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Friday, 5 July 2013

Please Tell Me the Way

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"Please tell me the way."
It was early in the evening.
I was stopped by a tall woman on the street.

Her legs were abnormally thin, and they were shaking as if they were struggling to hold the body in balance.
Her arms too were stick thin, and a crimson red handbag hang from her shoulder.
She kept wheezing as if she were either having a serious difficulty breathing or sighing repeatedly.
I was sure it was me whom she had just spoken to, but her eyes were directed away from my face and looking elsewhere.

"Uh...umm...., where are you going?"
She didn't look normal.
I thought I'd better deal with it quickly and leave.
"Kasuga Town, 1-19-4-201."
It was my apartment's address.
She said everything correctly down to the room number.
"I - I don't know where it is."
I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with her.
Then the woman doubled over, bowing deep, so that her thin waist made a cracking noise as if it were about to break.
I then saw her stagger to the end of the street and disappear around the corner.

"That was frigging freaky...."
I made sure I made a detour before going home.
I cautiously checked the front door and, seeing it was securely locked, opened it.

"Please tell me the way."
A voice echoed from inside the dark room.


anne cruz said...

I'll burn the house down and check put myself in mental institution. I don't want to have a supernatural stalker.

Petzie said...

First one to comment!! banzaaaaiii *first time

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Now I won't be able to open the door to my room... it's so dark inside and i dont wanna hear her in my room

This one looks like the one from Korea but have a different ending saya san,, have you ever read the korean one? the one with wicked flash image??

Petzie said...

saw @ane cruz

....forget what I said abt being the first one to comment... hikhik

Chester Ho said...

Well,maybe it was just a vision he has back in the apartment.Maybe because of the appearance of the woman that make him see things.Strange,then why the woman asked him about his address in the first place? A crimson handbag. Why the image of it keep popping in my head. A slender woman with a crimson handbag. It's keep popping in my head. Hm,I felt a chill down my spine,that weird. A story that give an after effect,now that a good story. Thank you for posting this Saya. I'm truly appreciate and enjoy your work. Have a nice day.

Subaiii said...

WOAH! The ending sent chills down my spine. Wonder what happened if that person told the lady the truth ie. "hey its my house!" lol

Niya Koroko said...

O_O former resident of the room maybe? woooo scary

Divine said...

I was like, "WTF?"
Seriously, even though the story is vague, it surely is creepy!

Btw, hello Saya! ^_^

BlueRio said...

it's creepy as if it was me,i would jump from the top of my apartment *problem solved* XDD

Tia said...

Another neat post! I wonder what the handbag's contents were... And what a creepy woman!! Sweet Jesus that dude needs an exorcism right there! Sell that house and become a monk my friend! Thanks for the nice post, Saya chan! :)

Tani M said...

If she knew, why did she ask? Maybe it's like the Kuchisake Onna and there is no right answer? SAay yes, say no, you're doomed either way.

Moxie said...

Don't go home! She's looking for you! The red handbag is a weird touch. I can't help but feel it's covered in blood. I would stay at a friends house and not come back till I had a priest!

Miss Huda said...

Ohhoh... Its scary me. Maybe I should tagging somebody when I enter my freaking own house -.-' Well, she'll find you anyway. Maybe I need to be a shaman if I've in this creepy situation. Kekeke

norsue said...

Omg!! trust me, i would run away after heard that and stay with friend lol..that was really scary..

Melisa Yuliana said...

hi Saya-chan...I've been reading your blog for some times now,and I really likes it--eventhought I'm such a chicken-heart person :)
I didn't have a courage to read this story after I saw the comments XoX
But still,I like the creepiness I got after reading your others story..
Keep up the good work Saya-chan,for all of horror-lovers out here.. \(^o^)/

Luphy said...

Whoa-- That's creepy Saya >.< I will immediately move to another place if it was me ._.
Thanks goodness you're back! I thought I won't be able to read these stories again...
By the way, I've been reading your amazing stories but never commented on one... Thanks for translating these stories, Saya!

Saya Yomino said...

@anne cruz: But she might follow you to the mental institution! XD

@Petzie: No worries. Being the second is as good as being the first, dear! :D haha

It reminds me, the first Japanese passengers to fly on a commercial airplane went "banzai!" and threw their arms in the air when the airplane safely landed on the destination. It's hilarious to imagine what the scene would have looked like. XD

Oh, I don't know the other story in Korean. Perhaps you might care to tell us about it?

@Chester Ho: Not slenderman but slenderwoman this time. haha
The strange appearance of the woman is certainly part of what's making the story scary as well as intriguing.
I appreciate your presence here too, my friend. Take care and be safe!

@Subaiii: Is the weather hot where you live now? Part of the reason why Japanese people tell one another ghost stories to cool themselves in the hot weather! So it's good that the story sent chills down your spine! :D haha

@Niya Koroko: May be so! :D

@Divine: It's an honour to have your divine presence among us, dear. Uh, and btw, hello.

@BlueRio: That wouldn't solve the problem! She'd follow you even if you become a ghost!

@Tia: Ah, a woman's handbag always contains millions of things, and it is a universe of its own. haha
Thank you for your comment, Tia chan! :D

@Tani: Oh! An interesting comparison with Kushisake Onna. I'm sure that my readers are beginning to think that Japan's full of creepy women who don't listen to others XD

@Moxie: Aww a handbag covered in blood! Scary!

@Miss Huda: I would do the same, dear.
Your laugh "kekeke" sounds creepy.XD

@norsue: She would be waiting for you in your friend's house! XD

@Melisa Yuliana: Hi, Melisa chan. How are you? Thank you for leaving a comment!

Have you managed to read the story yet?? The story isn't THAT scary so don't worry!

