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One Man Hide and Seek (Multiple-Player Version)

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Click here to view the single player version.
For those who dare not do it alone...

【The Things You Need】
  • A plushie with all the cotton taken out (the plushie has to be the kind which has limbs)
  • Some rice (enough to stuff the plushie)
  • A needle and a red thread
  • A knife or a pair of scissors (something sharp)
  • A cup of salt water for each participant (coarse salt would be best)
Note: Make sure you create a place of refuge (a room). Burn incense and/or put ofuda (1) etc to purify the place, and keep the lights on too. A room with an alter (2) would be best suited for this purpose.

【How to Prepare the Plushie】
Nooo!Don't eat me!
  1. Take out all the cotton from inside the plushie.
  2. Stuff the plushie with rice.
  3. Clip the nails (or some other parts of the body) of each participant, put them in the plushie and sew it up.
  4. When you have sewn it up, wind the red thread several times around the plushie, and then tie it into a knot.
You have to give a name to the plushie.
You can use the name of someone you hate.

【How to Play】

In the beginning, play hiden-and-seek like you normally do and let everyone take turns being  "It."
Note: Include the plushie in your play too. Make sure the plushie is the last one to play "It."

The last person to play "It," when her/his turn comes, has to say to the plushie,
"The next 'It' is____(the name of the last person who plays 'It' )," for three times.

Next go to the bathroom and put the plushie inside the bathtub.
If the bathtub is filled with water, put the plushie inside straight away.
If it is empty, put the plushie first and pour water in later.

Leave the plushie as it is and go back to the room. (3)

Close your eyes and count up to 10. (4)
First, find all the participants, then when you're done, hold a knife (or something sharp) in hand and wander around a bit and go to the bathroom (you can also go there straight away).

When you find the plushie, say to it,
"____ (the plushie's name), I found you,"
and stab it with the knife.
Then as you put down the plushie, say,
"The next 'It' is____ (the plushie's name)."
As soon as the plushie is put down, run away and hide  (all the participants do the same).

 ◆Things to beware of when you hide
Never go outside the house.
You MUST turn off all sources of lights except the TV. (5)
Keep salt (6) by your side while hiding.
Be quiet while hiding.
There is no limit to how long you can hide.
Do not let anyone participate in the ritual if the person hasn't put part of his body into the plushie (it might harm the person).

【How to End It】

It is possible to quit it half way.
Note: when you quit, put the salt water in your mouth and find the plushie, and say to it, "I'm the__ (a number indicating your turn) to quit.  (eg. say "I'm the first to quit," if you're the first person to quit)."
Then say, "The people who are left are ___ ___ ___ (all the names of the people who are still hiding)."
After that go to the place of refuge and stay there until the play is over.

For everyone who is quitting (whether you're quitting it half way or playing it till the end):
When you want to end it, put some of the salt water in your mouth (don't drink it) and come out of your hiding place.
Whatever you see or hear on the way, don't spit out the salt water.
Find the plushie.
I hope you find it in the bathroom....
When you find it,  first pour the rest of the salt water over the plushie, and next spray the salt water in your mouth over the plushie.
When you've done that, say,
"I (we) have won," three times.
This should end the ritual.

You MUST throw away the plushie after the ritual.
The best thing to do is to burn it.

(1) Ofuda : Paper talismans you can get from shrines.
(2) Altar : Either a bustudan - a little Buddhist shrine (See the footnote to this post for further info) OR  a kamidana - a little Shinto shrine (See the footnote to this post) which some Japanese people keep at home.
(3) I don't know which room he is talking about, but probably it just means the room where you start playing hide and seek.
(4) Clearly these instructions are meant for the last person to play "It."
(5) To find out why you need to leave the TV on, read the Note #4 just before the video on the post of the single-player version of this game. (Go from here)
(6) ie. probably the cup of salt water you prepared at the beginning.

Please don't ask me why it's still called "one man hide and seek" even though it's for multiple players. lol (Actually I think it's because this is a re-arranged version of the original one man hide and seek)

Here's the source for the second picture

(Click below to read a message from Saya!)

Happy Halloween, children!!

I thought I'd share with you a game or two so that you can have fun with your buddies on halloween night!

Be sure to follow all the safety instructions, and don't get into troubles!
Especially be very careful when you burn incense or candles! You don't want to burn down your whole house and get scolded by your mummy and daddy!

I look forward to hearing from anyone who've tried this!
So long, my dear, and take care.


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