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Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Taxi

Saya's note: I translated this story quite a while ago (maybe it was last year) and left it unpublished thinking it wasn't scary enough... But now I don't have much time updating the blog I decided to publish it anyway...

When I stepped out of the tube station, it was raining heavily outside. I opened my umbrella and started walking. But something was wrong. The atmosphere was somehow very unpleasant.


Every single person I walked past didn't have an umbrella over them. Everyone was silent and looking grim; and they walked on, all facing the same direction.

Then suddenly a taxi stopped by, and the driver put out his hand and beckoned me to come over. I gestured to him that I didn't need a taxi, but the taxi-driver said, "Come on, get in!"
He was so insistent that I had to give in. Besides I wanted to get away from this unpleasant atmosphere.

Later, the driver, pale-faced, said to me;
"Well, you know..When I saw you walking as if you were trying to avoid bumping into people on an empty street, I thought I should help you...."

I think the taxi driver knew who they were dealing with?


  1. What a considerate taxi driver! I would be friends with a person like that. :)

  2. he seems like a real sidekick kinda guy. would serve as a good premise for a movie

  3. Hahaha..anyways,this story was interesting!^_^What a kind taxi driver.

  4. i like this story! you should definitely keep publishing things like this, saya. in some ways, i like creepy stories with a twist better than outright scary ones.

    lol@ bryan

  5. Wow, that driver was definitely a polite person, however, i had some doubt about the pedestrian...i mean, there are two options for one to opt for:
    1)The person had a sixth sense and because of this strong psychic strength he was able to see the spirits of dead pedestrians or..
    2)He was mentally disturbed and was hallucinating cause he was suffering from clinical paranoia...

  6. That was a nice taxi driver. I think we need more people like that!

  7. more more more saya!

  8. I think open ended stories like this are creepiest. O:

  9. The taxi driver is full of win. I think a good majority of people, if seeing that, would just tape the person and put it on youtube.

    And I think this was rather creepy, but really cool too.

  10. I like scary stories that end with a nice, happy twist. Not saying that the aftermath would be happy but at the moment it is...

  11. I liked this one too~~ :3

    Thank you!

  12. It's great, Saya, as always!!! Congratilations one more time:) I like the thin shadow of horror which enters and every single one of your stories:)
    More, more more!!! PLease?!:)))

  13. How thoughtful of the taxi driver...

    I wonder if I'd have done the same thing; I might not, thinking he'd be a pervert or something--then I'd have missed a chance in finding an actually good guy.. T_T

    Thanks for the good read!

    --watching out for the next update.

    Your loyal follower,
    Mister Bate

  14. Aaahh!!! Ghosts!! *rums away*

  15. If I had been him, I'd have suspected the taxi driver, but one never knows, in the end he was a good guy.

    It's obvious he knew what was going on; if a driver just sees a person tumbling around in an empty street, they usually think him drunk and go on.

  16. If I was the taxi driver, I probably would have assumed she was insane and having hallucinations. But I'd probably try to help just in case.

  17. that was a nice thing of him to do. u never know if someone is walking between ghost on a rainy day. But that taxi driver did and he was a good-'living'-Samaritan. ^_^
    Go SAYA!!! ^_^

  18. i would like someone to help me when im avoiding "something" on "empty" street . ..

  19. You might wonder why I am commenting in the post you made from 2009 but I loved it! Every single one of it,,

    So, I start reading your stories from 2007 until now (2013), and I am not yet to finish..

    Thank you so much Saya for updating this blog. I love the way you tell the story, it is not too complicated and too long, straight to the problem and the mystery.

    I am a new fan of horror (I was a scaredy cat but time after time I got curious of horror stories and until now, I've challenged myself to watch horror movie and hearing stories so I won't be scared anymore!) and I am truly grateful that I found your blog. Thank you and keep your spirit high!

    *p.s. I love this story too! ;D


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