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Friday, 8 January 2010

Tomizaki Nori

"Little Nurse's Scissors"

It seems girls and dolls are one and the same in the Japanese artist's Tomizaki Nori's mind.
He produces CG drawings of dolls dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion that seem as alive as real girls, and take pictures of real girls impersonating as dolls (below).

"Ball-Joint Type: Tomoe II"

You can see more of his works at his website: TOMIZAKI NORI under the "Galleries" section.


  1. The cgi is good, but the real models as dolls are absolutely amazing.

  2. Wow, Ms. Saya. Japan must be a very interesting place to live. Always a pleasure, my dear.

  3. Very interesting art, Saya. I like how the girls were able to pose so well, making them seem all the more sureal. Definitely weird, but interesting nonetheless.

  4. Hello! Thank you all for your comments!:)

    @William:Yes it's fun to live in Japan. It's safe, the food is great, and it's full of weird people like me!

  5. I saw a tutorial of how he does that in a book once. It was very complicated... I love lolita style though.

    And Saya, have you ever heard of a visual novel called "Saya no Uta"? It's extremely creepy, has aliens and blood and guts and cannibalism among other things, and best of all the main character has your name! :P I thought you might want to check it out.

  6. Wow, i checked the site....he definitely has an affinity to gothic! that is ''outloudly funny''!! i wish i could livE in Japan is my Japanese wasnt lousy and spaz!haha nice post Saya chan!

  7. His work is really good! I thought the live model was a doll at first. I'm rather afraid of dolls, but I had to take a close look at these. Thank you, Saya- san! :)

  8. Ah Ms. Saya, in a strange land, you still seem unique. If only more people possessed your specific brand of peculiarity...

  9. I always like to say the Japanese people have too much time on their hands. Why else do you think we get crazy gadgets, weird snacks, outrageous game shows, and strange hobbies like this? :P

    Still, I wouldn't mind visiting someday.

  10. Wow, the joints on the second model are well-done! I wonder if the artist used photoshop or if it is makeup.

  11. Hi saya,
    It's so good you are back! The internet is kind of boring when you aren't around :->

  12. Hi saya! been following your blog and checking it every now and then, just finished reading the stories and waiting for some more! specially the master series, love it! keep it up!!


    I started reading your blog recently (yesterday) and I have to say it's awesome. I hope you keep updating us on all those "Japanese ghost stories, urban legends and other bizarre and scary things".

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  16. Oh, btw,

  17. Its Tia, used to be named Ina. Saya chan, you are in the zombie state again? hope we see more of you in the future!

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  21. This is horrid. I miss you and your stories terribly, Ms. Saya. Furthermore, it's something close to blasphemy that these advertising automatons are allowed to run rampant on your site. Hope all is well.

  22. anti-zombie death squad1 March 2010 at 17:03

    You're back!!!!

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  27. Saya, where are you? We miss you.

  28. I have just read through your entire post history and loved it! Even though some of the videos were dead, there were a lot of things I'd neither seen nor read.
    I hope you find the time to update soon!

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  31. Saya

    why dont you call me any more

    I am on Absolute Radio Mondays to Thursdays at 11pm.

    I miss you


  32. Saya chan! please return!you have gone MIA again and it is a complete torture! where is our horror and interest fix? why are you away from your trusted followers? Anonymous guys from i dont know where are posting weird spam like porn addresses or financial things of no interest! please return to restore and contain the place!

    on behalf of all your readers

  33. Saya, we miss you! Please come back soon. ♥

  34. Yes, please come back. We all miss the stories and our lovely webmistress.

  35. I love Goth-Loli fashion.
    These pictures are amazing =)


  36. I liked the pictures of the post, they are great, thanks for sharing

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  40. Amazing is all I can say.And the first picture-Little nurses sissors?It seems t me Like the doll represents death, and how when someone dies, it's almost like someone has cut their string and has talen them away.

    Yeah, I have an over-active imagination.

  41. This won't succeed in reality, that is exactly what I think.


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