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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Spirits at Temple

 Please do not copy/distribute my works without permission. Thanks.

WARNING: This video may be cursed.

(posted at 2 channel)

32:Anonymous:2012/09/14(Fri) 21:36:50.74 ID:0kDZB7980
I want to introduce you to a video which was accidentally filmed after midnight.
But some people became uncomfortable or sick after watching this, so please watch it at your own risk.

34:Anonymous:2012/09/14(Fri) 21:40:10.94 ID:mCbN/oQ/0
YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so looking forward to it~

:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:07:10.51 ID:/CgMwVT/0
Hi, this is 32.

OK, so please turn off the lights in your room and open the door a crack before watching it.
I know I'm repeating myself but please watch it at your own risk. 

The people filmed here are spirits who had come down from the other world.

This was filmed during the 30's Showa period (Note: 1955-64) at a certain Buddhist temple.

130:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:12:53.31 ID:F0GSbQxnO

You're not trying to curse us, are you?
I'll stay away from it

132:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:13:34.43 ID:msdMF4DGO
Those spirits were dumb enough to be filmed unaware?

144:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:17:36.41 ID:dpbfAOHu0

163:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:29:42.08 ID:Cq1sC+2L0
I watched it for a few sec but then felt goosebumps spread throughout my body and quit watching


  1. i wonder why the 'trip' of original poster was different? the 1st one is 0kDZB7980 and then CgMwVT/0 does that mean it was came from a different person?

    ah by the way i watched it in the classroom so at least i didn't feel being at risk at all LOL

  2. It wasn't that bad but I really hope it wasn't cursed. Especially since its something from 2chan, there's always a catch. Thanks Saya-san! Please continue uploading!

  3. サヤ ヨミノ :D

  4. I wonder what they're saying.

  5. I'm not familiar with how 2ch works at all, but the ID was different in 2 OP posts probably because they were posted in different date. Probably the OP shut down his PC before going to bed, which earned him a new ID the morning after. You know, sessions and cookies and stuff.

    Btw, I watched the whole clip and felt a little pressure on the temporal bones the entire time. Not sure if that was because I pulled an allnighter or...

  6. i want to see the film but i'm scare! >.<

  7. OK so I watched it by not turning off the lights and leaving the door open a crack.

    I feel cursed lol

  8. Yes! Another gem was unearthed from 2chan! Oh i am always looking forward to these Saya chan, thank you so much! Although the post as a whole doesn't give off eerieness due to the shortness and lack of conversation between the members of 2chan, it is the video contained in it that actually makes it so spooky. Cursed or not, this is probably the one and only video in this site that i choose NOT to see since it emitts a pretty grim aura for me at least. And it is the horror and mystery that comes from not seeing the video that give me massive goosebumps! Another spook well done Saya chan, thanks! ;)

  9. > The people filmed here are spirits.

    Oh, I thought it was vice versa, as the way of recording is rather unusual. It is as if the video has been filmed by someone's eyes, "a psychic video" like in Koji Suzuki's "Ringu".

    I wonder why the OP asked to open the door while watching it. Of course, psychologically, it may add to the sense of discomfort of the person who watches the video, but it is interesting whether there is another reason for such a request.

    Saya, could you please tell us what is the gist of what the men are talking about?

    And, of course, thank you for the translation and posting!

  10. problems with cursed videos in internet (especially youtube) are....they simply aren't cursed videos.
    I've seen so many and I don't remember the last time youtube is filled with ghosts and monsters (except the comment sections) :D hahahaha

    anyway, I like your stories
    Thanks :D

  11. Well, they look like people to me, although the chanting is quite unnerving. For those who might feel nervous about "cursed" videos and such, most paranormal researchers recomend to always protect yourself before any contact with the paranormal, by imagining a wall of white light around you and saying any prayer of your choice. Maybe you can watch cursed videos and not be cursed!

  12. Saya-sama~
    Wow! I'm definitely not watching this alone.. if I watch it at all! I'd watch things like this but I don't want to get cursed.. Anyway, thank you for the post! :D

  13. Hello Saya, I was wondering if you know something about 2ch おつかれさま . It appears to be some kind of an urban legend / creepypasta about a supposedly cursed picture. I tried using google translate, but it doesn't help much. Thanks in advance.

