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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

A cryptic story!

A short while ago my headphone, which cost me 24,000 yen, abruptly stopped working.
Perhaps I'd been listening to music at too high volume for too long. All of a sudden something snapped and the sound won't come out anymore.

Out of annoyance, I flung my TV set to the floor.
I felt the heavy thud as the TV landed on the floor and came to my senses.
What am I doing? This TV cost me 150,000 yen!
Fortunately, the place where the TV had dropped was carpeted and although I felt the thud I couldn't hear the sound as it dropped.
It can'be broken, can it?  - I  thought, as I flicked on the TV.
It was showing images as usual, but not a sound came out of it.
Great. The 150,000 yen TV is now broken too.

But it's strangely quiet outside today....
Maybe I'll go out now and take a walk for a change.


  1. She made her ear "broken" instead of the headphone and TV... lol...

  2. SPOILER: she's deaf

  3. kids, don't listen to music with high volume because you'll get deaf

  4. This is quite funny.haha. Her ear is broken not her headphone or TV XD

  5. woah~ she's deaf~ o3o

    uwaah~ another nice cryptic story~ d(>w<)b

    looking forward for more~ ^w^

  6. LOOOL she's deaf... i'll never set my MP4 to highest volume again.

  7. She's deaf. That's what I guessed eventually...

    I thought maybe it had something to do with the numbers (the silence) but they aren't cursed... just very expensive! So expensive in dollar.
    I guess she spent a lot thinking the headphones and TV had good sound quality? Still.. ($.$)

  8. You guessed it right, everyone!!

    @Time Waits: You've got a new profile pic! A cute doll!

    It's getting cold in Taiwan...

  9. lol this story is rather funny actually.

    but i wonder what kind of TV the writer had. it fell and landed hardly on the floor and wow guess what, it's still working. hmm...

  10. Nah , he just forgot to unplug the headphone from his ears

  11. I thought that there was a body under the TV which is why it made no sound when it hit the ground...orz

  12. yes! thank you! :3
    thats my precious daughter xD

    oh you're in Taiwan now Saya-san? :3
    be careful not to catch a cold!

  13. I guess two conclusions can be drawn from the story.

    1 - He is now deaf.

    2 - I won't be inviting him to my apartment, for fear that he might decide to toss my TV out the window if the toaster breaks or something.

  14. maybe there are invisible hands plugged his ears? lol

  15. @anonymous this person is deaf as a post! :P

  16. What if she died and didn't know, and became a poltergiest throwing tv's around making them "turn on by themselves " :00000 evil yureiiiii

  17. I LOVE YOU SAYA!!!!! I've been "dead" waiting for your stories all this years! :D

    WAY TO GO!
    not that its their fault.....but even still.

  19. LOL! she became deaf XD I won't listen to the music in a high volume from now on! I'll do it on a higher volume >:3 nah, it's a joke Xp I'll lower the volume now

  20. I figured this one out fairly easily. Yay!

  21. hmm...if his/her ears got broken then wouldn't he/she feel bleeding or feel something like being out of balance. so i believe he/she is a ghost or poltergeist or something entirely different.

    @SAYA - there seems to be a typo? it supposed to be 24,000 yen? i'm not sure.

  22. @Time: Yep I'm in Taiwan now, dear.
    Taiwan doesn't get very cold, at least not as cold as in my hometown in Japan! So I should be fine! Thanks! <3

    @Diogo: No body would dare to do that to your belongings, for fear of getting sued by you! LOL

    @The Second Last ANON: I love you too. lol

    @ryuu: it was a typo. Thank you for letting me know!

    And those of you who came up with different answers from "he's gone deaf", don't be embarrassed! As I always say, there are no right or wrong answers for these cryptic stories.

    Different theories are always welcome! :D

  23. @The Last Anon: Oh! Welldone! LOL

  24. Hi, there.. Saya.
    This my 1st comment..
    I am 1 of many stalkers of your blog.
    Just want ask your permission to copy & translate your stories for my twitter & books in to my language..
    And, if you don't mind i really want to meet you someday. You just awesomely inspiring...thanks.

  25. yup the person turned deaf, moral of the story: dont put your sound on too hard ppl

  26. This happened to my grandma. Luckily for her, it's only in one ear and it's partial. She fell asleep with a headphone on at very loud volumes and one side became loose which is why she still can hear in that ear. The other side that stayed in her ear made her partially deaf by the next morning.


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