'd on anti-depressants. She wasnt too happy about it, and was sick for a month or two.

    OD-ing doesnt work. Theres no sure-fire way to kill yourself unless you have a gun.

    Are suicide & loneliness (in that last video about the sex dolls) a wider cultural problem in Japan?

  5. Definitely creeped me out. D: The thought of suicide is really scary to me, because if it's something irreversible like jumping or pills, what if you change your mind a second later? ;_; Scary. So no suicide for me~ >/rambling>

    Also, the crying in the "Hacking one's limbs off" clip freaked me out more than the deaths. D: Crying always makes me uncomfortable.

  6. 美B's comment reminds me of the girl in China that tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building, and her boyfriend tried to catch her but died from the impact while she survived with a few broken bones.

  7. Seite- That's depressing.

    I'm 9, no scary movie for me. No way I'll watch it. D;

  8. Misanthrope - Japan seems to have a high suicide rate. I think they generally have a keen sense of disgrace. (I say "they" not "we" because I don't have a keen sense of disgrace. hehe)

    Loneliness is a problem only in large cities like Tokyo. Like in England people are much colder in London than anywhere else.

  9. teira-chan - yeah that crying definitely creeped me out too, man! That was very disturbing.

    Seite - that's another horrible story! Yeah some people have died from getting crushed by people jumping off building! I always tell people: If you wanna kill yourself, do it where there's nobody around. For safety reason.

    Catty - you are wise, Catty :D

    Thank you for your comments, dear.
    (and I forgot to say thank you to Misanthrope!)

  10. i found whoever voiced this creepy... ugh.

    mm suicide? there's a bottle of fly spray on my windowsill which says "SOLVENT ABUSE CAN KILL INSTANTLY". why trek all the way out to a building or go through the hassle of swallowing horrible pills? AH, i dont actually mean that. as bad as something looks, you should always try and deal with it. or at least escape with your life.
    but if you're gonna do it, fly spray is the way to go.

  11. Sookan - thank you dear. If I ever feel like killing myself I shall remember about you and your fly spray. :P

  12. And I thought the sack movie was disturbing...0.o
    OH, WELL. =D
    But I almost lost my cinnamon bun watching it.

  13. This is funny, anyone who would kill them selfs over this is a idiot.

  14. Moofie. Dude.
    That ain't right. Just... just dude.

    I've been feeling kinda depressed lately, but I watched it anyway. Not that bad, really.

  15. Suicide has never been the answer though!!!!! there are other thing out there than that!!!!


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