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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Book of Demon

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

I thought this story would be appropriate for this occasion.
Enjoy and have a good time, whatever you are doing.
I'll be a bit busy for the next couple of days so I may not able to reply to your comments soon but I'll be back! Cheers!   - Saya


I used to live in Yokohama*1 and this is what happened to me when I was at junior high school.

My dad was a priest.*2 He was very easy-going and friendly for a priest and was quite popular among people.

I didn't have a very strong faith then, and maybe the only proper thing we did at home was praying a bit before meals.
We were leading a relatively peaceful life.

One day my big sis bought an old book, about a size of a fashion magazine, from an an antique shop.
This sis of mine was very into occult and she loved collecting weird stuff.
Every time she bought something like that dad would grumble, "A daughter of a priest, getting into a hobby like that! Not funny at all!"
It appears that there were sometimes really dangerous things among the things she bought and at those times dad would tell her, "Take them back to the shop or get rid of them!"

The book she bought this time too seemed to be a book about occult, written in English (sis was fluent in English).
And that very night sis tried to do a ritual about "summoning a demon"  ( she forced me to do it with her).
We were doing it for about 30 minutes.
Nothing unusual happened and we soon lost interest in it and started watching TV.

Later, dad came home.
As soon as he came in he said, 'What's this smell of beast? Did you bring in a dog or something?'
He then said he could smell it from sis's room and walked into to her room. There he immediately found the old book.

"___ko (← sis's name), come here. NOW!"
He was livid. We quickly ran to her room.
"....___ko, do you realise what this thing is?"
"Eh? Just a book about séance, isn't it?"
"You fool! This book's cover is made out of human skin, and everything that's written in it is about evil black magic!! And what's more - if this were just an ordinary black magic book it wouldn't cause much harm - but this was made by some Anti-Christian religious sect or someone from such an organisation. They've suffused it with a serious curse. No sane mind would think about using human skin for such a purpose.... I will dispose of this right now!!"
Having said those words, he grabbed the book and headed to the church, which stood not very far from our house.

About one hour later dad came back.
"Strange... the beastly smell hasn't gone away. Don't tell me you've tried some rituals from the book?"
With much reluctance sis confessed to dad about what we'd done. Dad gave her a hard slap across her face. This was the first time I'd ever seen him being violent towards someone.
"Getting into occult as a hobby is one thing. But doing it for real is another matter! I thought you were smarter than that. I thought you were content just reading and collecting knowledge....."
Dad then told to the now crying sis that she should go to the church with ___suke (← my name) tomorrow. And there was nothing more to be done that day.

In the middle of the night I felt the need to go to the toilet and sat up on the bed. I was just spacing out when I heard someone walking around inside the house.
I thought it was probably just dad or sis and didn't take much notice of it at first, but then the doorbell rang. For three times.
It had already gone past 3 after midnight. It was hard to imagine someone would want to visit us around that time.
I walked to the front door. No one there.
Then I tried to go back to my room when I heard three knocks from the inside of the toilet.
I checked the toilet immediately but no one was inside.
Next came a dry ripping noise, sounded for three times.
I started to feel really uneasy when dad came downstairs.
"Demons love number 3 and use it often. Don't worry, they are still at the 'Infiltration Stage.' Before they get to the 'Possession Stage'....."


Dad's words were cut short by sis's a piercing shriek from upstairs.
Me and dad rushed upstairs to sis's room. We opened the door. Sis was there.
For a second I didn't know what was happening. There was this thing that looked like sis but not sis.
She was sitting on the bed and looking at us, but something was wrong.
After a few more seconds I realised what it was. Her eyes were all black, and her tongue was sticking out. Her tongue was way too long.
She was screaming out some words I didn't comprehend.
"Impossible! To have gone past the Infiltration Stage this fast and be onto the Possession Stage......___suke! We must take___ko to the church now! Quick, give me a hand!!"

I did as he instructed me to do, and after binding both her arms and legs, carried her to a Land Cruiser*3 which was parked inside the garage.
Sis continued to act violently in the car and it was all I could do to hold her down.
As dad drove the car I asked him, "Is she possessed?" and he replied, "Yes." Then I asked him again, "What language is she speaking??" He said, "I'm not 100 percent sure, but it's probably Hebrew."

