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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


How to make a Hinna-kami*1:

1. Collect some soil of seven cemeteries from seven different villages*2.
2. Mix the soil with human blood and mould it into the shape of a god you believe in.
3. Bury the doll in a busy street and let one thousand people step over it*3.
4. If you then worship the doll, it will bring to you whatever your  heart desires.

But before you proceed with this ritual, remember that Hinna-kami will haunt you for the rest of your life, and in the end you will die a horrible, painful death. It might even still be possessing your soul after you die, so that it can take your soul to hell.

Other sources say:

人形神(Hinna-kami, Hinna-gami or the doll-god) is a name given to a type of possessive spirit, famous around Toyama Prefecture. In those areas, when a family suddenly becomes wealthy, people whisper behind their back that they must be worshiping a Hinna-kami.

You can also make a Hinna-kami by the following method:

Make one thousand dolls, each one measuring 9 cm tall, and boil them in a pan.
You will see only one out of the one thousand dolls will float up to the surface.
The one that floats up is called "Kochobo" and it traps one thousand spirits within it.
If you then worship it, it will bring to you whatever you want.
When you are not giving any commands to it, it comes to you of its own accord demanding 'What's next?What's next?' So that is why the family that worships a Hinna-kami tends to suddenly become wealthy.

*1 "kami" means a "god" in Japanese.
*2 Another source says you make the doll out of gravestone.
*3 Another source says "three thousand people for three years."


  1. Wow. This is creepy and interesting o: won't do it though haha.

  2. Hi Saya! I'm soooo glad that you're back updating your blog! Thanks for all the creepy updates! :D

    ah I wonder if everyone in the family will die a painful death or only the one who made the doll(s)? hmmm...

  3. @Miss Acheron: my sentiments exactly, dear.

    @sichyo: always my pleasure, dear. I don't know if the whole family will be affected because I'm only the translator. But if I find out the answer I'll let you know!

  4. creepy~

    Anyways, thanks Saya for sharing this. :)

  5. @Kurisu: that's OK! Thank you for leaving comments :D

  6. hmm interesting! but i'm too lazy to make the Doll xD
    and i'll never do that xD

  7. Very creepy and interesting! The possession and haunting part kind of reminded me of that movie Kokkuri-San that I've seen. I need to get my copy out of storage, that movie is great for Halloween. :p

    I wonder why the doll is so bad? Does it have to do with the blood you mix it with, or more to the fact that you seem to be trapping a spirit of some sort?

  8. i always hated dolls for a reson

  9. @Time:Lazy?Good for you!:)

    @Adorably Dead: I've done Kokkuri-san when I was a kid. It was very popular at school those days.
    Don't know the answers to that, I'm afraid, but if I find out I'll let you know!!

    @HN3: really? yes they do get creepy sometimes.

  10. yeaaaaah never gonna do this, 1. not to keen on possessive spirits in my house, 2. quite fond of my soul. 3 I wish to die a peaceful death not a painful one.

  11. Hi thanks for what you do i just found your blog and love it

  12. @sesshomaru: Hi, welcome to my blog! I'm glad you like my blog. I hope you enjoy reading other posts as well! :D

  13. I help run a roleplay site with a paranormal theme, and these stories always inspire me in constructing plots that are about more than just 'beating up bad guy' but something that's *truly* spooky. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you take in translating these stories!

  14. Regarding the second method of making a Hinna-kami — if I wanted to make one, here is what I would do to avoid any problems from the Hinna-Kami saying "What's next? What's next?" whenever it finished a task:
    When the Hinna-Kami came and said "What's next?", I would say: "What's next, my dear Hinna-Kami, is that you must calculate the number 'pi' with complete accuracy, until the very last digit, but if I ever ask you for anything while you are still calculating, then you must always pause and do what I ask — and THEN always return to completing the calculation of pi."


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