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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi, everyone!

Here's a little cryptic story for you to enjoy!
I'm still busy, so I can't make a full come-back yet, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the kind and encouraging comments you've been sending to me!

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What the hell are the police doing these days?
They're frittering away our taxes without achieving any results. What a waste of money!
You know there was a murder near my work place last week.
A young girl got stabbed to death by an ice pick. What's more it wasn't a normal ice pick, but a special one with three blades. Scary, eh?
This is a small town, so the story is on everyone's lips.
It's making huge headlines too. It's understandable considering you don't often get such an extraordinary incident like that around here, but all the media does is make people feel even more uneasy.
You should see my grandma, the poor woman is scared witless. She's been praying in front of the alter everyday for hours on end.
But you know what, I heard the stupid police haven't even identified the murder weapon yet. It really sucks.   



  1. This is what you may call "a Freudian slip," guys! :P

  2. I feel silly that it took me a second to catch it. XD But now I get it. How could he know what the weapon was before the police if he wasn't the murderer?

  3. Haha, I love it! He's one of those smart murderers who's begging to get caught and told how clever he is.

  4. i'm glad you still alive saya :)

    as for the story, poor grandma scared witless . i assume she knew that her own grandson/granddaughter is the murderer right :D

  5. I had the feeling it would end like that. It's pretty scary, though. Serial killers are scarier than ghosts...

  6. I knew what the twist was going to be before I was even halfway through the story. The way he described the events sounded very suspicious, as if he was gloating over the murder, reliving it in his mind and relishing the memories. Why would anybody describe the weapon with such unabashed enthusiasm?

    Maybe you were right, perhaps I should consider becoming a detective. XD I'd leave no case unsolved.

  7. Hello again Saya!! So good to see you active again, i hope your obligations haven't been much of a pain to you! :) Such a nice cryptic story this one, a classic example of a psychopath wanting to show of his "work". A very nice story indeed, hope you'll be back with more soon! ;) Take care dear!

  8. Three bladed ice pick?

    I thought Wolverine left Japan!

  9. *points at original poster* S/HE DID IT!

    Good to hear from you again, however briefly! I hope life is treating you well, even if it's been very busy for you. =)

  10. yeah... because the one who murders it is ME. lol. that is one hella cryptic!! nice one saya! can't wait to hear from you again! good luck with the real life!!

  11. Aha.
    Everyone's blaming it on the killer's freudian slip,
    But who said it wasn't the one who got murdered?

  12. at first i thought it is the murderer who told the story.
    but then i thought, when i read the part the author's grandma been praying in front of alter everyday. MAYBE the author is the young girl!
    so happy to see your post saya! ^^

  13. I like to think it's the girl who's the author. Either that or the killer's a sibling or cousin.

  14. Creepy, I love it!

    I can't wait for your comeback my dear! Take care of yourself. :p

  15. Actually, i've seen this before and kind of easy for me._.(sorry!) but thanks god you post something again for this week. Saya-san i really adore your work!!X3

  16. My first thought is the girl who go murdered wrote this..why not? So what is the conclusion? :)

  17. Saya, "Freudian slip" makes it all too easy to guess lol

  18. Well, as this is my first comment here, I want to start with expressing my sincere thanks to you, Saya, for all the difficulties you've had to face while translating all these stories. Your blog is really one of the most wonderful and captivating places in the Internet. Moreover, as I'm studying to be an interpreter, I think that I understand how much effort and time you put into translation. So, thank you very very much!

    As for the story, I wouldn't call it a cryptic one. As for me, it was a bit obvious from the beginning that the narrator himself is the murderer (I believe that there is quite a number of stories with the same plot). Nevertheless, I liked this one, because it shows distinctly how a slightest detail can change the whole change of events dramatically.

  19. Not "change of events", but "chain of events", of course.
    Baah, what a dummy I am. -_-

  20. Oh no, the poor grandma.

    Hmmm, could be like what the other readers said.
    Either the killer or the victim.

    "...murder weapon yet. It really sucks. "

    To the victim ; it sucks because the police cant find her killer.
    To the killer ; it sucks because the police has yet to start playing his/her game.

    Saya! Im thankful that you still squeeze time out to update this blog. :'D
    I am anticipating for your next update~Wee~

    (I may or may not have posted a repeated comment, if I did. Im so sorry! Please delete it. Gomene!
    > <||)

  21. @JazzytheMan: You're not silly, it always takes me a while to figure out any cryptic stories! XD Anyway as other people below pointed out, there are other possible answers to this story.

