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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Granny and Grandpa

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Another cryptic story for you!

Once upon a time there lived Granny and Granpa.
One day Granpa said to Granny,

"My dear, is dinner ready yet?"
"My sweet husband, we've just finished our dinner. Don't you remember?"
"Is that so?"
"Yes, of course."

One week later, they were both found dead.



  1. My theory: they're so old, they probably forgot that they didn't eat yet and died.

  2. They...forgot? Kept forgetting?
    Although my first thought was, somehow, something along the line of "cannibals?" XD

  3. Granny is confused and thinks that they've already eaten all the time, and Granpa, equally confused, thinks she's right when she says so.

    Or perhaps she knows they haven't eaten, but she knows Granpa will believe her when she says they have, and she's starving them on purpose. But that would be a pretty awful way to go, even if you wanted to!

  4. I think Granny is the one confused. So, in the end they starved to death.

    Saya-san, in your previous post you said you're going to post more frequently since it's Halloween time.
    I would like to thank you for this, Saya-san. I really do appreciate all your stories.
    I always check this blog every day after work. And it made my day when I see a new story.

  5. This is one funny story actually.. and sad too.

    Anyway, thanks for all the interesting stories! Always make me happy to see a new post from you! :)

  6. Like this story! Somehow I think it is true in reality...Elderly do forget whether they ate or drank or not and starve to death.. :(

  7. Aww, this is one of those bittersweet grotesque stories! They probably had Alzheimer or something like that, that explains why they loop over the same dialogue again and again :( So sad... Thanks Saya chan!

  8. Even if they are old and going senile, they should still feel hunger. My father has a very mild state of Alzheimer, but he could still feel hungry. Just usually forget about what day it is..... Perhaps, they are just too poor to even put food on the table?

  9. I dislike this story since I don't like the elderly to die in such circumstances. However, the story is rather a bit eerie since from what I know of Japanese culture, the wife always takes care of this mother and father-in-laws? So based on this, the wife might have hated her in-laws so much she neglected them?

  10. ......wut?

    not seriously wut?

  11. Perhaps someone else posed as the grandfather and pretended to eat with her then killed them all later? it sounds farfetched, but its seems to be the first thing to come to mind.

  12. 1) Grandpa suffers from some mental disorder, resulting in incapability of sating his appetite with Grandma's cooking. He starts suspecting that his wife is trying to starve him to death. The remains of his sanity are slowly conquered by his illness. Enthropy-driven, he kills Grandma and satisfies his malicious desire by feasting on her flesh, until, during a moment enlightenment, he realizes what he has commited and kills himself.

    2) Grandpa and Grandma are haunted by doppelgangers. Real Grandma gives food to her husband's doppelganger, and Grandma's doppelganger persuades Grandpa that he has already eaten. Gradually the ghosts succed in trying to set a confrontation between the grandparents, leading them into the maelstrom of mutual hate until they kill each other, and doppelgangers, having fed on their destructive energy, are awaiting for the next victims.

    3) Grandma is a member of a malignant religious sect that practises ritual starvation in order to unite with their God. Grandma wants her husband to enter the paradise as well.

    Sorry, this story just inspired me in some way.

    Thank you for your translation!

  13. Maybe the one that asked her if dinner was ready was not her husband.A spirit perhaps?
    he probably killed her husband and then killed her,thats what i think. :>

  14. HAHAHHAHAHA. This is embarrassing lol. But when I first read it, I don't really get it lol.

    But after I read some of the comments above, I had an idea.

    I think this was quite funny but sad.

  15. That's really sad. I am convinced they were either killed by spirits/demons or they ate each other. If I had heard my grandparents had passed, I'd be crying for weeks. Sadly, in my case, I've already lost my grandfather so I don't think I'm ready to lose my grandmother.

  16. The real scary thing is when tge grandma said, "yes, of course..."

    poor grandpa: ( i think grandma is eating him....

  17. I like the doppelganger theory. Still, we don't know if they starved to death. They could have been murdered by something unrelated.

  18. I too support the theory of their death being by starvation: they both have Alzheimer's and neither of them remembers having not eaten!

    Strangely, though, if they did forget to eat, thus haven't eaten at least until when this story is taking place, why did it take them a week later to die?! *insert dramatic chipmunk music cue here*

  19. I think they both have dementia and i was slightly sad when i found out the meaning of the story as it reminded me of my late grandfather who was also like that but on the flip side thnks for posting the story saya :-)


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