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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Endless Corridor

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A true story, happened 6 years ago.

I got into a hotel elevator, meaning to go up from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor.
I pressed the 4th floor button and the the up-direction arrow lit up.
But the elevator started going down by itself.

It stopped on the 1st floor.
I assumed it would go up if I waited so I didn't get out.
Soon I felt the elevator start to go down again, and this time the door opened.
And I saw a long, gloomy corridor stretching endlessly ahead of me and felt goosebumps break out on my skin.

I took one step out of the elevator and looked around but saw nothing.
I knew something wasn't right but my fear kept me from venturing out more, and I went back inside; and as soon as I was in, the door shut by itself.
I didn't press any buttons but the elevator started ascending and stopped on the 1st floor.

I was a bit creeped out so I went to look for my mum who was shopping on the 2nd floor.
When she heard my story she said,
"Huh? I think this hotel doesn't have basement floors."

I'm glad I didn't get out at the floor with the corridor.


  1. Yet another elevator story :)

  2. A great story but so unfair! I live on the tenth floor so I have to use an elevator every day. Terrified now xD
    Also glad to see you posting again!

  3. LOL!
    I guess i'm not gonna use any elevator anymore...
    btw great story saya and i'm so glad that you finally updated your blog..

  4. Today, the elevator at my school was broken. Then, you post this elevator story. Coincidence? I think not. Ever since I read the Other Dimension Elevator story, I haven't gotten on an elevator. Thanks for the warnings. Glad I dodge those bullets.

  5. The protagonist did the right thing. If I had to choose between finding out what's at the end of a corridor that exists only in the spiritual realm but risking being stuck in there forever, and ignoring my curiosity but keeping my life intact, I would go with the latter any day of the week.

    What could he possibly have found anyway? A pot of gold? Singing garden gnomes? 70 virgins? Grandma's cookies?

  6. well unless at the end of the corridor lets you grant 3 wish, 2 for personal wishing and use the 3rd to return to your world!

  7. another scary elevator story from lovely Saya!

  8. I always keep wondering whenever i read any eerie stories regarding the elevators... Is it that the elevators are used as portals by some unknown force? Is it the energy fields of places which utilise elevators that create these kinds of "alternate world" places, or is it the energy flowing from certain people that causes such scary occurences? I wouldn't bet on the third personally, otherwise i'd never EVER use the the elevator again! :P Very interesting story, Saya! Thanks!

  9. @Amy: Don't worry dear! What can possibly happen to a sweet girl like you? You'll be fine! :D Thank you for your comment!

    @BlueRio: Hahaha, I'm discouraging so many people from using elevators. Feeling like a fitness evangelist now! XD

    @lenalei: Goodness gracious, is that true? Is this a God's way of telling you not to use the elevator anymore? haha. Don't get too scared, my dear. In these stories, it seems as long as you don't get out of the elevator at weird places, you'll be fine.

    @Diogo: Curiosity killed the cat!
    But I would go there for Grandma's cookies! XD

    @Ragnarok: Love your username.
    I'll remember your trick, dear, if I ever find myself stuck with that kind of situation!

    @Rupsha: Thank you, Rupsha! I said this to others before, but once I translate these stories, they cease to be scary to me, for some reason. I somehow become immune to them. By the time they're ready to be published, I'm no longer sure if they're scary or not! So your positive comments help me enormously. Thanks a bunch!

    @Tia: Everytime I speak to you I remember about a friend I had a long time ago. She was from Cyprus, and she was beautiful and intelligent, just like you. I wish I still kept in touch with her. We were such close friends back then.

    Anyway, thank you for your interesting thoughts. Yes, I wonder what it is that gives the elevator the power to make these weird things to happen! I hope to collect and translate more stories about elevators so that we can investigate further! :D


  10. I think because elevators are closed space and you cannot really tell what's going on outside. Also, no place to run or hide in case of any problem, so people tends to be a bit spooked about it.

    I only like to use elevator when I am by myself or not too many people as I have a very sensitive nose. Breathing in smoke residue from someone's clothes or even body smell is not really pleasant.

  11. you're funny @ Diogo haha, Alice did follow the rabbit and have herself had some hella cookies, didnt she

    I like the idea of having something as a portal to enter another world,spiritual world maybe, just like the mirror you know.My closest friend never watched that horror movie '' The mirror '' with me no matter how I insisted her :))

    Back when I lived with my sisters ( we lived in 19th floors ) and I was always the one who came home late due to classes so it's quite scary to walk back from the basement to the elevator, even there were few guards around.And because the building I stayed in was a new constructed one so four sides of elevator were mostly attached with big mirrors, seriously its like you in the changing rooms.Normally it would be fine if you were with s.o but you know how creepy and eerie being locked up in a tiny shiny little box lol.

