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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tarako Kewpie Man: Big Red Things On My Head

Yet another indication about dangerous side-effects of Tarako Kewpie.


  1. What just happened?

  2. I am loving these Tarako Kewpie videos.

  3. Saya! You should call Iain Lee again. He would lovi it. He's on Absolute Radio now. Call him on 03301231215, or email him at and ask him to call you. It will be just like the olden days!

  4. I'm... I'm actually scared now. ;_;
    This guy is scary. >.>
    He has problems.

    Woah, WTF?! I tried to type "He has problems", and all that came out was "HALE".
    In all caps.
    *groans* Oh, goody. It ends up the ghost in my house is a negative spirit (though nweaker with lack of fear :D) and it's becoming a poltergeist. He may be abusing mah fingers.

  5. I rather don't get it, but I think this man is suffering from insanity XD

  6. This poor man ended up crazy and in jail(look at his clothes XD)for eating tarako kewpie ._.


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