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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Hotel Room

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

(This is a cryptic story)

Before a business trip, my colleague told me that the hotel at which I was staying was haunted.
That night I was trembling from fear as I went to bed.

Sure enough, in the middle of the night, I heard some knockings on the door.
At first I thought it was someone from the hotel service and I asked the person what he wanted, but there was no answer.
I was afraid to look in the direction of the door and ended up just lying there awake, while the relentless knocking continued throughout the night.
In the morning, as soon as the knocking halted, I hurried to the front desk and checked out.
I told my colleague about the knocking after I got back and he said, "I knew this would happen," and he told me a story about an incident that happened at the hotel long time ago.
The hotel was once set on fire and there was a guy who failed to escape.
This guy unfortunately got trapped inside his room and died right there.

Phew, that was close. It makes me shudder to think what would've happened to me if I'd opened that door.


  1. does that mean the knocking was coming from inside the room where the girl slept?

  2. @Francis: yep, I think that's right. :)

  3. O_o ... The knocking was from... Inside his room \(!!˚☐˚)/ \(˚☐˚!!)/ luckily he didn't look out the door, or more importantly, luckily he doesn't get it? Hahha

  4. @Hasumi: it's funny, isn't it? haha

  5. Dude......why they never say something like: BTW sir in your room someoe died, you dont want another?

  6. its sad to think that the man was trapped inside during the fire. I think had he opened the door the spirit would have been put to rest.

    Kimber B Jackson

  7. Creepy. He didn't realize the ghost was inside the room...

    Also, welcome back, Saya-san! I really missed your blog and just found out you're back. Love from Mexico, thanks for your hard work!

  8. @HN3: I know! Evil hotel people! haha

    @Kimber: That is a kindly thought, dear. I never looked at the story in that way! This is why I enjoy comments from people so much. They give me differenct perspectives from which to read these stories. Thank you for that! ;)

    @Sadae: Hi, thank you for welcoming me back! I don't know if I ever heard from someone from Mexico before. Thank you very much for popping in to leave a message! :D

  9. Hahaha now that the man has survived the night it makes the story rather funny!! If it was me I would connect the story and the knocking instantly. Good thing the man seems to be a kind of slow

  10. glad that the ghost doesnt disturb him wwww

  11. Maybe if he had opened the door, the ghost would stop knocking and finally "escape".

  12. Me and my friend theorized that maybe the person that slept in the room was actually a ghost of the person who died in the fire and the knocking on the door was actually staff trying to get him to get out because the hotel was burning. He was just reliving his death over and over again.

  13. T_T sayaaa... i missed your blog so much... i thought you've blocked me... i was like.. what have i done wrong? T^T.. it felt like.. something is missing.. from my heart ><.. i know it's a little exaggerating but.. it's the truth :'P i'm really really glad you're back now.. please continue to give us awesome stories like this T^T..

  14. @Prisilia: Yes, it's a rather funny story! :D I think it's good for him that he's so dumb. If he knew what really happened to him he'd freak out.

    @voyage1970: exactly. haha :D

    @anne cruz: that's very possible, dear.

    @Anon (29 May): Thank you for that interesting theory, dear. That would make a good short story.

    @Heisuke Tanaka: Hmmm, you've got a Japanese-sounding name, but I'm guessing you're not Japanese?

    Why were you blaming yourself like that though? haha. I'd never do something horrible to someone who hasn't done anything bad to me.

    Well, dear, dry your tears, and enjoy reading my new stories! Thank you for leaving a comment and take care! :)

  15. saya~I just found this and it seem's quite similar with ur story.I wonder if he translated the same japanese version as yours? it's an old post though

    ---But wait-there are some differents in ur version.and he reveal the cryptic part LOL to be honest, I'm more prever with ur translates. it's more pointed-out and most of the main character named anonymously so it's likes : this story could be happened to everyone.WITH NO EXCEPTION.

    and that's the scariest part!

  16. @Anon (30 May): I saw the other story. Yeah, it's similar to mine, but I don't think we both translated the same version of the story. But you know, with an interesting story like that, it's usual to get different versions of it. Thanks for your comment!

  17. The ghost was inside and wanting to get out! Oh dear... maybe he should have let the poor guy out?

  18. Oh I had that in France during a school trip, and something knocked on my door right as I had closed it and I opened it to see no one even in the hallway(Mind you you would've heard it if someone walked away)

  19. I knew I shouldn't have read this, I'm staying in a hotel room! Well, now I can forget about sleeping tonight. (−_−;)

  20. You know what's creepier than the fact that it was inside the room? The whole event occured "before a business trip". Meaning, they weren't at the hotel when he had this dream...

  21. you see, i have my own hypothesize but it seems i was wrong.
    oh well, might as well said it.

    if the hotel burned down, how could he sleep in that hotel? and even after rebuilding, how could they say it was that room that's where that ghost died?

  22. Either a weird space-time loop and he is a ghost who always goes back to die in the room, and the knocking is the staff/ other guests trying to get him out.

    Less creepy than the other option, which is the ghost having actually been in the room, knocking on the door all night long. The story does make a point to say that he was too afraid to look at the door.

    This one doesn't make so much sense though because how would you get stuck inside your room in a burning hotel, the doors only lock from the inside...don't they?

  23. I can imagine how you feel in dark room. You scare there and alone but you did not share who's knock the door. Visitgoderich Ontario hotels

  24. I was thinking more about how his friend could have known "it would happen" and that he told the story like he was in the room at the time of the fire? *HintHint* >__>

  25. Hi, I'll copy and paste this somewhere but dont worry, i'll credit you :) Ill put that I got it from saya in underworld. Thanks~

  26. @Anon (18 May 2014): Please don't. I don't want you to copy and paste this somewhere. I can only ask you and trust in your conscience.
    I don't understand why you should do that. Please don't.

  27. @Anonymous (18 May 2014 05:42)

    Saya is much too nice.

    Anonymous, you are nothing but a contemptible little leach and the only thing you truly deserve is utter derision. It is people like you, with your limitless sense of entitlement and your lack of regard for others, who ruin nice things for everyone else. Saya puts in hard work translating these stories and only makes one request in return -- namely, that people link to her blog rather than copy and paste them. Despite your selfish attitude, you have absolutely no right to ignore Saya's wishes when it comes to what she posts here. You should be ashamed of yourself and, really, you owe Saya an apology.

    To anyone else reading, including Saya -- sorry for the rant. It's just that the utter disrespect shown by comments such as that one make me sick and there is no excuse for such behavior.

  28. The room that the speaker was staying was the room of that unfortunate gentleman. x.x


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