On the way to the church we ran over three black cats.
The traffic lights, which had just turned green, would immediately turn back to red. The car conked out for three times.
Dad continued driving calmly and we finally managed to arrive at the church.

We carried sis, who was still acting violently, inside and bound her to a chair. Dad came out from the back of the church, carrying a lot of tools.
"You are not gonna perform that exorcism thing like they do in the film, are you? Have you even done it before!?"
"I have. Once."
"Did it go successfully?"
"That time I wasn't alone. Maybe that's why we were successful..."
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"It's not a ghost of a human we're dealing with, so try not to do anything without thinking first. Stand behind ___ko. If she pulls the rope apart, hold her down."

Having said it, dad started intoning,"'In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...." just like we see in the films, and sprinkled holy water on sis.
Every time the holy water got sprinkled on her face, her facial features became hideously contorted, and she screamed out; "It was all because that woman accepted it! (perhaps a reference to Virgin Mary when she had a conception? I heard about this from dad later)"and "If He hadn't died we would have become Kings ourselves! (a reference to Jesus? This too I heard from dad later)" Apparently, somehow all these words were uttered in Latin.

About 30 minutes into the exorcism, sis suddenly regained her consciousness, and started pleading to dad, shouting, "Help me, dad! Help me!"
I tried to say something to sis but dad stopped me, saying, "Don't talk to the demons during exorcism!! It could be real __ko, but it could be the demon talking. Ignore her."

And dad was trying so hard to ferret out the demon's name.
If he got the demon's name he could apparently diminish the demon's power.
Both me and dad were sweating like hell. I could smell faeces and urine from her mouth.
"Speak thy name!"
"fgbhnjmk,l.;rtyuiop;lkijhg (← some unintelligible words)"
"In the name of Saint ___ (← sorry I forgot the name), speak thy name!!!"

Dad got out a little piece of cloth torn out of  the sacred burial cloths of Jesus (dad didn't know if it was real or not, but it was effective so it must've had some sacred property). As soon as he pressed it on sis's forehead, the black-eyed sis tore away both the rope and the chair, screaming out:


At the same time, from all the windows of the church came the sound tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap  tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.
I looked up and saw the windows covered by ravens. They were all pecking away at the windows from outside.
It was impossible under natural circumstances for all ravens to come together in the middle of night and act in such a way.
Finally fear had taken its toll on me. I think I collapsed and lost consciousness.

When next I awoke I was in an emergency hospital, and it was still in the middle of night.
My sis apparently got some of her joints dislocated and dad had to take her to the hospital soon after they finished.  I was diagnosed as suffering from light anaemia.
"That thing who possessed sis, did it go away?"
"Yeah, for now."
"Will it come back?"
"Maybe. Maybe not. The world over there has no time line."
"It said we'll die in August, doesn't that scare you?"
"I got him out faster than I expected, so I don't think the demon had a very strong power. It was only a parting shot from a low-class demon. Don't let it bother you."
"What are demons, really?"
"I don't know... I don't know but we know they exist. I will tell you one thing: this time the demon was still in the process of possessing and also ___ko's consciousness was still present inside, that is why things went as well as they did. I don't think you are planning to become a priest, but if in the future you encounter someone who is completely possessed by a demon, then. ....."

After that nothing strange happened either to me or to sis. Nobody in the family died in August and we continued to live peacefully as before.

Three years ago, sis got pregnant and got married.
And there was a birth mark looking like number 666 on the child's body... no, only kidding! Nothing like that happened at all, but I heard that her son, who has just turned 3, said something weird the other day.
He said, "Mummy, don't ever go near the sea, OK?"

*1 Yokohama (横浜市 Yokohama-shi is one of the major port cities in Japan and has received lots of western infulences since the mid-19th century.  (Wikipedia). This is also my home town! :)
*2 I think the narrator means a Catholic priest. Catholic priests are generally celibate, but there seems to be some exceptions to the rule.
*3 Land Cruiser: the name of a Toyota car.


