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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Escape from the Haunted Room

Somehow you find yourself trapped in a gloomy apartment room.
As soon as you start searching for a way to escape, you realise there is another strange presence in the room....

You will find various items scattered around the room, some of which you should combine to solve some puzzles.

I found this an enjoyable game that sent a few chills down my spine!

Click here to play ----> Escape from the Haunted Room

Many thanks to noprops, the maker of this game, who graciously allowed me to introduce his creation on my blog.

There are TWO types of endings.

If you are stuck, LOOK AT THE HINTS (now I have two hints here).


If you get stuck, you may ask others for guidance, in the comments below.

However, please do NOT give out direct answers. You may only give hints, because it's not good to spoil other people's fun to solve the puzzles themselves!!

Please refrain from writing spoilers in your comment.


  1. I have no idea what the M is about...
    I'm going to rest a while before trying again tonight.

  2. @Ánima Yeahh me too, it starts kinda rounded, then ends like an arrow. Does that mean anything?lol

  3. Yay games!! Bookmark ing the link because I'm going to play tomorrow noon hahaha

  4. Ah... I think I've already try this game... I wonder when I tried this? I get stuck somehow... I'm forget where I'm stuck.. But I've never try it anymore... I'm too lazy to think *LOL

    I want to ask something,miss Saya. If you didn't mind. Have you ever allowed someone to make Indonesian version of SAYA IN UNDERWORLD? 'cause I find it while searching for Uba-Yo-Sare. The link was SAYADIDUNIALAIN*(dot)BLOGSPOT(dot)COM. Even the content is same(thought it newest article is about 10 days dream) and the user using Saya too as his/her name.

    Sorry for the long comment and bad english!

    *SAYA DI DUNIA LAIN is Indonesian translate for SAYA IN UNDERWORLD

  5. @Anima & Bleblo: You need to recreate the situation where you can see the "M" thing, and then do something.

    Check your items again.

  6. Should we know what is what is next to the desk?
    Like if it is something usual from the place where the developer is from but we don't have it here.

  7. i played it for a while then i chicken out:(

  8. Hello Saya
    Im not sure where else to ask this but since you look at all comments anyway ill just leave it here

    I have a story from Osaka, Japan
    that has been translated and since I read your site, I thought you might like it as it seems to be the same as the ones you post

    I you would like I can post it here in the comment or i can send it via email or wutever

  9. First off let me say thank you very much Saya for all your awesome stories and posts.

    I have been going through everything on this since I found it a few weeks and have to say I'm very much impressed with it.

    Anyway praising aside, I loved this type of Japanese horror puzzle game and wanted to ask if you knew of anymore.

    Or failing that if anyone else here knows of any, having completed this one I feel the need.... no scratch that the hunger to play more of them XD

  10. erm. should it be game over? cause that's how we ended our game

  11. Thanks Saya I love these types of games, but I'm stuck. I have a wooden block, a coin, and the tv remote, I dont know where to go from there. I seen the M thing and that weird console thing next to the tv(I put a cup on it)but I really don't know what else I could do.

  12. @Leon: Hi, I'm glad you like the game.

    OK here is a big hint (anyone who wants solve the puzzle by him/herself, don't read on) : look at one of your items in the dark.
    You can also do something to the tv remote.

  13. aaagh, i tried it and game over >.<
    and i don't know how to get 2nd ending like you said Saya-san :p
    but this game was interesting :3
    *and sory for my bad english before ehehehe

  14. hi saya-san, lol finally i finished the game, i laughed lol, thx for sharing saya-san

  15. Yay a game ♡ I hope it's not too scary! I like these type of games... especially puzzles! I love puzzles~

    Do you ever see the other presence? It would be interesting to meet it (> w >)

  16. I see light!! Hahahah thanks for this, it was enjoyable as you mentioned :)

  17. Great game :) Just finished it. Reminds me a little bit of a game for DS called "Theresia"

  18. Yay that was fun, I got the bad ending first but then I got the good one so all is good. Keep up the good work Saya! ^_^

  19. Wow. That took me forever! Super fun though. :) Thanks' Saya-san!

  20. @Anon (5 June): Good for you! I'm just glad you enjoyed it! :D

  21. Yo!
    Do any of you guys know of the game Ao Oni (青鬼)?

    This is made by the same guy that made Ao Oni, though you could probably tell with the style of puzzles (clever but completely impractical) and...other things, but I won't mention them here for the sake of spoiling.

    I just thought to mention it here!

  22. I like this kind of games but I got Stucked! If somebody can help me! I have already check the items in the dark but i dont know what to do with it! :(

  23. Are there jump scares? D:

  24. TIPS:
    -Mirrors are good for seeing things even without light, and can hide more than they reveal
    -Light can be a tricky thing
    -Objects can be turned or twisted and used more than once
    -M's look like E's when turned on their side
    -Sometimes, it's about what isn't there
    -Don't let creepy girls sneek up on you

    Good look escaping, you'll need it.


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