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Saturday, 30 May 2009


WARNING - this story contains descriptions of sex and violence!

This happened last weekend.
I don't usually go out very much but that day I couldn't sleep and had to go to the emergency hospital so I could get some sedatives.

It was about two after midnight.
On my way home, rinding my bike past a park, I heard a scream come out of the public toilet.
I then saw a white car left idling nearby and I got scared and quickly rode away.

The next morning I went to the public toilet and found in there torn stockings and knickers, and somehow one high-heel shoe had been left on the floor.
I wondered what happened but found no story relating to it on the newspaper.
That night I couldn't sleep again and took the sedatives I got from the day before.
And as I just sat in my room doing nothing I started thinking about the last night's incident again.

Looking back that was really stupid of me.
For a reason I can't explain, I found myself in the empty park again.
I was scared to go near the toilet so I just watched it sitting on my bike.
Then it happened.

Suddenly a car stopped behind me and three men got out.
I tried to run away but they dragged me inside their car, and then took me to a place that looked like a warehouse.
It seemed there was some sort of gathering going on in there, and at the further end of the room a naked woman sat crying.
Soon they thrust a towel in my mouth and pushed me to the floor.
And then I was raped by one man after another.
The sedatives soon started taking effect and my memory is hazy about what happened towards the end; but I think it was quite a while before I was released and when I woke up in the morning in my room I felt blood and a huge amount of semen flooding out of my private part.
My stomach still hurts, even now.

I used to have a boyfriend.
But we kept our relationship a secret.
When my boyfriend died of AIDS in June this year all his friends became strangers.
I too stopped seeing him the moment he was admitted into the hospital.
But, probably, I have it too.
Recently I keep having a sympton similar to cold.
Just like my boyfriend when he was alive.
The men who raped me last week have all probably been infected.
They deserve it.
I am still 22.
I want to live more.


  1. Ah--? How ironic, the bad men got some bachi. :D

  2. Well...that was...cheerful o_o haha.. I guess the moral of the story is that all rapists should think twice when choosing their victims? :P Ahh, sweet irony. I feel bad, though, for the poor (assumingly) innocent girl, who probably got it too.

  3. What a horrible thing to experience.

  4. Underworld_Reader31 May 2009 at 09:23

    quite interesting?
    Thanks yet again SAYA!
    this is like black comedy which of course at times is rare!
    very good story too!

  5. XDDDDDD sorry, I found this story hilarious.

  6. @Tahmnong:

    i don't think the moral of the story is choose who you're going to rape carefully, I think it's don't be a rapist.

  7. that wasn't expected! but a bit of a... comfort, i suppose? that they won't go unpunished.

  8. How did the men know where she lived, to return her to her room? or did she walk there half-sedated?

    rape is a horrible thing. if this was ever true, i'd say those men got what was coming to them.

    another moral could be, if you have AIDs, don't be afraid to walk the streets at night? :c

  9. Or get tests done before you sleep with your bf and don't return to sites where something bad took place? Being too literal here, though. It's a sad story. :( Reminds me of one by Guy de Maupassant...

  10. Poor,poor soul.... but I like this one...

  11. Neu, I'd like to see you get raped and still find it hilarious.

  12. just one problem: I'm real. Story isn't.

    :) Learn to tell the difference. Me finding something fake funny is totally different from finding something real funny.

  13. I was expecting this story to be about zombies :P but i still liked this story. It seemed so depressing and then its like... on the bright side, theyre all gonna die of AIDS!

  14. My,my that is a horrible thing to happen to someone...Although the storywas intriguing and those 'men', if you can call a cowardly sex offender like that,deserved the AIDS, it still makes it unbelievably,insanely and outrageously a horrible and dastardly act...

  15. Saya, why dont you post some comments? It is rather sad not to have you among us saying stuff about the stories and comments!Please come back!

  16. I was also expecting this story to be about zombies.

  17. Well. errrr SAYA, is this story true????

  18. i have one question.... what happen to the bike i mean in the story she ran so, why didnt she ride her bike away?

  19. Hmm... I think the warning label should use the word 'rape' instead of 'sex' because they really mean two different things.

    I think this story is very disturbing on one level other than the rapes. The men are clearly serial rapists, and usually people don't find out about AIDS so soon. So it's likely those men, while unknowingly infected, are continuing to rape women and passing the disease to them.

  20. @AnekiGX: Yeah I said sex AND VIOLENCE. And why am I getting so many people who read my story and then complain? Rape is included in the category of sex. It's sex with violence.

    But apart from that, thanks for commenting.


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