  1. I agree, this story really is perfect for the occasion. Exorcism stories never fail to play with our imagination and keep us awake a little bit longer at night!

    Happy Halloween! =D

  2. This is a refreshing change from the usual Japanese horror you're posting, and a little closer to home. Where I live, Christianity is the dominant religion. I suppose a lot of Christian themes have been watered down through the ages (and as it traveled locales for example the voodoo beliefs of Haiti), but Christian mythology is pretty interesting and esoteric on its own.

    On the 2nd footnote there are a lot of denominations of Christianity, but most of those who perform exorcisms are Catholic priests. Unless I'm mistaken?

    Come to think of it, do you hold to a certain faith or religion, Saya? And what is your personal view on demons and demonic possession (at least, as far as this story is concerned)?

  3. Wow, this story is pretty long and I like it, hah. Thanks for posting!

    I have always wondered why possessions of demons (most of the time) happen to Catholics? It's too much as a co-incident. (I apologize in advance to any Catholic that I may offend, but it's just an opinion and I would appreciate if there might be any explanation for this as well, thanks!)

  4. @Luna

    Because only Catholics believe that such phenomena are possessions. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but some purported "possessions" are actually schizophrenia or some other problem that could be explained by other methods. Some demonic possessions however actually do happen, and not only to Catholics; other cultures possess knowledge of exorcism, and not exactly the Christian variety as we've seen on popular media.

  5. the ending of this story, which the son had 666 mark on his body, reminds me on The Omen movie. Have you watched it?

    i wonder what evil thing could happen when the sis go near the sea.

    anyway, happy halloween to you, Saya, and happy halloween for all of you as well !! :D

  6. Great story . Today is my birthday and this story just fill my day .
    Thank you , Saya ! :D

  7. While we're on the subject of the Mark of the Beast (666), any theories as to what it might be? :)

    Happy Halloween to everyone!

  8. perfect for the halloween spooky mood indeed! but gosh, I should NOT have read this when I was alone at home. ugh >__< now I'm too scared to go out. haha!

  9. Happy Halloween too, miss Saya!
    the story is really great!!! :D I really like the ending because I thought at first it's gonna be a vague and bad one!
    haha it seems like the sis' child is going to be a great fortune teller

  10. Hello, I'm back after a long day!

    @Diogo: happy halloween :D hope you had a nice day! (although i don't know what time it is where you live!)

    @Zanyuki: Yeah, that's why I thought the narrator's father must have been a catholic. The narrator didn't mention in the original text which denomination his father belonged to in his original story.

    I went to Christian schools throughout my teenage years but I'm non-religious.

    My personal views on demons? IDK. They maybe real or they are just the manifestations of some psychological illnesses like schizophrenia .

    @Luna: I'm glad you enjoyed it, dear :D

    @Hasumi: the son actually didn't have 666 mark, the narrator was only joking.

    Anway, no, I've never watched the Omen movie. I know about it though.

    happy halloween :D

    @KC: Oh, that's wonderful! Happy Birthday to you! :D

    @Zanyuki: I read an article quite a while ago that said they found out, after they'd deciphered some other ancient documents, that the number wasn't actually 666 but something else. Sorry I only have a very very vague memory of it!

    @nightmaredoll: cheer up dear! You'll be fine! Smile and be happy, and ghosts won't go near you!

    @Prisilia Felicia: Yeah it's good it didn't turn out to be bad at the end! Happy Halloween to you!;)

    I'm so worn out. I'm gonna go take a shower now.

  11. this is really scary i like it Saya.^^ anyways i remember that i read somewhere that some of the cast of the omen movie died after it was made but i'm not sure if that was connected to the movie or just rumors.

  12. Ack, so creepy! Especially the ending! Happy Halloween Saya!

  13. @Saya
    Are Christian/Catholic schools prevalent in Japan? Here it's like 1 out of 4 private schools are Catholic ones; I myself came from such a school. I understand Christianity really never took root in Japan after Tokugawa banned it in the early 17th century, but there's a still a sizable minority over there, right?

    THAT article is interesting. I suppose I should try to find it. There's also something I read about that the Mark of the Beast actually just means Emperor Nero, who was John of Patmos's contemporary and a great persecutor of Christians.