  14. I watched a bit of it, so I guess I'm only cursed a little? I knew my curiosity would get the better of me one day!

    Creepyness. :p

  15. I am not watching the video (I know, I know, I'm a coward) but I really don't want to be cursed. Even if the possibility of it is really small. I don't think I can watch it, specially alone.
    Did you watch it, Saya-san?

  16. Oh goddess, no.
    Even though I'm dying of curiosity to watch the video, I still remember last time I watched a cursed one ^^'
    Still, looks really creepy, just from the still pic I can see.
    Btw, am I getting it wrong, or does he ask you to turn off the lights and open the door before watching to, if in case the spirits somehow get out from the video, they go past you and leave the room?

  17. It mad me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I watched it anyway. Not so bad. Very photogenic ghosts, maybe? I don't think they are malevolent, though.

  18. i think those filmed are not spirits but monks/mediums chanting for the spirits. it is unfortunate that i don't understand what is the chant about.

    saya chan: do you understand the Japanese chant? could you enlighten us? :)

  19. since i'm afraid of i watch this at 11:36am....btw i wonder why he/she zoomed in that ahjusshi face at the end of the video....
    ahjusshi=It's how you called an elder(stranger) in korean...

  20. hi Saya, i've been a fan of your blog since a year ago, and your post never ceased to amaze me :)

    Maybe it's too sudden and rude, but can i request a translation? I stumbled upon something that could be considered good here:

    It's something called the "Kotori Box". I kinda understand that it's some kind of a cursed object, but i still don't have any ideas about the rest of the text due to my limited kanji knowledge.

    So yeah, if it's appropriate, would you like to translate that? Or to a lesser extent, tells the summary of that text? Sorry if my request is too much. Thank you.


    inb4 i won't make this post off topic

    i still don't know what's so scary with the video :I

  21. I really want to watch it., im dying to watch it actually but i dont want my happy life to be cursed.. ugh. Saya san, have u watched it? and welcome baaaack,, its been a while since your last update.,

  22. I'm not watching this one. I like to consider myself a brave guy, but I recently woke up with a mysterious scratch on my forehead that doesn't hurt at all, and I don't remember getting cut -- nor is there anything on my bed that could have cut me at night. It's the second time it's happened, the first time was years ago, when I woke up with a couple of fairly long scratches on my arm. I'm not superstitious, maybe I did cut myself without even noticing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. XD

  23. NOOOP

  24. Hi, boys and girls! Thanks a bunch for your comments. I'm looking forward to make a reply to each of them. I will have to do it little by little though, because as you can see there are so many messages and I want to take my sweet time replying. :D

    Oh yeah and one more thing about the vid.

    The way the vid's poster (32) suddenly tells you to "turn off the lights and leave the door a crack" is suspicious and it looks as though he is trying to cast a curse on you by letting "something enter" in your room.

    Actually this post is reminiscent of the famous 2chan post "おつかれさま(Otsukare-sama)," and in the original Japanese text, #130 mentions this famous post in his comment.
    So originally #130 writes, "You're not trying to do Otsukare-sama on us, are you?"

    I omitted this from my final translation because I thought leaving it as it is would just confuse you.
    However, since one of my readers mentioned "Otsukare-sama" in the comments, I thought I would tell you about it too.

    @Anon (1st): That isn't a trip, that's just an ID. You can read about the 2chan trip system in the "Kisaragi Station" post's footnote. He probably got a different ID because he posted the second post on a different day from the first post.

    WHAT!? You watched the video while in classrom!? YOU NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY CHILD!

    @Kira Collins: I think you're fine as long as you didn't turn the lights off and leave your room's door open as instructed (the reason for this is written above). So no worries! Thanks for the support! :D

    @KC: Yep, that's me! :D

    @tom nash: I don't know what the heck they're saying, unfortunately. It sounds like a prayer.

    @Vương Nguyên Hồng: I think you're probably right. I'm not really familiar with how 2chan works either, because I never post anything there.
    Oh, I hope you're alright. You were probably tired. Have a rest!
    Don't let this thing get to you!

