Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Hallwoeen from My Reader

One of my anonymous readers drew this picture for me!
I found the message in the spam box so that's why I didn't see it until today. Sorry about that!

This must be my cartoon characters, Bunniesky (the rabbit. no, it's not M*ffy!) and Eddie (the bear) from my other blog.

Thank you very much, it's sooooo cute!


regorgitated said...

That's really cute ^__^
Btw, hope that you will post some more cartoons about Bunniesky, I really enjoyed them.

Happy Halloween, Saya! And happy Halloween everyone!

Anonymous said...

Kawaii!! XD Happy Halloween!!

unicorn said...

Hi, Saya! It's been a long time since I commented. OMG, this one is so cuteeeee~ Happy Halloween! :D

Moxie said...

So cute! Happy Halloween, Saya!

georgiaoya said...

Hey saya! I really like this blog! I knew your blog from a fan fiction. The author made a story about one man hide and seek, and she linked your blog and told us to open it! I just finished reading the blog untill the end! (I'm serious). Keep up the hard work in translating those awesome stories! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the anon that posted it :D i'm so pleased you seemed to have liked it!! i hope you had a great halloween!

Henry Lh said...

Hey Saya nice reading you again! Thanks for the amazing posts of the week. Happy Halloween BTW! Here in Mexico we just celebrated the "Day of the Dead", an ancestral festivity as well.

I promise ill do a fanart of Bunniesky when i have the chance, see you soon.

Kiera said...


CUTE!!! :D