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Friday, 31 May 2013

Persephone Numbers Station @ 2chan

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The video you see above is the famous Persephone Numbers Station (if you don't know what numbers station is, read here). 

Among the "2 channellers" who watched this, one person saw something in it that others could not see.

Find out all about it below!


454 :estuarine goby*1 (Kanagawa)*2[sage]:2010/06/09 (Wed) 06:37:48.47 ID:Gy6nGKNI
I don't quite get either >>17 or >>37
Is it just because I'm dumb? 

461 : Black carp [sage]:2010/06/09 (Wed) 06:41:27.61 ID:oE+OQR6l
Maybe you don't feel scared because it's getting lighter outside
I can't believe I've wasted so much time on this crappy thread

462 :Upside-down catfish(Nagaya)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:41:41.96 ID:PNLR+93Y
>>17 isn't scary but
you must be mad if you don't get scared of >>37
I bet you're the imperturbable type who wouldn't flinch even if a dead body started moving

468 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:44:49.61 ID:Gy6nGKNI
>>462 of course I'd be scared if a dead body started moving
but you won't get goosebumps only by watching a naked woman wiggling although it might get you a boner

473 : Pearlfish(Hiroshima):2010/06/09(Wed) 06:46:14.36 ID:oTsLXuTY
What? Naked?

475 :estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:47:25.12 ID:Gy6nGKNI
What?  You're talking about >>37 right?

484 : Escolar(Tokyo)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:51:40.59 ID:M23jtbl/
You're freaking me out  more than the video.....

(Continue reading by clicking the link below ↓↓↓)

485 : Pearlfish(Hiroshima):2010/06/09(Wed) 06:52:17.41 ID:oTsLXuTY
I see, so you're seeing a naked woman......
And it's only you who are seeing it....

499 : estuarine go(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:57:31.92 ID:Gy6nGKNI
Isn't >>37 a video about a naked woman who wiggles her body as she walks away and back?
I'm getting scared because you guys are saying something weird

503 : Nile perch(Saitama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 06:59:46.24 ID:hoRfSh8g
Cut it out, PLEASE

506 : Pearlfish(Hiroshima):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:00:07.60 ID:oTsLXuTY
What? You're just kidding, right?

514 : Red cornetfish(Alabama):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:03:30.33 ID:Ey3pi8ZW
Huh?Walks away and back?

517 : Izu cat shark(Kanto・Koushinetsu)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:04:27.02 ID:CLRnZ2tB
It's nothing like that at all

519 : Escolar(Tokyo)[sage]:2010/06/09Wed) 07:05:50.64 ID:M23jtbl/
You're seeing something we aren't seeing. That's a dangerous sign

520 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(水) 07:06:00.75 ID:Gy6nGKNI
But she is going back and forth every 20 second
I can see her naked body only when she's up close though

524 : Pearlfish(Hiroshima):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:07:12.42 ID:oTsLXuTY
No way, man

533 : Nile perch(Saitama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:11:20.45 ID:hoRfSh8g
When does the naked woman get close to the screen?

537 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:13:54.28 ID:Gy6nGKNI
I'm telling you, it's taking her 20 seconds to walk away and back
Can't you see it?

What? But is it really me going crazy here?
Troll? Or real?

538 : Izu cat shark(Kanto・Koshinetsu)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:14:01.36 ID:CLRnZ2tB
She definitely does NOT walk away and back, let alone naked

Something's wrong with you

543 : carp(Aichi):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:15:10.92 ID:fQLmOtsk
Show us the screen shot of when she's away from the screen.

544 : Nile perch(Saitama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:15:42.88 ID:hoRfSh8g
We can only see her from the neck up
But anyway she doesn't go back and forth

545 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:16:00.79 ID:Gy6nGKNI
got it, hang on a sec

567 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:23:43.55 ID:Gy6nGKN
I don't get it
[Ommitted because the link's dead]

572 : carp(Aichi):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:24:27.65 ID:fQLmOtsk
No it's us who are not getting what you mean

575 : Balloon molly(Aichi):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:25:08.32 ID:fuxpGIue
Wait, which part made you think she was a "naked" woman?

