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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Siren OST

Some creepy music from the survival horror game series "Siren."

1. From Siren 2

2. From Siren: New Translation


  1. I remember the day before youtube was a thing to look for soundtrack.
    I painstakingly connected my tv output to my (already defunct now) pentium 4 pc just so I can record this song!
    the tittle is konagi hisho- something I guess :D

  2. Oh God what a great game!! Im bullshitting everyone, it is pretty much a mind f**k (pardon the language Saya chan! :P ) Its so scary, holy Jesus, i tried playing Siren Blood Curse and that didn't turn out all too well! Anyways, if you like thrills and scary eerie voices and effects, well this is the game for you guys and gals! AND it also has a particularly gritty backstory with a potential "true story" element in it. Thanks Saya for this post!

    PS: You should totally play it and post some sort of reaction video or reaction post of sorts! :P

  3. Well, it is 10 p.m. here, and I have to go outside into the pitch darkness, so thank you for such cheerful and tranquil music, Saya! :D

    Well, to be serious, I really liked it, especially that monotonous chanting (or some kind of a nursery rhyme, I'm not quite sure) in the first one.

    I have always wanted to play the game, although for some obscure and unexplainable reason I still haven't done it. However, the movie based on it was rather good.

    Thank you very much for the post!

  4. I have both the original and New Translation/Blood Curse. Need to get to finishing them at some point lol. Still, Siren is one of the few horror games to truly have scared me. Great games with great music. Shame Siren 2 never saw a North American release.

  5. @Shibito: wow your name is Shibito?XD I know what you mean. It's so convenient nowadays that you can find almost any music you like on youtube! That's right, apparently the song's title is Konagi-hisho-ka (the last "ka" meaning "song").

    The second song's title is Hoshin-goei-ka. I should put that info on the post to, shouldn't I? :)

    @Tia: I'm also no good with games like this!XD
    The only games I can play is stuff like Final Fantasy!haha But anyway Siren series are notoriously difficult, especially the first Siren.

    I would like to post something on Youtube oneday though. Something I can put on this blog. The problem is I don't know what I should post!

    @regorgitated: It's my pleasure, my dear regorgitated! XD

    The first song certainly sounds like a Japanese traditional nursery rhyme. That reminds me, I know a horror story related to a nursery rhyme and I should translate it for you guys.

    I haven't seen the Siren movie, but since you say it's not too bad, I might have a go watching it!

    Thank YOU for your comment! I appreciate you people's support :D

    @Visser: Oh they never released it in North America, you say? That's weird. Why? Maybe it was considered to be to graphic at the time? But nowadays you North Americans have games like "Outlast"! And boy, that was gory (it's a great game to watch though! I watched the whole walkthrough on youtube). But blood and gore don't necesarrily scare me, although they often disgust me. You know what I mean?

    Anyways, my dear readers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your comments again, they make me want to post more! :D

  6. @Saya: I think the reason it wasn't released in NA was due to poor sales of the first one.

  7. @Visser: That's understandable too because when they first made Siren they probably didn't originally target foreign markets. But when they made Siren New Translation (aka Blood Curse) they had foregin gamers in mind and that's why they turned many of the main characters into American people.

  8. Maybe it is because I do not know the language and can't translate it for myself, but out of context of a horror game, the music is slightly creepy, but really neat to listen to and somewhat relaxing in a way.

    It kind of reminds me of some of the goth music I listen to. lol

    And in regards to your last question I'm getting on. Life is being ok to me. :p I'm very excited for what may come and what the future brings, especially with my Girl Scouts. I've been leading meetings by myself now, and the kids have actually listened. Progress!

  9. @Adorably Dead: no I know what you mean, dear. Actually the songs sound foregin to most Japanese people's ears too because they are written in oldish kind of Japanese, and moreover, the sounds are muffled so you can't make out the words clearly. I agree they sound nice in a weird sort of way. I enjoy listening to them! I find the first song is especially calming.

    Oh that's so COOL. You're doing Girl Scouts? Wow. It's nice to be popular with kids. haha. I love kids too. My older brother's wife is having a baby soon and I'm looking forward to play with the baby!

    But yeah it's funny the way you said, "the kids have acutally LISTENED." haha that's hilarious. Good luck with you work! I'm sure everything will go well.:D

  10. Aww, thank you! ^_^ And congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  11. @Adorably Dead: Thank you! :D My sister-in-law has been only carrying the baby for two months so we don't know the baby's sex yet, but boy or girl, it would be great!

  12. siren is one of the best horror games, but i don't play it.. i just watched my brother play it before. But i love Fatal frame series..capturing a ghost with an antique camera and dark rituals involving it is really awesome for me.

  13. i love this game!!

  14. I really love the games, but I can't play them unless a PC version comes out- until then I can just watch playthrough videos.

    I really enjoyed the soundtrack. The first one sounded like a nursery rhyme, but they both sounded very similar to the chanting of prayers in my country.


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