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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Wish

Note: This story is under the "Cryptic" category, meaning you have to think a little to understand it.
I'll give you one explanation for it later in the comments below.


A star descended to a little girl.
'Anything you wish I will grant it to you, but only for once,' said the star.
The girl had been crying.
'Please make everyone in my family disappear! I really hate them!'
The next morning when she woke up she went downstairs to the dining room but her mother, father and big brother were all there as usual.
The girl was sorry that she had made such a wish.
That evening the star appeared to her again.
'Are you happy now?' asked the star.
 The girl said, 'please, can I take back the wish I made yesterday?'
The star said, 'once a wish is fulfilled you can not take it back.'
The girl cried.


  1. 1) She's adopted
    2) She has to kill her family
    3) They WILL disappear sooner or later
    4) She will disappear WITH them

    Only ones I can think of. I love this blog, Saya!

  2. she could be adopted, or maybe she'll get married and that family will disappear

    good stuff as always saya

  3. Cryptic ending. I'm always glad to see your updates Saya. It means the supposedly cursed videos you post didn't kill you ;)

  4. Hello Saya! I just discovered your blog two days ago, and I've been reading non-stop. At the expense of me being scared every night haha! Thanks for these stories.

    Anyway my take on this story is, that the star DID make the family disappear - I mean, the star KILLED the family. And the ones the girl saw are merely ghosts.

    Which means the star did make the family "disappear" but now the girl is stuck with her family's ghosts. Am I right?

  5. I love the stories with unclear endings :D
    It's always fun having you explain them.

    Anyway, I also think the family members are simply ghosts now. I can't think of anything else.

  6. I'm guessing that they are ghosts?

  7. Adoption is the simplest answer, but I'm inclined to go with Simon's #3 possibility, since it makes a better story. How torturing would it be to have one impulsive wish haunt you for the rest of your life? No matter how angry or happy she is with her family, she'll always have the weight of that one wish on her shoulders. Until they actually disappear, that is.

  8. I think it means they are going to disappear eventually...
    Sad story :(

  9. I think Erika is right. That would be the worst ending since when we are young we tend to go in a fit quickly, the little girl realized she didn't actually hated 'em.

  10. I vote for Simon's #3 or #4! ^^ Also, excited about Saya's take on this~~

  11. Many thanks for your comments, guys!

    The explanation I heard about this story is that after making the wish the girl realized she's adopted and her real family, who might have been much nicer than her adopted family, is now dead thanks to her!

    But I wouldn't say mine is the only definitive answer. All the other answers you have given are interesting and probable!

    @zetagear: wow you posted your answer only four minutes after I published the article! Very quick thinking, dear!

    @Simon: Four very imaginative answes!:) I'm glad you like the blog.

    @anomaly: Yet an another interesting guess. Thank you dear.

    @Anonymous: Oh! Were you worried about me? But how do you know I'm still alive? lol

    @Anonymous #2: Welcome my friend. How sweet of you to say hello to me.

    Actually when I first read this story I came up with the same explanation as you! Yes you could be right! ;)

    Thank you dear. I hope you don't get too scared!

    @Noni: I think there is a fruit called noni, isn't there?

    I'm glad you are having fun with te story

    @Luna: Maybe!

    @Picklegod: Yes, I mean I did sometimes wish my family disappeared but I never wanted that to happen for real! Scary!

    @Erika: don't be sad dear! Always look on the brighter side of life! lol

  12. @Andrew and Sachi Goripanda: Thank you for your comments, my friends!

    Now you have my answer! ;)

  13. hmm.. i think she die in her bed?

  14. Hi saya I found your blog around 3 days ago, AND I LOVE IT. Actually I have the same kind of blog, too bad it's in spanish. So I wanted to know if you are likely to let me translate some of your storys, with all due links to your blog, soi more people can enjoy them, My blog adress is

    Thanks for reading.

  15. Hm... so the family will disappear eventually, like Simon said, but the star sped things up? Slightly confusing, but really sad. People should think out their wishes before making them.

  16. @Red-Helling: Thank you for coming to my blog and I'm glad you like it!

    Thank you for being coniderate and asking me first. I really wish I could let you translate my stories but I'm afraid I can not do that. I have several reasons for it and one of them is that I'm not comfortable about the idea of my blog becoming any more famous than it is now! I only want a small number of audience.

    I hope you will understad and respect my decision.

    Very Best Wishes, Saya

    @Tani: Read my comment!

  17. Well this is what I think,
    either SHE is dead and saw them all as a ghost (not likely, she wished for THEM to dissapear) or...

    She saw them all there but they were dead. (This is what I first thought after reading the story)

    The adopted theory seems the best.
    Whatever it is, it's still a sad story!

  18. I thought maybe she was dreaming..."The next morning when she woke up...", though that could just mean she fell asleep. She is a child, the star appears at night and TALKS (impossible), and (seemingly) lies to her.

  19. i think that the star might have taken their minds and left their bodies. so they were physically there but only the bodies not the actual people.

  20. I have some theorys...
    1.The girl is adopted.(i think it's most likely true)
    2.The Family is now ghosts,
    3.They all died, and they are now all ghosts('Please make -everyone in my family disappear!).
    4.She is a dellusional mentally ill girl, who had murdered her own family.

    just some ideas...

  21. Herpderp everyone.

    They are dead. They are still there, but dead bodies.

  22. I figure the anon above me is right.

    They were probably sitting for dinner when she made the wish, so they're still at the table in the morning.

  23. I think the story means that "everyone in her family" includes her. When you make a family tree don't you put yourself in it? You're in your family. So she made her family disappear, including herself.

  24. It's pretty late to comment, (and I could log in if I actually wanted to not be anonymous but oh well... LAZY!) But my theory is that everyone in the family did disappear, including her, and wherever she disappeared to she needed a punishment, so her punishment is living with the ones she wanted to get rid of for eternity or something... I love the other theories too, and the adopted one adds a bit of dark reality to it, but I'll just post my theory as well.

  25. I still don't get it even I have read all the comments. --' Saya help me

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  27. Hi, I'm your new reader. :)

    I just find this story very interesting and I want to post it on my facebook so that I can know what my friends think of this story. May I ask for you permission?

  28. The "star" talked to her and gave her a wish, she wished for her family to disappear.

    the star was a "spirit" and took her during the night, thus making her wish real, Then when she "woke up" her family had not realized anything happened to her during the night and went on as nothing happened, she realized that they was "gone" from her, so she wanted to wish it back the way it was but of course, she couldn't.

    Everyone here is assuming the family is the ones gone.... maybe it is the other way around....

  29. her family is dead and she saw their spirits...

    wahh I don't know this is one thing that I thought of.

  30. Adoption is still the best answer.

    The girl must have been guilty and horrified to find out that she had unknowingly cursed some innocent people.

  31. I thought that either she was adopted OR her family had already disappeared... and were replaced.

  32. I think maybe she was kidnapped at a young age, so her real family is dead.

  33. A) Her family is already dead and appeared there as spirits or something.
    B) She`s adopted and she couldnt tell if her real family died or not.
    C) Maybe her family was replaced?

    Only ones I can actually come up with :U

  34. This story makes me remember a certain song with a sad/bittersweet ending, which is coincidentally titled "Liar Shooting Star".

    Anyway, nice cryptic story! I've always stalked your blog, though this is my first comment XD

    Also, I'm still scared to watch the cursed temple video... ._."


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