576 : Nile perch(Saitama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:25:13.36 ID:hoRfSh8g
She hasn't gone away from the screen. 

578 :Nile perch(Saita[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:25:36.73 ID:CLRnZ2tB
This is...
He's done for

582 : Izu cat shark(Kanto・Koshinetsu)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:27:14.74 ID:CLRnZ2tB
Seriously this isn't good, you know?
You should go to the hospital or a shrine.

593 : Red cornetfish(Alabama):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:29:21.92 ID:Ey3pi8ZW
What did he say he saw in this....?

594 : Flathead(Alabama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:29:52.96 ID:eQKIH88d
The screen shot looks normal... but apparently in the eyes of >>567 it looks like.....

595 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:29:53.83 ID:Gy6nGKNI
Hey, stop joking around, will you?
This is really starting to get to me

599 : Arowana(Tokyo)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:30:56.27 ID:Lj2AaQZH
So you're seeing a naked woman even in that screen shot?

602 : Monkfish(zeon armed force*3):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:31:40.13 ID:Ux0+EGyo
What do you see in it, man?

605 : Izu cat shark(Kanto・Koshinetsu)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:32:59.40 ID:CLRnZ2tB
Is he mental? Or is it...a ghost?

608 : Knobsnout parrotfish(Chiba):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:33:11.55 ID:VvWDZfzn
Isn't it just because she's bare around her neck that she looked like naked to him?

612 : Nile perch (Saitama)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:33:32.64 ID:hoRfSh8g
It's obvious she's neither naked nor has she gone away from the screen
Explain what's making you think that she's naked

615 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:34:38.72 ID:Gy6nGKNI
It's just as it is
I've never believed in ghosts and I'm not suddenly going to start believing in them now

628 : Arowana(Tokyo)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:37:48.20 ID:Lj2AaQZH
What we're seeing is a blurry picture of a woman against a black background.
If that's not what you're seeing then it means you're the only one who's seeing something totally different

635 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:39:40.41 ID:Gy6nGKNI
I'm going off to work now
For the last time I really want you to tell me if everything you've been saying is true and not a joke.
Or are you guys just pulling my leg?
If you're being serious I'll go to the hospital on my way home.

652 :Lamprey(Tokyo):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:41:57.32 ID:+9Kn6XbW
All I see is a woman from her neck up who keeps moving in a certain way.
I swear to god*4 I'm telling you the truth.

653 : Red cornetfish (Alabama):2010/06/09(Wed) 07:42:28.66 ID:Ey3pi8ZW
It's true. When I watch it, she neither walks away from the screen nor is she naked

662 : estuarine goby(Kanagawa)[sage]:2010/06/09(Wed) 07:43:38.03 ID:Gy6nGKNI
Thank you. I guess I should go to the hospital

*1 These names are all names of fish. Never have I translated so many fish names in my life. (I had to look up wikipedia for every single name. Took me a hell of a time)
*2 Place names (city/ prefecture/ state)
*3 That's a reference to the classic anime Mobile Suit Gundam in case you're wondering.
*4 I didn't capitalize "god" on purpose, since it's unlikely that a regular Japanese person would refer to the monotheistic God of Christianity, Judaism or Muslim when they mention "god". See how much care I take when I translate!


  1. the video seriously creeped me out eventhough it's afternoon right now..

  2. I'm just using my phone so I can't watch the video *sobs maybe I'll check it out later. ooohhh. that's creepy. that person is seeing something that can't see by other people. I was actually and honestly thinking that he's the one who was joking and trying to scare the others. saya, can you see the naked woman too?