    @Umbra84: Oh dear. Maybe you should drag you friend along to watch it with you! In that way you won't be the only victim. hahaha *evil laugh*

    @Anon (10 Oct 21:04): That's the wisest thing you have done in this year, dear. XD

  25. The leaving the door open thing seemed kinda like inviting them in or something.

  26. hehehe... well I watch it but yeah i don effect me XD

  27. @Tia: Hello :D As I wrote in the above comment, I think the curse is probably not complete unless you turn of the lights and open the door of your room, but if you get a bad feeling about it, you'd better not watch it! Thank you very much for your comment! I hope I can post more eerie stuff from 2chan! :D

    @regorgitated: That's an interesting observation you have there about the Ringu psychic video!

    Oh and thank you for noticing the OP's weird request about the door! I wondered if anyone would notice it! lol
    As I wrote in the comment above I think he said it because he wanted to let something enter in your room.

    The sound in the video is so muffled that I can't understand a word of what they're saying. Sorry I'm not able to throw more light on it.

    Thank you for your comment! :D

    @Youkai Bro: That's the spirit, Bro! :D
    Thank you for your comment!

    @Sadae: Thanks for your advice about protection! I'm sure that will be useful for many readers who want to watch the video! :D

    @Kiera: You're not watching it but you still leave such a sweet comment. :D Thank you for that!

    @Kaitai: おつかれさま is a famous story and I know it very well. However that's something which is very hard to translate. One of those stories that can only be understood if it were in Japanese. I can give it a try but I can't promise you that I will publish it.
    I also wrote something about the relationship between this post and おつかれさま in my first comment, so please check it out! Thanks for bringing it up anyway! :D

    @Adorably Dead: How can someone as adorable as you be cursed? Impoossible! :D Have a nice day dear!

  28. @Lara: It's perfectly OK not to watch, dear. You're not a coward, just being cautious.

    Yes, I did watch it. I usually watch all the videos I post (The only video I stopped watching halfway was Dir en grey's music video. I actually don't like blood and gore very much.)

    I'm still alive, so it can't be THAT bad. :D haha

    @Melancholy: I think it's good to be melancholy sometimes, don't you think? The trend in some countries (like US, Japan and other capitalist countries) is to be positive all the time, but that's unnatural for human beings.

    Oh what happened last time you watched a cursed video??

    Well noticed about the lights and door, dear. I suspect the OP is actually trying to curse us by making us do those things. So if you want to watch the vid, keep the lights on and shut the door tight! :D

  29. First of all, I would like to say thank you for posting all the great stories, Saya, they're phenomenal!

    And well...I have a very large confession to make.

    You see, I have a club on my campus for otachans, not defined in the usual perjorative for the term mind you, and I just wanted to scare them all for Halloween. I called attention to the video and the website, so you may have some new people coming by perusing stories and such.

    So...I apologize on behalf of my club as Club President.

    Most of the club members laughed, I didn't feel so nervous watching it, and there was a good reception overall. We had large speakers emulating the chant in the room, but I think we messed up the curse. The room was brightly lit by the projector and the website, and we closed the door a few seconds in because the thing was heavy.

    Being somewhat spiritually aware, I didn't think it would do much harm. And nothing really happened. I also think the video was taken at a time when the quality was shot, and someone else on the internet found it and tweaked it to a creepy degree.

    Maybe we were spared from the curse by our collective blunder?

    Anyways, later on that night, I was a little worried by exposing my members to it, maybe a tad regretful. But knowing all of them, they're positive, and they all have good, sensible, logical heads on their shoulders with awesome humor to boot. They're really great folks with interesting personalities and they're all passionate about Japanese pop culture.

    I know you're going to reprimand me, or discipline me to some extent, but I just wanted to let you know we all enjoyed the scare.

    However, I post this comment just to cover my bases. The club room could be changed a bit from that interference, but I don't know if we're all cursed together, or we're just having fun being scared, or if it's my imagination. I know that you said you were fine watching it and the like, and maybe my own little nagging doubt is getting the best of me, but:

    Would you know how to lift a curse of this caliber, and if so, how? And is there anything to fight it off? (I'm going to try and nip this thing in the bud.)

    And, well, if you don't have an answer for me, it's alright. Maybe a technique to purify and exorcise the room wouldn't hurt. Or, I should go to some Buddhist temple to ask for assistance.

    I would very much appreciate a reply soon.

