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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The "Come Here" Ritual

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 How To Do It
  • Shut out all the lights from the outside to make the room dark.
  • Light up a candle, and with the candle in hand, walk around the room while saying "Come here, come here" repeatedly.
  • Head to the front door and walk around the area saying "Come here, come here," all the time, like above.
  • Go back to the room and hide (in a narrow place).
  • When you hide make sure you blow out the candle.
  • Wait quietly.

It is not known what might happen next.
Below is one person's experience of the ritual:

There were two people (me and one friend) 
I didn't hide but just sat on the bed.
My friend first walked around the house with the candle, and later hid underneath the bed.

The results:
The candle got suddenly blown out while walking around, although there was no wind.
My friend felt someone's breath on his ear, felt someone tagging at his legs and heard some footsteps while hiding.
I saw some strange luminous object, and felt some eyes on me.


  1. The story is too short! please continue Saya-sama!

  2. OK, now I want to try this. I'm gonna use this really creepy voice:
    "Come HEEEeeeerrrre...Come HEEEEEEeeeerrrre..."

    Although maybe it might scare the *things* away instead of attracting them. Spiritual fumigation! XD

  3. @Anon: It's not a story but I'm just giving you an information about a ritual. WAKE UP.

    @DonAbad: OK, but be careful dear. Let us know what happens if you try it!

  4. Yeay more horror goodness!

    I love rituals that might make performers feel something supernatural.I just hope it doesn't attract unpleasant visitors.

    This is one is quite short compared to other rituals posted here.

    If anyone tried or will try this, please inform us!

    Thanks again Saya!

  5. Saya update, yay!! :D Well, i am just gonna say this: Why does every time a game or ritual involving the supernatural turns up is ALWAYS super awesome but ALWAYS a massive NO-NO at the same time? And there is no known potential outcome most of the time! Darn your awesome posts Saya chan!:P Well, besides all the joking around, some forces are not to be trifled with. I mean come on, you are ritualistically inviting something in your personal space and you don't even know what you're supposed to be invoking? That's suicidal! Plus this site has been a beacon of enlightment to the fact that performing ritual half-assed style is bound to spell trouble for the person doing it, just remember the Book of Curses post for one! :P Now that my two cents are out there, thank you Saya for this lovely post, i honestly felt more scared from the unclear outcome than the ritual itself. Once again because these posts always leave room for massive speculations and i think you already know how wild my imagination can get!Anyways i sincerely hope to hear from you soon, take care dear! ;)

  6. I can only think of one thing while reading it. If anything caught fire, it will be difficult to explain it to the insurance company.

  7. I'm really scared now XD!! Saya-san, how can you write these stories without having the hair on the back of your neck rise or getting shivers?! Just a little bit into reading this and I'm too scared to turn off the lights! Please take your time updating! You have always done an amazing job! We all love you!!

  8. Yay! Updates~
    Uuwah~!!! I might just yry this thanks Saya!!!

  9. Always excited when you post a new blog entry. Thank you for them horror sweetness. <3

  10. @anne cruz: Short and sweet does it:D
    I thought it would sometimes be nice to post a shorter ritual because it would be less hassle to perform it...and of course, shorter ones are easier to translate too! XD
    Thank you for your message, anne!

    @Tia: You're right in everything you say, Tia! If you do this kind of ritual you should at least carry some salt and/or sacred objects with you. But the best course of action is not do it at all! XD

    I remember some years ago Kokkuri-san (the Japanese version of ouija board) was very popular in Japan and some children ended up having a mass hysteria. Then they banned children from doing it at school. It made some people wonder whether it was only a case of mass hysteria...or something entirely different? Anyway we should just enjoy reading about it and not do it in reality!

    Thank you for your lovely message as always, it brightens up my day! :D

    @Anon (30 Sept): That's right, dear. DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE as the saying goes XD

    @Kira Collins: haha I've been doing this for so long that nothing really scares me anymore. I wish I could get scared like you people because life seems a little dull without some scariness. XD
    I love you too and I'm grateful for your kind words. Take care!

    @Vivi: Yay! A new comment! XD
    Thank you for leaving a comment, dear.

    @Jia: And I'm happy to hear from you :D Thank you for your comment!!


  11. WOW!a ritual!I will try this....when blackout lol(because the candles just can be used when it's blackout.It sucks :P) didn't said that this must do when alone,right?I will try do it with my friend or my sister when I have a chance.

    Its there have a ritual that scare the ghost?

  12. Whoa, that's quite a freaky thing. :o See, I would love to try this but my family will not appreciate the fact that an increased chance of unwanted spirits could come in and I don't want that either. xD (Our house is haunted. xD) But man, I would be scared if a pair of eyes were looking at me. o.o

  13. Reading about rituals always creep me out whether I know what's going to happen or not. I feel like just thinking about them is enough for something to happen! I was always taught not to mess around with spirits so anyone who attempts them must be really brave or really foolish.

    Also, Saya, have you seen Yami Shibai? It's a short 4 minute show telling Japanese ghost stories and urban legends. I bet your readers would really like it. :)

  14. Whoa
    Anyways good to see you back saya:)

  15. What concerns me most is that there's no ending ritual.

  16. It's funny you should say that about the Japanese version of the ouija board, because the original ouija is just a Parker Brothers game. Thus, in its original form, it's hardly anything that could be considered paranormal, unless you advocate communism and consider capitalism to be the devil.

    On the other hand, given the experiences surrounding it, could it be that what was once an innocent game has since been seized by unknown entities? It's a mystery!

  17. that was scary..i won't dare to do this ritual even if i can do this with friends. what if the things we asked to come here won't go back to his own place..ohhh..i don't want that to happen.

  18. I actually tried this- while forgetting I have a houseful of pets. I think any pet owner can guess the results...
    Next time, I try for an empty house.

  19. @Tani M
    I almost wanted to try this until i saw your comment and realised i have a pet dog in my house....

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