    Some of those are true. Look here:

  14. this story was remind me about horror movie like the exorcism, the omen, and the posession what was release this year.

  15. @ryuu: yeah I too have heard the rumours that some of the movie crews and casts of the omen died mysteriously after filming. I wonder if it's true!??
    Thank you!:D

    @Adorably Dead: isn't it just?
    Thank you! ;)

    @Zanyuki: I went to a school in England. Methodist Church. There are not awful a lot of Christians in Japan but there are some! My own mother is actually a Buddhist!

    yeah I know that one about Nero. The book of revelation was written during the time of Nero's reign.

    @Rezz: really? cool!

  16. @SAYA&Zanyuki - oh its in wiki.^^ i just read it. it may be true for the original film.

  17. ow! riteee. i missed the 'no, only kidding' part. hahaa i took it all too serious. geez..

  18. @ryuu: cool I should read it myself!

    @Hasumi: No biggie, dear.
    I mean look at me! I'm missing things all the time... I miss buses, I miss meals, I miss classes, I miss TV programmes I wanted to watch... right now, I'm missing my brain! It doesn't seem to be there! I'm beginning to suspect it was never there in the first place! lol

  19. Oh this is late but- ♥ Happy Halloween Saya! ♥

    I've never seen many exorcism stories around, especially not here so it's really good to see and read one! I don't find it all that creepy but I found it very interesting!
    I must say though, seeing acted out (fake) exorcisms is rather scary...

    The father in the story was rather brave and heroic don't you think?
    What the 3 year old say really interests me though! I wonder what it could mean?

  20. @Princess Pon: Thank you, your Highness! If I had lived around your house I would have given you lots of sweets! lol

    I find the story interesting too, and yes the father was cool! :)

  21. Saya, I have been reading and following for a long time. I love your stories, but this particular one struck close to home.

    You see, almost exactly three years ago, my home was infiltrated by a demonic presence... at 3 o'clock in the afternoon...
    Had I not run out and sought the help of a priest, who blessed the home, who knows what might have happened?

  22. @Brenna: OMG! This kind of thing happened to you too? I'm glad you are safe and alive now!

    I would be interested to know what happened to you more in detail. Of course if you don't feel like sharing the story with me that's OK. But if you want to tell me you are free to do so! :)

  23. @Brenna: oh, and thank you dear for being a long time follower of my blog! I'm glad you like my stories!! :D

  24. Possessions are always interesting, even the fake ones. I've known two people who were possessed and I wouldn't have believed in it if I hadn't seen the entire thing (and known the facts behind it) with my own eyes. There were no demons, though. Just ghosts. I wonder exactly how demons are defined here...

  25. @Tani: Oh my! You've seen people being possessed by something? I wonder what it's like?? Scary, but at the same time I'm curious!

    The concept of demons has more affinity with the western culture, I guess! Maybe it's just that we are all refering to the same creatures but we give them different names in different cultures!

  26. mom once told me that if someone knock the door less than 3 times it's not human and you CAN'T answer it.If it's more than 3 times...well it's human.Same goes with ringing the doorbell or someone calling your name...

    I'm Malaysian, btw...sorry if my grammar sucks...

  27. @Black Bunny: hello! welcome to my blog! And your English is great, you don't need to apologize at all!

    That's a very interesting piece of information, dear. Thank you for letting me know! I'll be careful the next time I hear someone knocks my door! XD

  28. Yeah at this story the moment i'd see the book i'd be like: nope nope nope away with it.

  29. @Saya

    when I was in junior high school there are so many possession stories in my school lol. My school has pre-elementary, elementary, junior high, and senior high, and another one that look like senior high but the students study working skill so they can get a job once they graduate (idk what it called in English, but in Indonesia it called SMK. So let's stick with it)

    The possessions mostly happened in SMK since their building is the oldest (and the creepiest. Almost all students feel uneasy to go there when if they don't have any necessary purpose...). There's one story when my sister was study there and her classmate got possessed in their final exam by a female ghost who always comeback no matter what kind of exorcism had done to her.

