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Friday, 26 October 2012

Curse Song

A strange creepy movie entitled "Curse Song" found in youtube!


  1. Waaah~. It IS Creepy~

    specially, those faces...with cracking skin? :o

    OhWell, Thanks Saya! :)

  2. its too creepy and weird so i didnt listen to it until the end of the song >w<

    am i cursed? xDD

  3. @Kurisu: Well, they'd better put some moisturizer on, don'they! lol

    @Time: me too! lol No don't worry you are not cursed!

  4. Yeah. That will happen if you don't take good care of your skin.

    And also those nose hairs. XD That kinda made me laugh. :D

  5. @Kurisu: Oh those nose hairs XD. I noticed them too!

  6. Although it sounds like a male choir opera song in reverse, it still is creepy!! good job to the person who though of this...

  7. Weird. The first time I tried to watch the video, the player stopped responding so I had to refresh the page :P No big deal I thought, it happens now and then with youtube vids... The second time I tried to watch the video, my Opera browser just closed. Yep, it closed, like, for nothing. :P gave me the chills. Opened it again and the video was OK, didn't scare me.


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