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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Strange Dream

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

There was once a married couple living on their own.
Since about a month ago, day after day, the husband had been having the same strange dream.
He wasn't even sure if it really was a dream.

It went like this:
He would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.
Then he would see a man, whose appearace was exactly like himself, clinging to the ceiling. This man would twist only his head around to look at him and say, "You've lived long enough, haven't you? Let's swap our places now."

So every morning it became a habit for the husband to greet his wife with the words,
"I saw that dream yesterday again."
Because it happened every day without exception, the wife began to really worry about him.
But one morning the husband got up and all he said to her was "good morning."
That took the wife by surprise and she asked him straight away, "didn't you see that strange dream yesterday?"
The husband replied:

"What are you talking about?"


  1. I love riddle story like this, the horror part is so unpredictable.. nice Saya-san! I keep an update of your blog and reads everynight to give me some chilly wind before I go to bed

  2. Now would be a very good time to run. Don't even worry about the divorce papers, just run and never look behind.

    On a different note, this story really does its intended job. The twist is predictable, but it explores our fear of losing loved ones. To think she might never get to see her real husband again is pretty unnerving.

  3. It could be the other way around ...
    Well, it's cryptic anyway , so there could be more than one possibility

  4. he's already changed his place with that man he sees on his dream D:

  5. Wow.. He switched places with that woman's husband, that's freaky.
    O [] O;

  6. I think it's the other way around... the man hanging is her real husband!
    Interesting story! (^.^)

  7. Creepy! XD OMG. His husband and his look alike something changed places already >.< I wonder what would happen to the wife now.

  8. Saya, have you read this?

    This is my first comment in here though. I've been an avid fan for like a year now.

  9. oh no.. the husband gave in since he dreamt of it everynight and got possessed..
    makes you wonder what would happen next.

  10. @Paan Ovrtd - have you watched the videos? i saw three in the list and was about to watch "impression" but then as soon as it was loading a cat outside my house started umm.. meowing? it was like "aaaooo, aaaooo" so i chickened out closed the tab and as soon as i did the cat stopped.maybe just a coincidence? haha.. well i couldn't bring myself to go back hahaha..

    @SAYA - what do you think about the strange dream?

  11. Great tale!
    Thanks for translating it!

  12. So many comments! Thank you guys!

    @HN3: aww you're a man of action! lol

    @nid: How can you sleep soundly right after reading the stuff on this blog? Because I can't! XD

    @Diogo: true, the divorce papers are the last thing I'd think about if I were her! XD

    It does play with our fear of losing our loved ones. Well said, Diogo!

    @KC: At a first glace, this seems pretty straightforward for a cryptic story, but as you say there might be other explanations, you never know!

    @Time Waits & Nanami: Yep! I'm glad it gave you girls chills! lol

    @Princess: Your Royal Highness is always positive, expecting a happy ending to everything! :D

    @unicorn: she and her husband look alike are going to live happily ever after! I dunno XD

    @Paan Ovrd: Oh that sounds like a very cool story! I'll have a look at it now! Thank you!
    It's very nice of you to comment, Paan. I'm glad I've come back to give you more stories to read! :D

    @ryuu: I can't think of any other interpretation of the story, dear. As I said above this seems to be a pretty straightforward story, but there might be other possibilities!

    @Anon: you're very welcome, dear :D

  13. *FINISH HIM!*

    D: they changed bodies! how could he be so stupid! Dx!!!!!*facepalm and explotion*


  14. Reading the stuff you post on your blog inspires me alot Saya( me being an aspiring writer) even though you translate the stories(Most of them and their not yours(Most of them)) I hope I can come up with a bonechilling story that'll send ice running through your veins, if I can get it published too that would be great! ^^ thank you and your blog Saya

  15. @sonicX: yes, that's right, FINISH HIM! lol

    @Niya Kokoro: Thank you dear for your nice comment.

    Unbeknownst to some people, translating requires a lot of skills, and I'm glad I am able to provide people with something they regard as readable.

    I hope everything goes well for your future career! Always have faith in yourself and always listen to your heart, no matter what, and your wish will come true.

    Take care!:)

  16. Hahaha thanks!
    I do like a creepy story with a somewhat happy ending! (T▽T)
    I really do think though that he had already changed bodies, it all depends on looking at the line "you've lived long enough haven't you?"

    If anyone lent their body to someone they'd obviously haunt them and ask for it back as much as possible...(・ω・)

  17. Saya did you read the story Paan linked?
    The site's real!(`・ω・´)” eeeek!

  18. oh guys about the link Paan posted if you are planning to go to that site i mean the site it was talking about make sure you scan your computer for viruses just in case.

  19. The wife should run. Fast. On the other hand, in a way, the man was right. It wasn't really a dream at all, was it? D:
    But this could be a very funny joke to play on your husband/wife/family member- especially if they are susceptible! Although, if they are too susceptible, they might never trust you again...

  20. Is it wrong that I now have the urge to play a long, elaborate prank based on this someday after I marry?

    Very creepy!


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