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Monday, 3 December 2012


Let's cook  a sweet omelette!
When you break an egg you have to do it very gently. Otherwise....

I was meaning to post this for a long time but I kept forgetting.


  1. Its so pink and sweet i want.....

    Holy muggler of daaaaaaamn!!!!

    what kind of bird was that egg from?

  2. I love this person's videos! I wish she would do more horror themed things.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaah!
    The egg!? What did they do!?!

  4. Oh no!
    See, this is what happens when you break a cute egg! Don't mess with the cute, okay (・`3´・)ゞ

    There's more videos like this?
    Saya why can't I read the story "Independant" (・ヘ・)?

  5. ahhhh!!! it's an alien!!XD

  6. as expected from Nana LOL

    btw, Saya-san i cant read Independent :(

  7. ummm, Saya. why you delete the independent story?
    Is there any make sense reason for us?
    Please don't be more mysterious like your blog v^_^

  8. Thank you guys, for your comment.

    I'm feeling rather physically weak today, so I'm not going to comment a lot.

    As for the last story, I deleted it because I wanted to. That's all.

  9. I enjoyed this video, thank you for posting it! =D

    By the way, are you alright, Saya? When I tell others I feel physically weak, that means I really don't feel well, so if you're anything like me in that regard, that makes me worry. Don't hesitate to accept that offer I made you, if you ever feel the need to. In any case, I sincerely hope you feel better soon!

    Also, I know I haven't been commenting very much recently, but seeing as classes in law school will end for the semester this week, I should have a lot more time and energy to post comments from now on. XD

  10. please update more scary story..
    your blog is the best blog that i've ever see..

  11. just visited your blog again then i saw that you're updating it again~! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    now i have something to look forward to again~

    i thought you've stopped updating it~ >w<

    thanks Saya~ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

    and btw, the video was cute but kinda disturbing at the end~ (• ε •)

  12. @Diogo: Thank you very much for your kind words, Diogo. I need to sort out a few problems, but one day when I'm better I'd love to accept your offer :)
    So you you're gonna be having a holiday! That's great! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you more!

    @Anon: I shall, dear. It's great to hear you enjoy my blog :)

    @Time: Thank you very much dear.

    @LiDe: Your very welcome, sweetie!
    Recently I update fairly regularly so come back again! ;) Thank you for leaving a nice comment!


    btw, take a rest and i hope you get well soon saya :)

  14. That is not what I was expecting...and that was hilarious.

  15. Ah, makes me think of those... what are they called? Birut? Those half-fertilized duck eggs people eat.

    Still, I like this vid =)

  16. @Steeple - It's balut! I'm never going to try it because it looks so disgusting.


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