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Monday, 5 November 2012

How to experience something really scary

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.


I love creepy stories and often read them, but I'm not the one to get scared very easily. I've been to haunted places but have never seen anything. I've even had a go at  the one man hide and seek but nothing happened. Yes, I got a little creeped out; but that was all.

So I thought, how can I experience something really scary? And that was when I got the idea of trying out that mirror ritual thing. You know the one where you use mirrors. I bought six candles to form a magic circle,  and 6 mirrors about the size of B5 paper which I placed both in front of me and behind me. And I waited until 44 minutes past 4, full of expectation. I made sure the room was as dark as I could make it, closing all the curtains and turning off all the lights. I had the laptop set so the light from it would turn off after one minute past 4:44.

I was breathing hard through my nose and some candles got blown off because of it. I was busy relighting them when my laptop went black. I jumped for one second. The candles were almost too bright and I got sick of staring at myself in the mirrors and finally blew them all off by myself.
Just then my mobile went off and my heart nearly stopped. It was a call from my mum and she said,
"H__ (my name), are you at home? In your room on the second floor?"
She just said those words and hang up. I thought that was weird and tried to call her back.

Then suddenly something hit and stuck on my curtain-drawn window (it looked like a silhouette of a woman). I panicked a bit but you know those things usually can't get inside if you have all the entrances to the room securely locked, right? And so I calmed down a bit and even started thinking stupid things like, lets take a picture of it I could become famous on the web. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't capture the thing in the picture and after a while the thing itself disappeared so that was really disappointing.

And then I called back my mum but she said, no I've never called you, and I started feeling uneasy, but I really wanted to go to the loo and went downstairs.
When I walked past the mirror in the corridor I felt something was wrong, like suddenly I'd become taller than I actually am, and though I think now I shouldn't have done it, I walked back again to the mirror to take a good look at myself. Then I screamed. I never knew I had it in me to scream like that.
There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy.
I somehow made a dash for the loo and locked myself in and started trembling all over. Then mum called me again.

"H__, are you at home? In your room on the second floor?"
She asked me in the same tone of voice as before and I knew it would be the death of me if I told her I was in the loo,  so I told her I was in my room.
Then about 5 minutes later I was beginning to calm down and thought I could get out of the loo now, when -  knock knock - someone knocked on the door from outside. My fear reached its zenith. I was alone in my house.

Knock knock - came the sound again. 
Me "It's occupied."
Right after that a voice whispered  my name "H___ " into my ear and I blacked out.

Next I was in a dream and it was like a sports day at school.
An overexcited male voice was making an announcement and kept calling out my name,
H___, H___, H____.......

".....Yes, " when I replied,  the voice went:

Your legs have disappeared.    My legs disappeared.
Your arms have disappeared.  My arms disappeared.
Your eyes have disappeared.   My eyes disappeared.
You have disappeared.   I disappeared.
Scream.      I screamed.
Then suddenly someone let out an ear-splitting laugh.

I got out of the loo and blacked out for about an hour at the washbasin, and then I had a similar dream the next evening.
I was standing inside a park which had lots of old playground equipments in it.

A (someone's name) disappeared. B's legs disappeared.
C's eyes disappeared. D disappeared.

Errrr.....H__is in his room on the second floor sleeping. Sleeping.
An ear-splitting laugh followed. And I woke up.

Has anyone here experienced something similar to this?


  1. YES you're back! X3

    so he's doing a ritual right?

    There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy.

    ok that was REALLY scary.

    does he still experienced this?
    im curious :|

  2. I'm more scared about the time u post this story :D

  3. Maybe OP should call an exorcist. A malicious spirit(s) like that doesn't leave on it's own accord, and usually will not relent until their subject is comatose. If s/he wants their life back, they need to undo what they did immediately.

  4. @Time Waits: I don't know what happened to him after this so I'm not sure if he's still experiencing these kind of things!
    And yep, that part I found the most scary too! :)

    @KC: Oh! I didn't notice it before! lol

    @noz_m00se: you maybe right, dear!

    Thank you all for your comments!:D

  5. w00t welcome back Saya I look forward to seeing more creepy stories and such!!!

  6. There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy.


    ところでWhat should I do? と言う話にコメントしたAnonです。次の怖い話を期待しています!

  7. @渚 Hello 渚!It's pleasure to see you here again!



    See you!

  8. Wow this was creepy! So glad I found your blog haha I was looking for something like this! You're doing a great job!

  9. This is so unsettling on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin.

  10. @Sunriots: Thank you Sunriots! :D
    Glad you like it!

    @Zanyuki: lost for words, are you? :) I found it quite unsettling too, especially the dream part is very eerie.