Cheers and take care! <3

@Luphy: Hi, very nice to meet you dear. I'm glad you enjoy these stories! It's my great pleasure to be able to share them with you. Thank you for commenting! ;)


Nanami Lee said...

Waa, that's some freaky story. o.o I'd spray holy water around the room, normally that wards off weird spirits surprisingly lol. XD

Petzie said...

*happily writes the long ghost story

*internet got disconnected


ALL GONE without saved.

*punched the wall

ahh well, saya san, please check this link:

there, you will find a ghost story called "beong cheong dong ghost". The story got almost the same line with this one. But with addition of something creepier. Do tell me what you think, okay? Enjoy! :D

Jude said...

*flips table* Why would she be thereee? And no. I would probably burned the house or just run away. I'm scared of the dark. Fml.

This reminds me Bongchong Dong Ghost (not so sure of the spelling) it's a korean flash comic in the internet. Scared the life out of me. You should try it Saya if you haven't!

Cheers! XO.

Sadae said...

D: I wouldn't have gone home.

I'm guessing someone did tell her the way.

Adorably Dead said...

Gah! I knew it!

She should have asked her what her business was so she would have been prepared. And then she should have gotten a hotel room. XD

Anonymous said...


Saya, I've read this blog for years, I love it. I missed it when you had it set to private, but thank you for bringing it back. (I did read the post explaining why.)

I'm a long time lurker and rarely comment, but I wanted to comment again and say thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saya, sorry for posting this here but I thought you'd be interested:
For your "I'm Lovin' It" collection.

Anonymous said...

Argh I always have problem opening my bedroom door myself because it's always so dark in side and... wait, it's not that I shut the light everytime I get out of the room... so why when I enter the room it's always so dark? Must because of the one under my bed... anw, a nice story Saya. It really creeped me out :)

Saya Yomino said...

Sorry I'm late replying!

@Nanami: I wonder how you can get holy water. Can you just walk into a church and ask for it? I've never done it so idk. XD

@Petzie: Oh my poor girl. The same kind of thing happened to me before.

But thank you for the link! I saw the comic, and I think it's very cleverly made. I enjoyed it very much! :D

@Jude: I just watched the Korean flash comic. Petzie gave me the link to it above and I thought that was great. It didn't scare me though haha. I'm so used to reading and watching horror stuff that nothing really scares me anymore. But anyway thank you! ;)

@Sadae: haha it's possible that someone else told her the way.

@Adorably Dead: I remember that when I first started living on my own in London, a strange man chatted me up on the tube, and even after I said goodbye to him he still followed me, although I changed trains several times. That was one of the the scariest experiences I've ever had. Before I lived in London I lived in the country for a long time and I didn't know the city was full of weird people.

Oh sorry, that was nothing to do with your comment XD

@Anon (9 July 2013 13:55): Thank you very much for your sweet comment, dear. I'm sorry I'm late replying. And I'm sorry too that I upset you by setting the blog to private before.

I hope you're enjoying these new posts and I also hope you'll come back and comment again!! It's a great pleasure to hear from you :D

@Anon (10 July 2013): Ah such a sweet picture. Thank you dear, I certainly will add it to my collection!

@Anon (12 July 2013): Sorry, it's me hiding under your bed. I like dark, narrow spaces... XD
I'm glad it creeped you out!

THANK YOU every one, for your comments!!!

LaRod Williams said...

Great story! If it were me I would try to play it off by asking "Are you visiting a relative or a friend?" While planning a swift escape lol.

unicorn said...

ehhhhhhh???? I thought I already commented here! Anyway, this was really creepy. I mean, one of the creepiest update of yours. I wonder what happened to the person.....

Christian Hardjono said...

damn it...
I hate you Saya... >.<
I read the story, suddenly wanna go to toilet...
When I get back, I'm scared to open my bedroom door and feel like somebody's following me...
I hate you...
*read next post*

Blodeuyn Nyx said...

Hi Saya-san. I've been read your whole blog for five days and I really love this blog! I mean really really love this blog!
Almost all of the stories on your blog gives me an eerie feelings and makes me paranoia. LOL
ah, Saya-san, mind if I translate cryptic stories here into Indonesian? Thanks before :D

Saya Yomino said...

@Blodeuyn Nyx: Hi,thank you very much for asking for my permission. However, recently I haven't been allowing people to translate the stories, except in few limited cases. I think there are already a fair number of Indonesian people translating my stories (whether they asked me for permission first or not). Please read FAQ if you need further information.

I hope you understand and comply with my site policy.

Nanami Lee said...

Ahh hello Saya! And I got holy water from my best friend who's Catholic. ^^ She says that they do have a big thing of holy water in her church and people can bring in water bottles to fill them up haha. xD I'm not sure if that's done in churches in Japan, does that happen? I'm curious now!

Saya Yomino said...

@Nanami Lee: They do have holy water in Catholic churches in Japan, but I'm not sure if you can bring your own bottle to fill it up with it. haha If you ask maybe they'll let you do it!

Saya Yomino said...

@LaRod Williams: Thanks! I'm glad you like the story :D Sorry I missed your comment.

@unicorn: I might have accidently deleted your comment! Sorry about that!

@Christian Hardjono: hahaha I'm used to being hated by people because of my stories. But you know, I love you all! XD

Pixie said...

This story reminds me of "men in black" urban legends. Human, but something not right about it -- too tall, odd eyes, having trouble doing basic human actions, etc., and specifically looking for the narrator...

Saya Yomino said...

@Pixie: or perhaps Slenderman! :D I love Slenderman urban legends!

Pixie said...

Hehe, Slenderman is a fun character. He does resemble men in black too. But far creepier!

That reminds me, I need to play the Slender game. I never have. Have you played it?