    And I could recall there was one time when I went out with my sisters and we were all waiting for the elevator and I heard some weird noises coming from s.where.It annoyed me so much that I decided to go to check it out and one of my sister - she was literally freaking out and shouted at me as I moved towards to the noise : Stop it, you're scaring me haha.I didn't find out afterall but stimes I guess I was being lucky cuz imagine sth just suddenly jumped out and could have eaten me alive lol

  12. Damn. It reminds me of one really creepy episode of Ghost tales from Japan (I think that's the show's name) where this girl takes a cursed elevator and ends up posessed by a creepy woman with red finger nails.... D:

  13. @Anon(25 May 2013 02:08): The elevator is a terrible place for those who have claustrophobia or a sensitive sense of smell. I would hate to be in a crowded elevator when it's summer!

    @loner: An elevator with mirrors on all four sides! That would scare me especially if it were night time. You hear lots of urban legends and horror stories about facing mirrors.

    @Sadae: Oh! That episode sounds scary!


  14. It's strange to read elevator transportation stories (I don't find elevators scary at all) but I like these stories! (*^∀^*)
    Beside people who are claustophobic and the fear of being stuck in an elvator, it's interesting that there is a of fear being transported to somewhere else!
    However, I don't like the look of old elevators (I've seen some in older buildings), I think there is more of a risk of trouble with older elevators...and the cage part looks a bit scary.

    I think it would be cool to be transported somewhere, as long as the place wasn't too scary and I could get back! It would be fun~(。^▽^。)

  15. @Jasmine: I rather like these elevator stories too, dear little Princess. May be this visceral fear we have about the elevator is due to it being unlike any other means of transportation; we get in, the door closes, and the next time the door opens we find ourselves in a totally different place. We probably instinctively find that unnerving? Elevators as portals to another dimension was a device used in Silent Hill game series too.

    If Princess ever had a chance to be transported to another world, I imagine that world would be somewhere like a fairyland! (*^^*)

  16. Well,it also happens to me when I was 7 years old.There have a wedding in old hotel.They were intivite my family so I also go there.The wedding is on the 1 st floor.I decided to go to ground floor alone.I tell to my cousin,then he advise me.It not like an advise,it just like a warning.He said dont go to 7 th and 9 th floor.I just like 'whos want to go there?I just want to go to ground floor'.I enter to the elevator even I noticed that the elevator show the 'up' arrow.

    When I pressed the ground floor,It goes up,I was afraid.The most scary moments stopped at the 7 th floor.I shivering,crying.My cousin was warn me to not go 7 th and 9 th floor.I just thinking that I will die.The door opened,I saw a diffrent place,like weird.It also dark.I brave myself to pressed the ground floor and it worked.I was glad that I'm safe.

    Not just me that have creepy situation,my sister and my younger cousin also have it.My sister is on the 9 th floor,she tried to close to door but opens back.My sister push many times to close it,but it didn't work.Finally,after 10 minutes (or 15 minutes) the door close itself.

    Until now,I just wonder how I can be in 7 th floor.Or I wansn't alone in that situation.I will never go into the elevator,ALONE.

    sorry for my english.I hope you can understand it.

  17. Another awesome scary story! I don't use elevators much for health reasons..haha. More walking, more blood pumping!

  18. This is another creepy story TT
    I'm glad that theres no elevator in both of the house I lived at and the my workplace or else I will be afraid to use it!lol

  19. Hello there Saya, I'm just your usual silent-reader :3 this is the first comment I ever made hehehe thank you for your stories, they all rly great n scary hahaha

    Sometimes when I ride an elevator alone it feels creepy too (I always somehow remember many scary stories that u post here), esp. In my uni...since our faculty is in 12th floor....

    Well, there's a rumour abt our university's elevator since long time ago that I heard from my cousin. When I was still in 1st year, the "bad" floor were 7th and 11th bcause is still under-development, but the elevator often stop at both of the floor, even if the ppl inside didn't pressed the button to that level. And someday at a normal day, with the normal busy campus life, my cousin and her friend cramped inside the it (it's always cramped during the day) and nobody pressed the 11F button (cause it cannot be pressed n still under-development).
    But suddenly before their reach 12F, it stop at 11F and opened by itself. Everybody inside was froze and just staring each other searching for information, because what they saw is just a floor that looked like another normal floor but it isn't 'complete' yet, and there's just one chair sit in the center of the room. Nobody dare to get off the elevator, and luckily it got closed again.
    That's what my cousin told me tho, idk if she's just playing pranks on me =)) but I just feel to share it here with u guys.

    And sorry for my crappy-english, thank you again!


  20. @RS: Hello! Nice to meet you!

    That's a creepy story you told me! The part about one single chair sitting in the middle of the room creeps me out the most. I find it more scary when there's no explanation for a weird phenomenon than when there's a clear explanation.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! Don't be sorry about your English, it's great and I understood your every word!

    Take care and thank you for commenting! :D

  21. The author accessed the top secret basement of the hotel by a pressing the right numerical code in the elevator's buttons accidentally.

    The top secret basement is where they put selected guests to various human experiments!

  22. Omfg this was really scary ._. that's why im afraid of elevators LOL i never go in without someone


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