  11. "There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy."
    the entity must be a rockstar^^ but,
    kidding aside, this is scary

  12. Haha! I tweeted about your blog now all my friends are interested in the horror stories! One is even gonna try that Elevator one~

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. @ryuu: I know. lol But everyone seems to find that part especially scary. Is it yet another proof of the collective unconscious? lol

    @Sunriots: wow I should pay you for all the advertising you've done for me! lol

    Tell your dear friend to be careful!

  15. About people finding the headbanging scary...I think it's because it's such strange behavior. If she were making a scary face or something it would be expected, but things that have no explanation are the scariest.

    It's sort of like the waving hand video! I expect a ghost to belurking around a corner but when it's waving to me in broad daylight it's much more disturbing.

  16. Oh man that was so creepy! But I love it! Especially the dream sequence.

  17. @Nightmare: Very true, dear!

    @Adorably Dead: I love the dream sequence too! :)

  18. I was like shitting bricks because of this T_T

  19. @ForthKun: Don't cry! You'll be alright! Smile and be happy! :)

  20. Oh wow that was intense!
    I don't really get the playground part though... oh and
    he's so casual at the end! I doubt many people have experienced such a bizarre thing.
    I thought i misread the headbanging part (._.)" whatever she was doing she must have been having fun if she was grinning. Hahaha!

  21. There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy.

    I was about to brush my teeth. And my dentist wonders why I need fillings. XD
    Why was she headbanging, though? Off all the things to do...
    And that dream of announcements of his body disappearing was very eerie. *shivers* Not a nice thing to go through!

  22. @Princess: I know! the woman's behaviour is so bizarre! I didn't know what to think of it too when I first read it! :D

    @Tani: oh everyone just loves what the woman was doing! lol

    You go to the dentist? I have to go to the dentist too, but maybe when I go back to Japan (I'm in Taiwan now). It will be chepaer there and also I like my dentist in Japan - his place is about 10 mins' walk from my house and it's a very small practice which gives it a cosy atmosphere, and it always has some soothing classical music on!

  23. Well, it is an unusual thing for a ghost to do!
    You... like going to the dentist? Classical music is very nice, but getting the treatment is so painful! D:

  24. @Tani: no, I don't like going to the dentist, but I mean if I ever have to go to one I'd rather go to that dentist in Japan! XD

  25. こんにちは,沙耶さん!

    I've just started learning Japanese recently, so excuse me if anything's wrong above :)

    I'm really really happy to see you here again, and your blog truly is inspirational for me.

    This is one of the rituals I might actually try in near future. I'm a sucker for the experience of fear, that kind of mystic, unknown fear.

    Thank you for the best creepy stories I've read on the internet!
    Be safe, and best of luck to you.

  26. @Bpy6: こんばんは!(for it's night time here :)

    Your Japanese is excellent coinsidering you've only just started! Keep it up! :D

    Oh so you meant 吸気 as inspirational? You can write "インスピレーション", dear, which is the transliteration of inspiration.
    or 私はあなたのブログからインスピレーションをもらっています。 are perhaps better.


    The ritual described in this story is not properly explained, isn't it? If I find a more proper one I'll put it up!
    But my dear, I don't want you to be in danger so please be careful.

    You take care of yourself too, and I'm also wishing you the very best!

  27. Haha, thanks a lot for your support, you're quick. I haven't even finished reading the rest of the blog yet :)

    You're too kind.

    Don't worry, I'm not in danger, I think we've got many things in common, those creatures and me, I'll manage to find a couple of common interests! :)

  28. Hello Saya,

    I'm someone who just yesterday discovered your blog and has sort of become addicted to it.
    Normally I don't have a problem reading the stories posted here, because I just put on some cute, happy music, but this time was different.
    I wasn't even half way through the story when I suddenly got cold, as if the wind was blowing into my neck. Which is weird, because this has never happened to me before and I wasn't doing anything unusual. I got freaked out and looked around if my mum wasn't standing in the doorway, since I'm sort of forced to sit next to the door, but she wasn't. I shut of the music and I heard her yelling at the dog in the living room. Somehow that made me calmer. I disregarded me getting cold as some wind being blown in through the door and continued reading it. When I got near the end I saw the light of the bedside lamp flicker, which is also the only source of light in my room. (the only other source of light is from the hallway)
    This may not seem scary to any of you, but for some reason these things scared me. >.<
    So the story didn't scare me, that what happened to me sort of did...

  29. @Pandora: sounds like you had some ghostly experience! Scary! But like my mum told to me before, just reading/watching/writing about ghost stories may attract spirits that are floating around you!

    I'm disappointed that the story itself didn't scare you! lol

  30. Dear Saya,
    I just discovered your blog several months ago. And when I didn't see any update I was worried that something might happen to you. but I'm glad that you're back!!!

    I've read most of your stories but never dare to watch any of the clips >_<

    Please keep up with what you're doing. :)

    Thank You!!!

  31. Creepy! I read this at exactly 4:44 now i'm scared. At least its new years so i have a reason for staying up


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