  3. you got me creeped out there saya.

    i intended to watch the video first, which i don't do most of the time, around 0.000001% possibility that i'll do that.

    lucky for me i intended to read the posts, i almost sh*t bricks because of that, afraid that i might see a lady, naked, walking back and forth (Forth is a part of my name)...

    it's morning here, but i'm afraid to go to sleep hah hah! T_T T_T

  4. i don't see any naked lady does that mean I'm save?

    was is this >>37 mean?

    this was actually creepy . what if I'm actually seeing video that not what i thought it is? wahhhhh ....

  5. Sweet mother of God what did i just see? :P that video was creepy to begin with, and then reading the posts from 2chan made it creepier...NO. Creepy is the most titanic understatement at this point! :P Honestly, i thought it would show something otherworldly in general, and thus spark a huge conversation amongst viewers, however that was not the case at all!Therefore, through my great experience in the looney(toons :P ), my expertise led me to conclude to the following: Either the guy has -20 out of 20 eyesight and should make an appointment with a master optician, or he has contracted a serious case of the crazies & should immediately check himself in a psychiatric facility... Or a monastery...A.S.A.P...! :P

  6. oh my goodness . I already watched the video but didn't finish it because it was tooo creepy huhuhu

  7. Yep, there's definitely wrong with that guy.

    I read this first before I watched the video and I normally avoided watching videos that you posted here.

  8. I've watched the vid but....I don't understand '>>17 >>37' part?

  9. I didn't want to watch the video until I read it was part of Lost Alternate Reality Game :))

    @anon they are referring to previous posts, if you see each post is number. I think Saya-san omitted the posts otherwise it'll be very long?

  10. the censored eyes makes the video turns out creepier ;___;
    anyway I'm glad I put the volume as small as possible because that's some real scary sound!! T___T I was really afraid at first I will see a naked woman wiggling but thankfully it doesn't happen haha

  11. Must...get watch video....

    Hope....not to die....

  12. as far as i know, this video itself is looped but the audio isn't and is somewhat creepy, despite feeling it was getting scarier, its not.

    but yeah...but eyes being censored is creepy...

  13. i was expecting to see a naked woman...but i'm glad i didn't, guess i'm not crazy...yet... he..he..he... kidding aside i don't always watch the videos here since i'm too chicken but this time i tried it again from start to the end and it gave me goosebumps.
    @Saya Yomino - so errmm..did you see it?the naked woman? or did anyone here see it? and if anyone here saw it what does it mean? errmm..does it mean the person who saw it was thinking dirty errmm thoughts? ahaha.. oh and by the way i think you got the spelling of suit for gundam wrong.

  14. The video is certainly creepy. I hope it doesn't go to my subconscious invading my dreams. Or I maybe I should not sleep. Yeah, no sleeping tonight.

  15. Ok i saw i have sleep for me

  16. My internet is slow right now....phew..

    But I think different...That video has give he a new ability:Sixth Sense!!!!!!!!///shot/////

    No,I just kidding,that's impossible XD.I just wonder who created that video....It will be more creepy if the creator of that video is unknown...=='

  17. @HN3:Dont think like about you clam yourself,think negative things is not good you know :)

    And one question,what you watch at midnight?of course you cant sleep =='.Next time dont watch it at midnight okay?

  18. Uwaghhh, I just watch the three first seconds of that video! I could not bare any longer staring into that pity woman whose eyes are unknowingly censored.. (poor woman!) and fortunately with youtube, we could see the video (WITHOUT sound) if only we put the mouse near the seconds bar (thank HEAVENS!), so yeah, basically I am saved coz I didn't see the whole video in normal but it would be really cool or what if I all of sudden get to see a naked woman in it...? uwaghhh maybe i only get not long to live eh... O_o creepy!!

  19. maybe that guy has strong sixth sense, lol :P

  20. @Rika

    Yeah you are right, bit it wasnt that bad, i sleep at 3am at least, but no more scary stuff afther midnight

  21. Yayy! Finally I can see your posts again! For some reason your blog was telling me you were private and I needed to e mail you or provide some sort of password or something odd. ;_;

    And this is creepy.

