Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Monday, 26 April 2010

Tarako Kewpie Orchestra

Start every morning with this beautiful Tarako Kewpie song.


  1. Saya, it is an absolute pleasure to be graced with your presence once more.

  2. seconding William!
    This song is awesome, I want to make it my ringtone!

  3. Hello William, Hello neu!

    Thanks alot, dear.

    I'm still alive. At least in a physical sense.

  4. I'm glad you're still alive. :)
    I should know better than to watch these just before bedtime. Now I'll have nightmares of Tarako Kewpies dancing in my dreams with a scary little conductor chasing me... T__T

  5. Hello Tani dear.

    Nightmare? I'd be overjoyed if Tarako Kewpies appeared in my dreams! lol

  6. Saya you are finallly back! my prayers actually worked! wiii! time for me to wish for a mansion or telekinetic powers!!

  7. @Ina - I have felt someone calling me, telling me to come back to this blog. No wonder. It was you, then!

  8. so it seems our dearest blogger! please stick around for longer :)

  9. Oh God, we actually have Kewpie here where I live. I'll never be able to see Kewpie in the same light ever again ((:

  10. I love this song.
    It's in one of the Taiko no Tatsujin games for the DS. XD
    I lol'd when I first unlocked it.


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