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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alone in the House

Another cryptic story.


I was scared after reading the cursed story and because I was alone in the house I switched on all the lights in my room and the hall leading to the bathroom. :D

But it was all fine in the end.
The only scary thing that happened was when after the bath I went back to my room and switched on the light the bag which had been on the hook fell by itself. That made me jump! lol 


  1. Who turned off the light in the narrator's room?

  2. @Inkling: My thoughts exactly. Hmmmm...

  3. Not really scary. Maybe because of the smiling face? Haha. I liked this one :)

  4. I got it suprisingly... took me a few seconds. XD

  5. I feel slow.. :o only realised what's going on in the story after I read Inkling's comment.

  6. You are all so clever!

    @Nami:What's "nhóun," dear? I'm such a philistine, you know, that the only language I can manage to understand is Japanese and I don't speak it all that well either!:D

    @hikanridranz: don't worry dear. That's the whole point of the story. It's meant to be hard to understand!:)

  7. Ah I managed to get it right away xD it was easier for me,since something like that happened to me a couple of years ago.
    I was alone at home with my brother,so I called a cousin of mine,and we rent some horror movies to watch,as we usually do.My brother went out with his friends and when he was back we had finished watching the movies.But my cousin didn't want to sleep yet,she was too scared,so we decided to have a game of cards in my brother's room.After a while my brother asked me to go bring him a glass of water,I refused to go but they dared me so I did.On my way to the kitchen I turned the light to my parent's room on since I was getting really scared,and when I came back I noticed they were turned off.I ignored that thinking it was my brother and I went back to his room.We played for a few more minutes,when,the door to his closet started opening slowly.We were so freaked out,and I jumped to my brother when the bag he had taken from me as a hostage fell down.@__@ that was so scary even he got scared,and he always plays tough and says he doesn't like horror movies that have to do with ghosts,since they don't exist.
    I got shivers reading this story ._. why did it have to be so similar to mine?*scared*

  8. Inkling said:
    "Who turned off the light in the narrator's room?

    Sorry, that was me.
    What about the hook though? I didn't do that...

  9. Saya? What languages do you speak?

    Also, I liked this one :) Really funny in a creepy sort of way! I love this blog.

  10. Saya, have you seen this video? It says "cursed" but I can't read Japanese so I dun know what it says :) also love the blog by the way!

    If the link doesn't work I'll try to find another hm....

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot to add this to my previous comment, but the reason why I found the video a little interesting is because it uses images from the Japanese creepy image blog you showed us. cool eh?

  12. @Anonymous with the long story: Goodness me! Really? What a coincidence!

    @Picklegod: you should be spanked for your mischeif, dear!

    The hook? Well, that was me. XD

    @Anonymus: I speak gibberish most of the time, dear. I'm happy you like my blog!

    @omilumsf: I can't pronounce your name, dear.

    LOL the video is interesting. The title just says "cursed images, do not watch!" Thank you for that, dear!

  13. I been your reader since you posted the sadako number.
    Yay and more post is posted up and the stories are interesting!

  14. @Yuki: oh well come to this blog, my friend!Your name sounds Japanese. Are you Japanese, dear?

    Anwyay thank you for leaving a comment!

  15. Saya~ Oh, sorry, dear, let me explain; "Nhóun" is just an onomatopoeia referring to something cute. I used it because I couldn't help but imagine YOU beeing scared and turning all the lights on, lol.

  16. You were there too, Saya? Were you following me? ;)

  17. @Nami: oh really? Yeah that sounds like something I would do if I were in a similar situation! lol

    @Picklegod: exactly! And guess what I'm right behind you right this moment! hehehe...!

  18. I'm singaporean but some people mistake me as japanese.
    Oh yuki = snow.
    I like snow.

  19. @Yuki: Oh Singapore! That's a wonderful country!

    You get to see beautiful snowy landscapes in some parts of Japan during winter. You should visit Japan someday.

  20. OH I get it. The person/thing/ghost turned off the light then quickly jumped in the bag. I would'nt look in that bag....

    I must have missed this story.
    I like the stories best :)

  21. Yea.
    I always wanted to go to japan.
    And I LOVE Japan alot!

  22. Ummm,is says she turned on the lights,then she comes back,and turns it on again, Who or what was there????slenderman???? mysterious creeping shadow person???? Who knows...

  23. This reminds me of that creepypasta La Nuit and The Face Upstairs


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