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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Around the end of June, the decomposing body of a college student was found inside his apartment room.
The elder brother of the student, Katsumi, was called in to check the identity of the body. And after the checking was done he was asked to remain and listen to the messages left on the phone.

14th March: From mother. She gets cut off while reminiscing about the past.
16th March: From a friend. He asks if the boy wants to go on a trip with him.
21st March: From father. He says the boy's grandfather misses him and wants to see him soon.
25th April: From a friend. He urges the boy to come to the college.
1st May: From mother: She tells the boy to call Katsumi.

The recording ended there.

The detective remarked,
"It seems the calls from your parents always come after two in the night**."

Katsumi nodded and said,
"Our parents died when we were small..."

** 2:00~2:30am is the time called 丑三つ時 (Ushi-mitsu-doki), when, as the saying goes, "even grasses  and trees sleep", and monsters and evil spirits are said to be most active.  Also if you want to cast a curse on someone it's best to do it during this time.


  1. finally~! i've been waiting for you Saya-san!! ^w^

    "the boys grandfather misses him and wants to see him soon"
    the boy never come out or come to college D:

    then, the cause of his death are his parents and grandfather? or just his parents? O_O

  2. This is so creepy... The father said that their grandfather misses him and wants to see him... Assuming that that grandfather is already dead, is that an invitation for death? O_O

  3. I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I spent a good chunk of my evening reading all the stories. I love Japanese horror stories and legends, and it was wonderful to hear ones that aren't so often told (though I will always be a fan of kaidan like Lady Oiwa and 番町皿屋敷).

    I'll admit, I was awfully creeped out by a lot of these! However, it was a little easier to imagine a cute teddy bear telling the story. I'm a sucker for stuffed animals (so I could never do One-Man Hide and Seek...)

    I love the concept of an 'evil' hour or 'witching' hour. While the story was creepy, I especially loved learning about Ushi-mitsu-doki.

    I have a quick question. I've heard you mention "Marysan" before, but I've tried looking the story up and I haven't been able to find anything. Do you or one of your readers have a reference I could see?

    Thanks for running such a wonderful blog!

  4. Oh boy.
    Thank you very much for that " 2:00~2:30am is the time called 丑三つ時 (Ushi-mitsu-doki), when, as the saying goes, "even grasses and trees sleep", and monsters and evil spirits are said to be most active. Also if you want to cast a curse on someone it's best to do it during this time.
    " notification.
    It helps me a bit on my research, in someway.

  5. hmm.. what if the weird phone calls were like a cursed chain message since at the last message their mother told the brother to call Katsumi and if the brother did not call Katsumi then he would die and if the brother called Katsumi then Katsumi will receive the calls from their parents.

  6. The boy died on March 13th. Here's my theory: From March 13th to May 1st is 49 days, the amount of days that is believed to be the time when the recently dead will remain on Earth, before leaving this world(in many Eastern cultures, that is). That explains why all the calls are messages: ghosts can't pick up the phone. The parents were calling to ease their child's sadness and prepare him for his departure. The friend was just worried. The final call on May 1st, ''leaving day'', was probably a final note to him, to call Katsumi when his time comes.

  7. I knew they were dead (>.<)
    I think Katsumi must watch out... he will be next!

    But it's sad - his parents and grandfather must have missed him a lot!

  8. I didn't get it o.o

  9. I'm active at 2am....oh no! :0 lol

  10. @Time Waits: Hi, long time no see! lol

    Yes, I think the parents (and possibly the grandfather) are the culprits, and the next victim might be Katsumi, since in the last message the mother tells the boy to call him.

    @Mimi: it's always my pleasure to creep people out! lol

    @Roasy: Oh! A new reader! Welcome, Rosy.

    You're so well-informed, to know about Lady Oiwa and 皿屋敷. I tend to avoid writing about more traditionaly Japanese ghost stories because I'm assuming there are plenty of others who have already written about them. But maybe in the future I'll write about the traditional ones too.

    I'm glad you like my teddy. I found it in a charity shop in England. But since then I've given it away to someone.

    Yes, Ushi-mitsu-doki is the Japanese equivalent of the witching hour. :)

    Oh, really? You haven't been able to find stories about Mary-san? That's strange because it's a pretty famous story! If I feel like it I'll write about it.

    Thank you very much for your comment! :D

  11. @Rosy, I'm sorry I misspelt your name above.

    @Genbugan: I'm glad I have been of help to you! :D

    @ryuu: Yes, that's what some people think, that is a cursed chain message thingy. You're very observant!

    @Anon (18 Jan): Wow you're so good to notice "49 days" thing. I never thought about that! Thank you for your interesting theory!

    @Princess Pon: Thank you for your cute comment, as always! :)

    @unicorn: Don't worry! It's a cryptic story, so it's naturally confusing. I hope you've been able to reach your own conclusion after reading other people's comments!

    @Adorably Dead: Don't worry, me too!! XD

  12. Thank you for your reply! I was able to find the story of Mary-san after I tried some other spellings of the name.

    I think half the fun of reading this blog is to read the comments and see what other readers think of the stories. It makes it even creepier!

  13. nice...that was a good story and containing a lot of meaning that hiding a secret in the story..:-)

  14. I thought of the "witching hour" too, which is 3 AM. Funny that it's not too far from 2:30.

    Mary-san is the doll, right? I also see it written "Merry-san" sometimes.

  15. I am a fan of your work and can't get enough of it!

    The idea that Katsumi might die soon is rather chilling.

    The culprit may be the one asking him if he would like to take a trip. In other stories if you answer such a question, that is it for you.

    Also, his family may be able to contact him due to him being near death and perhaps may not be at fault.

    Though Katsumi may die soon, perhaps it will not be the same culprit or cause, but at least his family will be there to help him cope with it.

    On a side note.
    Your readers are very amusing people!

    For example:
    @Genbugan is rather cryptic
    It is interesting how he comments on a time that is best for placing curses.
    "It helps me a bit on my research, in someway."

    I wish you the best in all you do!


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