    She's not always go berserk thou, my sister sat in front of her at final exam and said all she did was humming and mumbling and those alone already scared my sis so much. But well, suddenly her classmate went rampage and the teachers and students must do something; since my school is a Buddhist school (but there are other religion too. The catholic and christian students almost as many as the buddhist), we chant sutta/sutra(s) from Buddhist. Her classmate acted like the sister in this story did; she kept struggling and screaming but once we prayed she calmed down a bit, but it made her soo angry and gave a vengeful look to whoever who read the sutta. My sister got one nasty look from her and she said she tried hard to ignore it and kept reading the sutta.

    There are few teachers who knew how to communicate with ghost, one of them tried to talk with the ghost and said that the ghost was speak in ancient chinese language and the ghost wanted a human's death for ransom ^^;; of course my school couldn't accomplish that--

    Well, the classmate's mother was crying to see her daughter like that. For a while when the exorcism worked, my sis classmate cried painfully, "mum! Please help me!! No!! Please!!! Mom, please help me--she's there!! She's there!! No!! I don't want to!! Please go!! Stop laughing!!" --as she looked at one of the class corner. Imagined how chaos it was when the students realized where the ghost was.

    My sis said the girl was taken to a Buddhist temple and finally calmed for a short period of time. But the next week when she went to school again, she got possessed once again and my sis said it kept happening few times that week. My sis didn't know what happen to the girl as they graduated shortly after the incident but rumor said the possession still continues.

    There are many scary rumors around my school since they built all building on cemetery's land, even there are cemeteries right beside my school!

    Sorry to post as anonymous with grammatical error English (and comment in your older post) but I don't use my blogspot account thou I read blogs often. Your blog is one of my favorite thou it scared me so much (specially the rituals). So yes, I'm your fellow reader.


  30. I do believe in Jesus... And I want to thank Him because the author's sister is safe... :')

  31. Dad ran over three cats on the way to the church and "continued driving calmly"??? Who is the monster in this story? :D

  32. If I remember correctly, salt wards off demons. I took the ending as hinting that his sister might have given birth to a demon.

  33. That book must have been a Grimoire. Thank goodness they've managed to dispose it.

    The Apocrypha, "Testament of Solomon" is considered to be the "Book of Witchcraft" (according to my uncle) since it tells the story of how King Solomon built the Solomon's Temple and did other things with the aid of the Demons he controlled using the Seal (a Pentagram, also called as the Seal of Solomon) which was given to him by Archangel Michael.

    Also, I forgot what Apocrypha this is, but it is said that demons are the offspring of Lilith the first wife of Adam. Lilith was cast out in the Garden of Eden because she disobeyed Adam. After that she became a demon and gave birth to the Lilims (Nephilims) which will bring harm to humanity.

    Anyway, I just discovered this blog of yours yesterday and I really like your stories. Keep up the good work. ^w^

    - NocturneXIII

  34. what was up with that ending? Never go near the sea? What happened? Is that the place of her death or something?? Water wasn't even involved in the story...

  35. Saya-san, wonderful translation as always. However, (as I have been reading back from July 2018) I find this is probably the weakest story on your site. I think it is because of the proliferation of negative and offensive stereotypes about witches and the occult.

    A spellbook bound in human skin? A curse meant to destroy Christians? That's all medieval superstition and slander. I am a practicing witch and my friend is a high priestess... so this kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

    Also, Ravens and Black Cats are sacred animals that deserve our respect (I own 2 black cats myself).

    Again, let me assure you, Saya-san, that I don't have a problem with your translation of the story. I'm just annoyed by the image of magic that it projects.

  36. Also, and I don't know if this is relevant, I've been "possessed" before. Or, as I like to put it, I became a vessel for one of my Goddesses.

    I had summoned the Morrígan and begged Her for help. She told me She would help me, but She needed to borrow my body for a bit. Because I trust Her, I let Her.

    It was the strangest and most awesome feeling, though I barely remembered what I was doing when the possession lifted. I didn't do anything bad and my problem was solved, but apparently I (or rather the Morrígan) said some unusual things to a friend of mine and he got a little freaked out.


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