    @Nike Athena: Oh! I like your name. You are a goddess :D

    @Danee: wow I didn't read into it much, but you could be right about the grandma. An interesting theory!

    @Sadae: Serial killers are scary! But I must admit reading about them is quite intriquing. I'm naughty!

    @Diogo: So we have Mr. Sherlock Holmes here!XD Yes I think you would make a wonderful detective, seeing that you can get into the mind of a criminal so well!XD

    @Tia: I have to read a lot of books at the moment because I have to write a thesis for my Master's degree. I also have to learn Chinese in my spare time...and other stuff. But my life is generally going smoothly! Thank you very much for your caring words! I'll try to update the blog more frequently! :D You take care of yourself too!

    @Cosmo Fish: No! Wolverine would never do such a thing! He's too nice and too sexy for that! It's his impersonator! XD

    @DonAbad: Thank you, dear! Life is always kind to me, dear. If you love life, life loves you back! :D

    @Petzie: Thank you Petzie, sweet girl. I hope to update more often. Sorry I always make you wait!

    @Genbugan: True, my friend! You have a good point there!

    @Tri Rahyuni: A great theory you have there! I never deeply thought about the grandma part and it's great that you're shedding different lights on it. I'm happy to hear from you too! Thanks for commenting! :D

    @Linda Rose: Yes that definitely seems like a possibility!

    @Adorably Dead: Thank you always for your kind words! I hope life has been good for you recently and see you soon! Take care!

    @Anon (23 Sept): Well, that's inevitable because I know some other people are translating these cryptic stories! But it's nice to give you my own version of translation! Thank you for your support!

    @WynterVivaldi: Oh your name reminds me of Vivaldi's four seasons! I think opinions are divied between the author being the murderer and the author being the victim. Not sure which one is right, but both are interesting guesses!

    @Anon (25 Sept): Well, you know my friend, you should always try to figure out the answer before reading the comments, because comments inevitably contain spoilers, as I learned from my own experience on youtube!XD

    @regoritated: How very nice to hear from you! I'm always very happy and grateful to get comments from my readers!

    You're studying to be an interpreter? That must be hard work. Good luck with it! I'm sure you won't have any problems. I can see you are an intelligent person from the coherent way you express yourself.

    0h was the story obvious? haha To be honest, I think the Japanese version probably sounded a bit more ambiguous. I think it's the language issue. But yeah I'll try to find something more challenging next time!

    Oh don't worry about a slight spelling mistake like that. I do it ALL THE TIME. XD

    @sunflowerbloom: Oh you look so pretty in your profile picture!

    I'm very thankful to you too, that you're taking your precious time to visit my humble blog and leave a comment too. I hope I can hear from you again. Take care!


  22. This was really cool, especially for a flash fiction. I really like how Saya tends toward stories with twists instead of just straightforward blood/guts without any payoff. I still remember the one where the guy say "Human" when he's saying things to people on the street. I won't spoil it by telling what it meant, but go find it and you'll know it was worth reading.

  23. @Tarantulady: Thank you for your compliments! Yes, I know the story you're talking about. I haven't got round to translating it though. I don't know that particular story originated from Japan or somewhere else (I thought it might have come from US).

  24. First time commenting, nice blog you have going on here =)

    But anyway, I see most people say the storyteller is the murderer. I have a bit of a different view... I think the story teller is the victim, likely not knowing they are dead... they don't identify themselves as male or female so the storyteller might aswell be female. She could have been a young woman with a job or a girl with a part-time job. The reason I think so is that only the murderer and the victim would know the weapon used (everyone noticed that), but the second part, where the story teller says "You should see my grandma(...) she's been praying infront of the alter everyday for hours on end.". I've heard that japanese homes sometimes (or maybe often?) have altars inside for deceased familiy members. The grandma is then likely praying and grieving for her granddaughter, that is, the storyteller. Also, the storyteller would likely not be very old, since their grandmother is still alive. These cryptic stories are also known to often involve supernatural phenomena (ghosts, for example)... Just my thoughts on the story, sorry if somebody else posted this theory already, I didn't read all the comments.

  25. ya, police are SOOO stupid at times, on the other hand they can be effective- if they are not to late to catch the killer. but most of the time- yes, police are just like a bunch of money pits for us people to fall into


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