    Thank you






  30. Wow, so whoever posted it was trying to put a curse on us? Well, on whoever actually followed the instructions. I am doubly glad I didn't watch it.

  31. @Poteto-chan: Hello! I'm replying to your message first as it seems like it needs an urgent reply.

    With this type of curse, the best defense is NOT TO WORRY about it.

    This curse is akin to HYPNOSIS.
    The actual video is probably harmless. All the info the OP gives about the video, and all the stuff about "turn the lights off and open the door," and how some people became sick after watching it, are just a ruse to make you believe the curse is real.

    You must have heard of "the law of attraction," right? If you believe strongly that something will happen, the chances of it happening will increase - that sort of thing.
    The mind is a powerful tool.
    If you believe that something bad will happen to you, you might be increasing the chances of bad things happening to you.

    So, I want to say, forget that watched the video....
    BUT that is easier said than done, I know.
    That's a bit like telling you "don't imagine a pink elephant."
    What it does is that it makes you imagine a pink elephant even more.

    So, I think you need some tools to get rid of the harmful after-efffects of the video.

    I'm not an expert in spiritual matters, but I have a few suggestions you might like to try.

    ■ Put a tiny little mountain of natural salt in each of the four corners of your room.

    ■ Carry around salt with you.

    ■ Burn incense

    ■ Chant a Heart Sutra (goolge "heart sutra" and you'll reach a page that tells you how to chant it)

    ■ Alternatively chant any prayers you know!

    ■ If you have a shrine or temple near you, go get talismans. If there aren't any, go to church or other religious insitutions and get whatever sacred objects that are avialable(eg. holy water, a cross, the sacred scriptures)

    ■ Keepsakes from your loved ones can be helpful too. Like a teddy bear your late grandma gave you. The spirit of loved ones, or their protective feelings which they left in those objects, will help to protect you.

    ■ I think one of my readers mentioned this in her comment, but imagining a protective aura surrounding your body will help. Whenever you get scared, imagine you're surrounded by shiny scared light that will bounce off any curse.

    OK so I think that's about all I can come up with right now.

    I hope my suggestions have been able to put your mind at rest. If I find any more useful info regarding the lifting of curse, I'll let you know!

    Take care and happy halloween! :D

    Love, Saya

  32. Sorry, typo above. "Forget that YOU watched the video"

  33. Sometimes I really like the difference between cultures which can manifest itself in things most unexpected. I think that in many Japanese creepy stories it's often advised to go to the shrine and to perform some rituals when dealing with the supernatural. In Russia many people believe that if you feel some eerie presence, you have to swear at it inwardly as hard as you can.
    However, I don't think that if one day I meet a Yurei, swearing at it in Russian will be of much help.

  34. Thank you very much for your suggestions, Saya, I will be absolutely sure to take them to heart! I was so relieved when I read your response, thank you so much <3!

    The next time I come across any sort of cursed video, I'll be vigilant and aware of the hypnosis effect and the implication therein (in which case, I will most likely avoid those videos, since I am a bit of a scaredy cat, nyah (^w^ ;)—maybe I was a little too hasty in my tiny assumption of the video's authenticity and my perceived error in self-judgment).

    In regards to the reaction, I think what really scared me was the potential of the video being real rather than the actuality of its origins. The 'Law of Attraction' and this incident are proof the mind as an absolutely fascinating place—I often wonder how we experience everything we do, and at the same time, I'm glad I have one, since it can be burdensome sometimes (^-^).

    Uncertainty paired with a little nagging doubt, made me uneasy (but this website is awesome and you posted stories, videos, and pictures that have awesome scare quality, and I can't thank you enough for your hard work m(_ _)m). Again, thank you for all of your helpful suggestions, Saya, I will be sure to follow through (if this post seems a little choppy, it was because I wrote another one, but incidentally x'd out of it and it was a whole lot longer (; >.<), apologies)!




    Another HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Phoenix, Arizona, USA ^(^o^)^!

  35. should i close my windows too?

  36. @Tani: You're always brave, dear Tani. :D Very photogenic ghosts? haha funny XD Well it's good nothing happened to you!

    @桔子: Sorry I can't make out what they're saying either! :(

    @BlueRio: oh you speak Korean? Cool. Korean language sounds kinda cute. Hmmm I don't know why the camera zoomed in on that face. Strange, isn't it?

