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Friday, 12 November 2010

Gone Missing With The House

Note: I'm not the author of this story


This happened when I was fifteen.
 One day I came home from school to find the place where my house should have been had become an empty lot.
Of course I could not have taken a wrong path since I used the same route to go back and forth from home to school everyday.
And also it was impossible to be mistaken about the location since the scenery around it was familiar.
But strangely the place had a run-down appearance with weeds growing everywhere showing it had not become empty suddenly but it had been like that for at least a few years.

In the end all my family went missing and I was taken into my grandmother's care.
I am posting this from my grandmother's house right now.
Have you heard of any similar things happening before?

I'm working now and still trying to find my family in my spare time; but I'm starting to lose hope.


  1. Hi, Saya, just started following this blog again! I just loooooove these stories you translate <3 But...I don't always have the courage to watch the videos. Oh well, I love these stories. ^_^
    This one... it struck me as really sad. =c It also reminds me of an English ghost story of a woman who was on vacation with her mother. One day the woman went out while her mother stayed in the room. However, when the woman came back, the room was completely different, but she was sure it was the same room at the same hotel. The woman was frantic with worry, trying to find her mother, but none of the staff or anyone around, or even the police could help. In fact, the story says, what happened was that the mother was sick and died of plague while the woman was out; the hotel staff found out and disposed of the body. To prevent a commotion because of a plague victim, they changed the hotel room and tried to get rid of the woman.


  2. Maybe she got in an accident with her family and lost her memory about it (+fell into a coma for some time)
    And thats why shes still searching for her family that died in that accident
    Hm dunno but thats the first thing that came to my mind.

  3. Anonymous- I read that story :( Pretty sad. I liked how mysterious this one was.

    Is there a hidden meaning behind it or something?

  4. My guess in this one is that it's like Picklegod said in "The Headphone", the author probably went through some trauma and ended up repressing the memory of it.

    (But it would be much easier if she just asked her grandmother about it, wouldn't it? lol)

    Thanks for the update, Saya! :3

  5. Maybe she has asked her grandmother, but the grandmother feels that the truth would only bring more pain.

    Very sad. I couldn't help thinking of that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though.

  6. There's a type, miss saya :)

  7. It's more likely that the family died and the author blocked the memory from her mind. Usually that means that the deaths were horrific. Maybe the author killed them?

    But I've got another odd little theory. What if the author is a ghost? Either they died with their family or by themselves. The house could be abandoned because the family is dead or because they moved away. And the reason they moved away is because she was haunting them or they just really saddened by the author's death. The author's ghost could now be haunting the grandmother.

  8. @ Creepy Kiki:
    Or the grandmother is dead also.
    By the way, I love your username!

  9. curious little story. And kind of creepy. Personally I would blame it on aliens.

  10. Aliens. It's always the ALIENS.

  11. @Siva: oh thank you, sir.

    @Steeple: I think I recognize you, my dear Steeple. You posted comments before on this blog.

    I've heard of the story you write about. Didn't it happen in England. It is indeed a very sad and shocking story!

    Thank you dear. I will try to translate more interesting stories in the future!
    (You are wise not to watch those videos, btw! lol)

    @psycho-waka: very possible, my dear!

    @Simon: I don't know if there is a hidden meaning behind it, dear. Maybe!

    @Nami:always my pleasure, dear.

    @Picklegod: oh is there a similar episode in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Interesting.

    @Simon: "There's a type, miss saya :)" What do you mean?

    When you are speaking to a poor illiterate foreigner like me, you need to be a bit more careful in the selection of words!:D

    @Creepy Kiki: I'm always glad to have people sharing their theories with us, my friend. Sheds another light on the story, you know. Thank you dear.

    @Adorably Dead and the last Anonymous: I always wondered about those aliens. What on earth do they want to do with us!? And usually they have no hair on their bodies. Poor creatures!

    @Lily: Don't cry, sweetheart.:)

  12. @ Saya: Simon meant there's a typo, specifically in the title. It says "Missig".

  13. @Picklegod: I finally got it(^^;)!
    Thanks Picklegod, and thaks Simon!

    Why didn't I notice that before??

  14. I would not want that to happen to me. T.T

  15. Perhaps it's the author who died? And she's now a ghost who's living with her grandmother, who is also dead. Maybe that's why she can't find her family, because they are still alive.

  16. Or that's a really sad story with repressed memory, or is like american TV series: government manipulating civil life.

    Ahh Interesting. :)

  17. maybe the house got blown away into the land of Oz

    or maybe it's really there but it can't be seen, like Yuuko's Wish Granting Shop in xxxHolic :">

  18. hey the second person to comment that story comes out of the book called scary stories 3. Its called Maybe you will remember. Its sad...

  19. its the UP 2 ! yay!


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