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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What should I do?

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your understanding.

This question was posted at a Japanese question-and-answer website.


【What should I do?】
Question: What should I do?
Date: 20th September 2008

Hi. This is my first time posting. I want your opinions.

Last year we bought an old house and after we bought the house we got some trees in the garden uprooted and found an old well there, but the estate agent never told us that there was such a well.
I found it creepy and paid a gardener to cover it over with earth but do you think I can ask the estate agent to pay for the cost?
And also ever since I got the well buried so many bad things have been happening to us, my husband got sick and got fired from his job, I had a miscarriage, and now the whole house is engulfed in gloom.

My mother-in-law kept blaming me saying, 'it's all because you buried the well,' which annoyed me so much that I battered her to death, uncovered the well, and buried her body inside, but she still walks around inside the house and throughout the night she sits by my bed cursing me
until the morning, so I can not get any sleep at all.
It's not just the old bitch, but the whole neighbourhood keeps complaining to me through radio waves.
They keep complaining from TV too so I can't watch TV.
It's actually all my husband's fault, he's the one who bought the house with the weird well in the first place, the other day I strangled him while he slept and buried him in the well the same way as the old bitch, but, he keeps walking around inside the house, and at night he curses me with the old bitch, what can I do to make the bitch and my husband go away?

Right now, as I'm typing in this question, they are right here beside me and watching me, and I'm so fed up with it all.
What should I do? Please someone tell me. Please.


  1. I think ghosts are the least of her problems. She had better seek a psychiatrist urgently, and hope the police don't find out about those bodies. XD

    Perhaps her covering the well has something to do with her insanity, or maybe she's been insane all along.

  2. Not supernatural, but creepy. I love stories like this, since the living is always far scarier than the dead. Only the dead, of course, is much more interesting as we can embellish their stories as much as we like - and we can get away with it! The dead do not protest! :)

    I suppose this calls for a psychoanalytical interpretation. I read somewhere that a well stands for the subconscious memories all people possess, and new traumatic experiences are "thrown" into the well and they pile up, poisoning the water and the mind. As our personality is more or less dependent upon our memories, this story could probably well be symbolic of an unsound mind, especially as she had filled the well with earth and corpses.

  3. its more like you're (im referring to the person who post that question) the one who is sick.

    its like she doesnt feel guilty at all after all she did =__=

  4. Hi Saya! Nice to see that you are back. And with all these stories too! I was just wondering what Japanese sites you go to to get these stories? I'm learning Japanese right now and I'd like to find out more about these sites.

  5. what should you do?
    i think bury yourself into the same well is the best answer *lol

  6. Wow 8/.... My advice to her would probably be something like: '' don't worry, just stay right there and call the police, they'll take it from there''...OMG she just confessed a double homicide with no remorse whatsoever...Well, if the spirits or suicide dont claim her, the judge who will try her won't take it easy on all. Anyways, thats a great post once again Saya!! arigato!! :)

  7. @Diogo&Zanyuki:
    I wonder what part of this story is really true and what part is the product of her delusion.
    Are there really ghosts haunting her? Or is it all happening only in her head?

    Zanyuki, your psychoanalytic interepretation is interesting, dear. Thank you for that!

    Btw I wonder why those kind of people always talk about radio waves? And what did they talk about before the discovery of radio waves? I get curious.

    @Time: yeah that's the scary part, that she doesn't feel any remorse at all!

    I wonder if she became mad after the discovery of the well, or was she already mad before it? Or is the well simply a symbol of her sick mind, like Zanyuki says?

    @Anon: Hello dear! What a nice person. There are loads of people in our world who are nice yet prefer to remain anonymous, aren't there? Don't be afraid! Be the light of the world! You are the precious salt, to whom the kingdom of heaven belongs! lol

    Ah, the sites I go to? I tell you what, you can google the word "怖い話" and you'll find lots of scary story sites. Good luck with your study of Japanese! I mean I've been using Japanese for all my life but still haven't gotten the hang of it.

    @Razz: oh! have a mercy on the poor woman! lol

    @Tia: a sensible advice from a sensible girl! Thank you dear, as always, for leaving a comment. :D

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  9. That's really weird.. She should call the police and confess that she committed murder.. Maybe, she's experiencing extreme paranoia like the characters in Higurashi did ahaha. XD Maybe her husband and mother-in-law are haunting her like crazy for killing them. But the TV and radio thing seems far fetched..

  10. @Saya

    You're very much welcome! I will try to find the source of that, as I'm sure I read about it somewhere...

    As for the radio waves - beats me. Supposedly, up to the time of the early 20th century, people believed that light (and in limited cases sound) traveled through an invisible medium called the "aether". Of course, this was already disproven, and it's probably not what you're looking for, but it's sort of in the neighborhood. That, or I missed your point completely! :)

  11. @Li Weil: You know I've never watched Higurashi but I've heard that one is very scary (and crazy)!

    @Zanyuki: yes please, let me know if you find the sourse, it is interesting.

    "Aether"? No, it's Your mind is full of interesting titbits! :)

  12. Oh dear!
    This one was quite creepy. I think the house and well made the women change somehow... she became insane after moving there. Perhaps she was posessed by a ghost from the house or well?
    Either way I pity her as she seems very unwell - oops terrible pun!

  13. @Princess Pon: that's a brilliant pun, Princess! I think you're genius. LOL

  14. @Saya- Higurashi's a good anime, most characters are insane lol, you gotta pay close attention and stuff, it gets confusing a bit at first but explains everything later, and it's not really scary to me lol. XD Seeing shows like that doesn't have much effect. XD Ano Hana though, oh god I cried. C': That anime was sweet. :')

  15. @Li Weil: cool! I love anime with crazy people! lol I'd love to watch it one day! :D

  16. I'm on the second season already, forgot what episode I was on lol. I'll go back on my history and see ahahaha. XD The one anime I finished up recently was Ano Hana, my mom saw me crying as I watched it and she was like, "Oh god what happened?" o.o

    I'm trying to finish up Sword Art Online too. XD

  17. @Li Wei: you mum's reaction! LOL

  18. O.O This is a crazy story!
    Uh... first, miss, you should see a doctor. And don't put HIM in the well too!

    As eerie as it is, it's also a bit funny. The narrator doesn't find it at all scary that she is apparently being haunted by her mother-in-law and husband. She seems to find it more annoying than anything else. XD


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