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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Video of Uknown Origin (A Cursed Video?)

The description says: "Obtained in 2002. Details unknown."


  1. Oh first! (I think)

    Sorry to ruin it, but it just looks like a project to me. I did like the ending though!

  2. I'm too chicken to watch the video! Maybe I will watch it with my friends tommorrow...

    I've watched the cursed videos- the one with the woman and the one with the static... And that night I had a sharp pain on the left side of my neck. Luckily it subsided when I prayed ^0^. Maybe it's my own thinking though.

    Oh, I've read your reply! Thank you for replying! :]

    Yes, do visit us someday! Well, though Singapore is small, there are haunted houses still roaming in my country :) Maybe not as much as in Japan, though.

    Oh, USO Japan was a Japanese television show quite a while ago. It was hosted by Takkey, this guy from Tokio(?), Arashi, and a female newscaster. USO would stands for Unconfirmed Stories Organisation. The show is where Johnny juniors investigates in some of the Japanese urban legends. The scary part (e.g. haunted houses, haunted schools, haunted hotels, haunted radio station, etc.) is mostly investigated by arashi (T.T). They rank these stories into like 20s, 50s, or even 100s. It always amaze and scare me while watching the show.

    I remembered they used to show it here in Singapore, when I was like 7? Now I'm about 17. Haha.

    Saya, do watch it if you have the time! It's worth a watch : )

  3. Interesting... and kinda random. But I'm pretty sure I recognized a couple of the images and clips.

  4. Hey Saya, creepy video :)
    Are you still using the e-mail listed on this blog?
    I sent you an e-mail and I'm really waiting for a reply :)

    I'm a big fan of your blog, but this is the first time for me to comment, keep up the creepy work!

    Dylan K.

  5. Didn't creep me out to much. I had to watch it without sound though so maybe that makes a difference? I really liked the swing set (about :48) and that creepy looking girl (:58 or :59). I couldn't get it to pause on her for a better look though. :/

  6. Disregard that last sentence. I got it paused. Looks like she was beat up or something.

  7. I think it's not as creepy as the other previous videos... the other ones gave me nightmares!

    Saya, I love your blog! I hope you will post more scary stories :D

  8. Clockwork Cheshire2 December 2010 at 02:01

    What song is playing in the background on the second half of the video? I MUST HAVE IT.

  9. I'm waiting for a call now. Well obviously we are all going to die.

    But I think Yasmine Tea could be right. It does look like a project.

  10. oh sorry I mean Jasmine Tea

  11. man part of me wants to watch this video but the other part is afraid last time I watched a cursed video on here I came down with a violent illness and I don't want a repeat or worse

  12. Interesting video! I disliked the music. I watched it listening the music I like (Industrial) and it fits very well :)

    Greets! :3

  13. Hey, isn't that :58-:59 girl from a ghost show about bullying?

    Anyway, it does look like an artsy project, but maybe it was a video assignment that got cursed! I did like the shot where the red light streetpole turns into a tree. =3

    For those afraid to watch: it's not that scary, surreal at most. It's mostly outdoor/urban shots, lots of trees and cityscapes.

  14. I must admit when I first watched this video I too thought it looked rather like a project. So no offence taken about that!

    @shiyun: Thank you for the info!

    @Dylan: I got your email. Thanks a lot! And yes I'm still using that address but I hardly ever check it nowadays. So I think I'm gonna take it off the blog.

    I will write to you soon.

    @sicahyogwa: thanks, I will!

    Thank you very much the rest of you for commenting! ;)

  15. After I watched this, I got a stabbing headache that lasted most of the night.

    It's probably confirmation bias and dehydration, but spooooooooky~ ;)

  16. @Steeple333: My friend, you have me worried!

    Don't watch these things too often, and take care!

  17. is this a school project for the holloween? :D

  18. @keithan: Maybe it is, my child.


  20. Simply Anonymous8 December 2011 at 16:31

    Did anyone realize that it has been several monthes since anyone has commented on the video on YouTube? No one responded to what I said to them either... Creepy... O.O
    I think this one is going to gimme nightmares...
    And yes, I think I saw that too, @Kimberly-Anne.

    P.S. Are you guys all alive? :/
    P.P.S. Arrh.. I am getting a headache for some reason too. I had those headaches recently :/

  21. The music sounds very much like the theme for the excorcist


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