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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Three Customers

A taxi driver was driving in __ (an area's name) when he saw three girls standing by the road with their hands raised.
Customers! The taxi driver thought, and stopped his car to pick them up.

'Where are you off to?' The taxi driver asked, and they answered that one of the girls had a stomach ache and wanted to be taken to the hospital.
The taxi driver glanced at the girl in question and noted that the girl certainly looked very pale and seemed to be in great pain.

It was an emergency for sure, and he decided to take them to the T__ hospital, the closest from where they were and also the most famous hospital in the area.

When they arrived at the hospital the girls told him, 'we would like to stay with her (i.e. the girl with stomach ache) so if you don't mind, could you please go inside and get someone?'

The taxi driver agreed to their request and went to the hospital's front desk. There he told the nurse what had happened and asked her if she could go have a look at the patient in the car.
The nurse said OK and went to the car park, leaving the taxi driver at the front desk.

.......... Some minutes later the nurse came back to the front desk, ashen-faced.
'What did you do that for?!' She asked.

The taxi driver had no idea what she meant.
'Why did you do it?!' said the nurse again.

'Why do you have dead bodies in your car?!!'

According to the nurse, a few days ago some college girls met an accident while driving in the area. They were brought to the hospital but in spite of all efforts to save them, they all passed away.
And their bodies had been placed in the mortuary.

But the bodies in the taxi and the bodies of the college girls were unmistakably one and the same.
'What were you trying to do by stealing the bodies from our hospital?'
The nurse pressed him for an answer; but when the taxi driver picked the girls up, they appeared to be nothing but alive.

Needless to say, the place where the taxi driver picked up the girls was the same place where the girls had the accident....

I wonder what these girls wanted to do?


  1. Wow, that's really creepy. I thought they were just going to be ghosts but to actually have the dead bodies?! Maybe it was a taxi that caused the accident originally so they're going to cause trouble for each taxi driver that comes by!

  2. Creepy. This one is now my official favorite. I'm lovin' it! 8D

  3. I've read ones like this before. The paradox of the girls who would be dead leads to increased creepiness. There are several ways to go from there, perhaps the taxi driver was the one who killed them but is unaware due to insanity, or the girls were really dead and were actually some sort of spirit?

  4. zombies?

    bryan's theory about the taxi driver being the cause of their accident does sound the most plausable, but the story says they died before he picked them up, a few days ago in fact.

    how strange!

  5. Hey Saya!
    I just discovered your blog through creepypasta (a vastly inferior site I must say) and it's super awesome! It actually creeps me out and thats significant since for a while now normal scary literature, movies, and games haven't been able to do that. So thanks and I am now going to dive into some of your past posts:)

  6. MANY THANKS as usual, for your comments!!

    美B - you have a good imagination, dear. Yes it maybe as you say!:)
    Btw that's a good creepy picture you've got there!

    Catty - really? Good!:D

    Bryan - that's another good explanation!!

    Sookan - it is rather a strange story, isn't it?

    Daywalker - hello!!! Very welcome to my site. It's very nice to hear from you and I hope I will be able to quench your thirst for horror with my stories!:D

  7. anti-zombie death squad16 April 2009 at 17:45

    did someone mention zombies?

  8. ah, so japan has a variation on the "vanishing hitchhiker" too! in america, the person picked up vanishes at their destination, but leaves something behind like a sweater or a book. so when the driver goes inside to give it back, the parents get all pale and upset and inform the driver that the hitchhiker they picked up died many years ago.

  9. anti-zombie - YES, I did mention it and I am not afraid to say it again!! ZOMBIE!!

    yotan - there are similar stories around, but this one is a teeny bit different because it talks about real dead bodies instead of just ghosts.

    Thanks for your comment!!!

  10. Dopplegangers!!!!!!!!!Arrrrgghhh!!!hehehe....

  11. How strange! I love this story very much <3 What *were* the girls up to?

  12. Actually I think I know what the wanted: They didn`t want to die so when they did instead of passing on the stay on earth forever trying to flag down cars that will take them to the hospital to be saved.

  13. Saya my dear awesome translating friend.....i have Loved all the effort u have put in to this and has shared it with Many of my friends all aboslutely love it ^_^ i am glad aswell saya u are completely awesome and Every one apreciates all that u have done ...thank u once again ~Alyssa

  14. Aw, they seem like the type of ghosts that will try and try again until they're saved, but fate has no desire to let them win. T_T

  15. its the hospital fault that they can help the victims, so the girls still have the grudge to that hospital

  16. Saya-san, may I use this story for my English assignment? Thank you, good story by the way :3

  17. @Anon (10 Feb 2014): Sure, my child. But will this really be a good material for a school assignment? I don't know what you're going to do with it but might not be better to use something more sophisticated?
    Anyway good luck with your assignment!


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