  22. No, I wasn't brutally murdered by ghosts, I'm still here. XD I've been studying for the bar exam, and today was my birthday, so there was that as well.

    Although the story makes the video that much more unsettling to watch, because once you read it you sort of expect a naked woman to show up when it shouldn't, I don't find numbers stations spooky, unlike many others. I actually kind of enjoy listening to them! XD I forgot about Persephone, so thank you for posting it.

    I can't help but find the eerie atmosphere equal parts intriguing and compelling. In fact, listening to it inspires me to write a horror story, which is what I might just do once I pass the exam.

    By the way, great job on the translation. It's so good, I thought the dialogue was from 4chan the first time I read it, and it was only afterwards that it dawned upon me that it was from 2chan. The translation is truly indistinguishable from what one would find on an English speaking message board.

  23. There was someone who made a very negative comment about the video, but what the heck? Post it on youtube, not here. The focal point here is on the story, not on the video. Goodness gracious!

    @BlueRio:I hope the effect has worn off now!

    @unicorn: I didn't see the naked woman. I'm not much of a psychic. haha The video itself isn't anything special, it just repeats the same sort of things over and over, so you don't have to watch it til the end. I mean, I didn't! XD

    @ForthKun: Did you sleep OK after that? haha I'm glad you didn't see a naked woman despite your name!

    @Tia: It brings me so much joy every time I manage to creepy some out out! XD Yes, I bet many of you didn't expect that turn of event.
    If the guy went to the hospital, I wonder what he told the doctor? Maybe the doctor's response would have been the same as yours!

    @spinning totem: The video wasn't too bad, was it? :) Although the woman in it looks creepy, the sound is just a numbers station.

    @Anon (31 May): >>37 refers to the Persephone numbers station video.

    @Saint Dork: Cool. (Idk anything about this Lost Alternate Reality Game, so I just say cool. XD)

    @Prisilia: I made you cry again! I hope you've stopped crying! XD
    There's nothing wrong with the video, the wiggling woman only appeared to the guy, I guess.

    @HN3: This video is just a normal video, it's not cursed or anything (I think), so don't worry! :D But yes, I think it looks and sounds pretty creepy. I also wouldn't watch it before going to bed! XD

    @Ragnarok: I want to know who created that image of woman. He or she didn't have to make it looks so creepy!

    @ryuu: "does it mean the person who saw it was thinking dirty thoughts?" haha that's funny XD Maybe he was.
    Thank you for letting me know of the typo! Have you ever watched Gundam? I have, when I was little. My brother loves it!

    @anne cruz: I think I've giving you a hard time with all these creepy videos and stories. XD It's sometimes good to take a break from a blog like mine.

    @Rika: Maybe it does give you a new ability! :D haha
    Not sure who created the image.

    @Petzie: the video would be still creepy without the sound though! XD
    One comment on youtube says, if you manage to decode the numbers station it would give you a portal to hell? haha that would be fun!


  24. @Adorably Dead: Yes! I'm posting again! :D

    I've been wondering about you too, since I reopened the blog. I'm sorry I set it to private for a long time. I got fed up dealing with rude people. But now I'm back and sound, and ready to post more!

    Anyway it's great to see you again! :D

    @Diogo: Oh! How did your exam go??
    I have no doubt that it went all well and smoothly!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    You enjoy listening to numbers staions? haha That's cool!
    Hmmm I never thought writing a horror story while listening to it would help but I guess it'd help to set the right atmosphere!! XD

    Thank you SO MUCH for complementing my translation (T-T)
    You're making me cry with joy!
    Your words give me a lot of confidence! I never really go to 4chan but I think I'll try to go there more often to study! :D

  25. @Saya Yomino - i've watched gundam wing and g but not all episodes haha..i like the gundam errmm.. robots specially in super robot games, i just wish all of the super robot series to be in english.

