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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cursed? A Strange Creepy Video

I don't know what it is, but it looks very creepy.


  1. yeah fast movements are always scary

  2. Yay! Second comment :) anyways, I'm so glad Saya is back. I love this blog too much to let it go lol.

  3. Man, I'd hate to wake up to that in the middle of the night. I don't think I'd be able to get back to sleep.

    By the way, I just found this site yesterday and I've already fallen in love with it. Thanks for posting all these!

  4. That is pretty freaky

  5. Youtube can be a very scary place...

  6. Welcome back to the world of the living, Saya. =P

    Tell you what, watching that video with White Zombie instead of the audio still gave me some chills. A little too uneventful to do much more, though.

  7. @Anonymous - I hate anything fast too, like fast food.

    @Anonymous #2 - What!? You are satisfied with being the second!? Make more effort next time, dear, and be the first.

    @Picklegod - keep some sedatives at your bedside, dear. After browsing through this site just pop one pill into your mouth and you will be sleeping like a stone until the next morning. But don't take too much otherwise you might be sleeping forever!

    It is my pleasure to entertain you. Thank you!

    @Anonymous #3 - oh! Isn't it nice from time to time to hear that someone agrees with you, when the world is so full of disagreement and antipathy?

    @Root - what an intriguing clip that is! Very interesting! Thank you dear, I'll watch it when I feel like I need a break from study.

    @King Progdor - how very nice to see you here again! Yeah I've been in the Underworld for too long!

    White Zombie??

  8. Is White Zombie a song? And sorry about me being second lol :P how's it going Saya? Looking back, it seems more scarier without audio. To me, at least.

  9. White Zombie's a band.

  10. You know what the secret ingredient to Saya's stories? The one that spreads fear all over your body mind and soul? The one that keeps you awake at night with your blood rushing?

  11. Simon dear, why on earth were you remaining anonymous before?

    Yes, there is a famous saying in Japan that goes, "BOYS, BE AMBITIOUS!!" Always strive to be the first, dear.

    As for myself I always take a shower before everyone else does in my family, although I'm not a boy.

    @King Progdor - what a nice psychedelic piece of music that is! Very zombie-like, I must say!
    Makes me want to have a haircut!

    @Anonymous - that's right, dear. You know what they say in the song? "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED." I live by those word.

    Anyway I can see that you are too nice to remain anonymous. State your name, like Simon eventually did above!

  12. I like the bit with the skeleton looking head in an explorers hat.
    Creepy video!

  13. "@Anonymous - that's right, dear. You know what they say in the song? "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED." I live by those word. "
    Saya, you listen to The Beatles?

  14. That's so weird! I wonder what that was and where it came from.. :O


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