    @Streakhaven: Hi! How are you? It's great that you finally decided to post a comment! :D I always welcome comments from new readers!

    Yes, I know that story, dear.
    Some other people also wanted me to translate "Kotori box." It's a long story and the text is quite messed up. The writing style is kinda similar to "Reverse S ward" story. Even I got confused reading it! XD

    But sure, I'm gonna try to translate it for your guys, but be warned that it's gonna take some time to do the job.

    I agree this video is a bit creepy but not scary. But the problem here is that the OP used it to cast a curse on people. I explained the nature of this type of curse in the reply I made to Poteto-chan's comment above. Please read that if you're interested.

    Anyway, thanks a lot fo the comment! :D

  37. Hello everyone, Saya-san I've been reading all of your stories and become a silent reader for some reasons, probably this is the first I've ever commented in one your postings because I immediately need to share my experience toward this video. Last night (ironic enough it is night time), I checked on your website for some daily goosebump stories to entertain me (a usual daily hobby every Thursday night), I come upon seeing this story and video, so I was eager enough to watch it and perform the necessesary "rituals", so I did turned off all the lights and opened a crack on my door, the atmosphere feels intensely dark and putrid, being the scaredy cat I turned down the volume and leaned back facing away from my laptop, then I thought to myself "It's just a video right ? Nothing weird ever happened so far", I regret thinking that fact and watching it, I started to watch the video, right at the first second, my door closed, creaking slowly and then shut itself, entering 00:10 I felt a heavy pressure right on my left shoulder as if a hand or something leaning on me, then I felt something rubbing my feet. I quickly jumped, turning on all the lights in my room, and shutting my laptop down. Luckily enough I can sleep well last night, creeped out, yes of course... I wonder Saya-san if there any methods of breaking the curse or at least somehow to suppress it ? I think I am cursed, damn...

  38. @Petzie: I have indeed watched it, my dear. If the video is giving you a bad feeling, don't watch it. I also want you to be happy! :D

    @Diogo Valverde: Oh my goodness, you got a mysterious cut on your forehead? Aww I hope you're alright. I know that you have sometimes had strange paranormal experiences in the past! Yes it's better to be on the safe side and not watch it! o_0 Be very careful, dear. I should post an article about a purification ritual soon, because a lot of people seem to be getting nervous because of this video!

    @Rika: Yes, you should always value your youth, dear. Take care!

    @Cat: That's right! Spot on! You have a very sharp mind, my friend!

    @Afif: Good for you! I'm glad it doesn't affect you! :D

    @regorgitated: haha, that's right! When you're already noticing that in alot of these stories when someone gets into trouble, the solution is just go to a shrine and get purified. It's funny and even Japanese peole are saying "oh a ghost story with a shrine! Not again!" LOL

    Oh that's interesting! So you people just swear in your hearts! XD I'm sure it works too! Because if you've read the story called "Deformity" from My Master's Series, the Master says there that a lot ghosts are just like normal people and they get intimidated by the same things as normal people do.

    So I think if you swear in Russian at Yurei, it would freak out thinking "omg I dunno what's he saying but he's angry and sounds scary! I'd better go away!" XD


  39. @Poteto-chan: My pleasure, my dear. :D

    Another thing - you should make your room sparkling clean before putting salt in the corners of your room. Evil spirits love unclean places.
    Also you can get paper-taslismas from a shrine or temple and put them in the four corners too.

    Maybe I should do more research and post about some purification rituals you can do by yourself. I realise that some of my readers have a hightened sensitivity about spiritual matters, and I don't want them to get too worried or frightened!

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! I hope to hear from you again! (And you're from Arizona? Cool!)

    Take care! ;)

    @Chris M: Yes, dear, by all means do so. It might make your room an even safer place than it is now!

    @Anon (18 Oct): Hello, dear. I'm sorry you have been having those scary experiences...

    I suggest you first clean up your room (evil spirits hate clean places) and put a little heap of natural salt in the four corner of your room. And try some stuff I suggested to Poteto-chan above. Try them first and if they don't work, you might have to seek professional help. But I'm pretty sure those things will work!

    Take care and don't worry too much, OK? We'll be there to support you!