  26. Oh, I haven't taken it yet, it's on the 16th. I've just been studying for it.

    Thank you! I'm pleased to say my birthday was a good one, thankfully. I went out for lunch at a restaurant with my family and had a healthy serving of steak and fries. (Well, not so healthy, admittedly!)

    Oh no, look what I've done, I've made a lady cry! I'm quite glad they're tears of joy, I'd never be able to forgive myself otherwise! XD

  27. @ryuu: I think I've watched G gundam before. It was fun! Yes, it's a shame they're not all in English!

    @Diogo: Oh, my bad! Talk about not listening to people! :)
    I hope your study is going well though.

    It's great to hear you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!! :D Steak and fries are good for you too, if they make you happy! XD

    A gentleman like you would never make me cry the tears of sadness, I'm sure! XD

  28. I just read the past post you did explaining your absence. How rude!! I can't believe someone would act like that. But it's a good thing you are back now, hopefully you won't have anymore interactions with that idiot, or anybody like him. :(

  29. @Adorably Dead: The guy actually wrote to me another hate comment. You can read it on the "Late-night snack" post. (T_T)
    But this time I decided to just ignore him. I mean you can see he really sucks, and I'm not wasting any more time on the likes of him!

    Thank you for your support though! :D

  30. Oh my god, it's 4:11 am, I started watching this and someone was knocking at my door, I freaked out and paused the video and just didn't get up, it was probably my brother but still I was freaked out. XD

  31. The guy who saw a naked woman had to be trolling...

  32. OMG!! My brother and I almost had arms-leg-fighting over our position while wathing the video. Kekeke.Thank God neither of us saw that naked woman ::eventhough my brother gonna whined until next morning XD

    Its totally freak me out and even shouting like crazy because I press play button carelessly. Ufufufu~

  33. This reminds me of a web comic (I wish I could find it...)

    In it two friends are talking about how a photograph traps the person onto the paper, but a computer screen projects the image. So while a spirit could be trapped in a photo, from your screen it could escape. It's hard to explain, I looked around for a while and I think I found the comic (my phone won't let me scroll through the panels but I think this is it.)

    It makes me wonder if when she was walking away, if she was leaving the screen!

  34. hmm she did move away from the screen from time to time. and she did wriggle. not naked though.

    nah I just made that up.. :P

    the video was really creepy though. just watched 1/3 of it then closed it. and I tried the dare on the youtube comment "watch this with lights off and in full screen." had goosebumps but nothing really serious.

    maybe what the guy saw was unconsciously what he wished to see.. remembered the game Persona where they watch some strange tv shows at midnight, and in the end it turned out that what they really see is their desires, or what they wish to see..

    or also the guy must be schizophrenic.

    anyway, nice to see you posting again and opening your blog to your readers, ms. Saya! I always read your blogs before and I'll have to admit I felt really sad when you made it private. Unlike most of your readers who often comment, I, on the other hand, just enjoyed reading blogs and comments.. but I think now, I'll be a bit more active. I'm glad that I tried to check up on your blog again. Never lost hope that you'd open it again for your readers. I must say, I am a fan. :)

    oh, and now I am quite happy. reading and visiting your blog completes my day.

    wish you well ms. Saya!

  35. If you turn the volume up high, there's music while she is dancing, but it's freaking weird-sounding. I watched the video of her before I read the comments and I thought the entire "creepy" part was the slight music lol. Didn't think I'd see a naked lady on a creepypasta blog, but this was well put (after you read the story lol).

  36. the video...
    was it of a women??
    when i watched it, the head twisted like it was trashing from left to right.
    the mouth was wide open almost as if it was screaming...
    maybe the video didnt work, probably didnt load correctly.
    ill watch it again sometime later.

  37. that woman looks familiar...

  38. i notice that this video had 2 different women one looking to the left talking then a quick one looking to the right and almost look like she scream turning her head to the left real quick and it went back to the woman looking left talking

  39. ...seriously creepy. Poor guy that saw it different TT_TT


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