Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Video with a Strange Woman

Strange images of a woman keep interrupting the video.
I think I've seen this somewhere before??


Rini Kitty said...

Hi saya! This is rini again! I seen this movie before on those scary ghost movies you can rent at tsutaya. Yeah I live in Seya 瀬谷区 near Yokohama. Many scary places around here lol. I am 21 years old, originally from America but moved here about three years ago and got married to my Japanese husband lol. I I can speak Japanese ok but it's kinda relaxing to read these stories in my native language. I sometimes buy those books at the convent store butthw kanji is difficult for me still lol. Anyways, your English is really great and love these stories! Thanks a lot!!

Tani said...

That's a strange video. o.O
It's one of the stories you posted earlier- "What appears on TV"! I remembered it as soon as I saw the video and I found the story in Inexplicable 2!

Simon said...

Saya, your English is perfect :)

The video looks really authentic. That woman is very creepy!

Anonymous said...

cloverfield much?

keithan.carlisle said...

dang it... scared me... >_<

Lucan said...

well that certainly unsettling.

Lucan said...

forgot the word 'was' in that last statment

yuki said...

I thought it was what.
But the women is scary.

Anonymous said...

looks like jeasons sister to me haha

Anonymous said...

Saya update please...we shall not lose you again.

Anonymous said...


SAYA said...

@Rini: Well, I never!
You are only 21 and you are already married? And to a Japanese gentleman? Well your dear husband must be a lucky man!

Your Japanese is probably way better than my English, dear!
And Japanes is such a difficult language. I don't think I have a complete mastery of it myself! lol
Since we live so near to each other we could meet up sometime! lol

Thank you! :D

@Tani: yes there seems to be a resemblance between this and that story about TV! Maybe these two women are related? lol

@Simon: What a kind man you are! I'm doing my best, dear. :)

@Anonymous: cloverfield? whats that?

@keithan: don't cry!

@Lucan: "unsettling" sounds more sophisticated than just "scary" or "creepy," don't you think? :)

And you omitted "e" in "statement", dear. :P But that's alright, I'm not your English teacher! lol

@yuki: she certainly looks scary! Look at the way she moves!

@psycho-waka: she does look as if she is wearing a mask! haha

@Anonymous: I nearly died, but I heard your voice calling me which drew me back to the world! And here I am again! lol

@Anonymous: what is that your mother??? Well I'm sorry that we've been making fun of her! Tell her she's on youtube! I hope she doesn't get too upset!lol

SAYA said...

I meant "was that your mother?" but you know what I mean.

Picklegod said...

@Saya: Cloverfield is an American monster movie that takes place in New York City. It's filmed as if someone was there holding a camera.
Here's a trailer if you want to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvNkGm8mxiM

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saya, have you ever seen the movie Noroi? This video made me remember of it in some fashion.

SAYA said...

@Picklegod: thank you for the info!

@Last Anonymous: Someone else has asked me the question! No, dear. I haven't seen it yet. I don't watch movies very often but that one sounds interesting!

zekei_098 said...

I watched the video 2 times and I dont know if my eyes were just playing with me but I saw like multiple faces screaming in pain at first then I didnt see it again in the second... well I spread the word about this vid aswell thanks for putting it up!