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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tarako Kewpie TV Spot "The Miniture Square"

OH JOY!The Lord hath given us another Tarako Kewpie for the enrichment of our souls!


  1. Yaay! New Tarako Kewpie vid.! Thanks Saya! :D

  2. My Japanese friends think I'm weird for finding Tarako Kewpie's so very very creepy :/.

  3. @NeonRaine: I don't think you are alone in that, my dear. I suspect some Japanese people find Tarako Kewpie creepy too.

  4. One of these days I shall both try this Tarako, and dress up as a Tarako Kewpie for Halloween.

  5. off topic:

    saya im kinda curious, what happened to you in all last year?

  6. @Adorably Dead: Cool, send me a picture!

    @HN3: None of your business!! I'm only kidding :)
    Nothing happened, I was just hellishly busy.Then when all my efforts amounted to nothing, I became a zombie for a few months, but now I've come back to the Land of Living. It's a long story.Someday when I'm famous I'll write an autobiography, and you'll be the first person to receive a copy. haha :D

  7. If I ever do it, you will be the first person I link it to. :D

  8. wuuuu first to get one, its such an honor :D


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