  40. A cursed video? Sounds like The Grifter... first time here and I already like this blog =)

  41. Saya-san, this is Anon from 18th Oct, thank you so much for your cooperation and behalf of the purification ritual, gladly past these days I have performed some stuffs that you have describe above, but weirdly enough, since 19th October 2013 until 21st October 2013, I began to felt a heavy presence in my own room, every-time I entered my own room I smell foul putrid odor throughout my room, repeatedly I kept on having heavy pressure on my shoulder and legs, luckily on 22nd October, I checked for your response Saya-san, and so I performed the things that are necessary.

    As I have prepared some pure salt, and chanting some mantras (I tried using some from Heart Sutra), still it doesn't do anything, the foul odor haven't gone yet, and strangely enough (this is real experience, not a some sort of horror movie cliche) the lights in my room starts to flicker on and off, I gently spread salt all over my self and burnt some incense, for a minute, suddenly my lights went out, I ran out from my room, and dashed straight to my parents room, right before I closed the door, I throw some leftover salt to it and double lock the door, gladly I had a safe and pleasant sleep, the next day I immediately spread salt all over my room, and cleaned it as soon as possible, I am so grateful that these days there no more "activities" that occurs within my room. But hell I am a sucker for creepy stuffs, next time I would like to try some of the cursed rituals by my own, just for experience and curiousness, well, curiosity kills the cat, and I'm not hoping to be that cat.

  42. Usually I just read through these but I feel the need to post.

    This "chant" sounds like something from a dream I've had as a child. I wonder if I've heard this somewhere.

    I'm semi-interested in figuring what it is. It definitely is unsettling but I'll see what this video is like under it's right conditions, etc.

  43. Hi, Saya! I've been reading your posts recently and I must say that I'm thrilled by every single story! >w< Regarding the curse video... Tbh I haven't watched it because I'm still scared to do so. But I'll try it on in a bit I guess... Well anyways, please do keep up the good work and continue on posting! ^________^

  44. Oh gosh I feel something cold oh god why did I watch this. ;_;

  45. I tried opening my door just by a crack, but whenever I sat down in front of the computer to watch the video, the door closed.
    I find this strange because there's no wind flowing and nobody else is in the house.
    I don't think I should watch this...

  46. I noped out of the video the moment I heard it was haunted. Come on people, doing weird rituals and watching cursed videos are exactly how creepypastas start :D

    Also, the law of attraction you mentioned Saya, the bookworm folk calls it the nocebo. As the placebo heals you because you believe it will, the nocebo does the exact opposite.

  47. obviously not real but I like it!
    strange thing it looks it came from YT but it's nowhere in my history.

  48. @Anon (23 Oct): I'm glad my advice was useful to you, but be very careful if you try any of the rituals! To be honest I don't think you should try any at all.

    @K-Ono: Oh you heard this in a dream? How very curious! Please don't follow the instruction and watch it with your door open though. That's a ruse.

    @kirajuuno: Hello! I'm sorry you had to wait for a long time until you got my reply! Is this the first time you comment? Welcome! :D
    Don't watch it if you feel uneasy about it! The video only shows some people (or spiriits?) chanting some prayer of sort.
    Anyway thank you for your support and take care! :D

    @Shadowrunner240: Oh! Has the cold gone away?

    @Anon (31 Oct): Oh dear. May be it's your guardian spirit warning you of the danger!

    @sunember123: You know, I put warnings on the sidebar of the blog and at each post too, but sometimes people still complain that I didn't put enough warnings! But people should know what sort of this blog is by now! haha :D

    It's the first time I heard the word nocebo. That's funny! XD I shall remember to use it next time.

    @Anon (4 Nov): what!? why are you even here if you don't believe in supernatural stuff? Be gone, you infidel!! XD

    THANK YOU ALL for your lovely comments!

  49. well because im a OTOKO!! XDD
    i just watch it and right now i must be pretty much cursed :c
    but to be cursed is not that bad, I actually do not feel or see anything different.
    I'm going to die am i ?
    emmm thank you saya for all this years of creepy stories and curses to give to the world ;3
    greetings from Chile !

  50. What is the actual video url of the video so that I can watch it on youtube. I click on the youtube link but it doesn't send me to the video on youtube

  51. please be careful with this.

  52. Well, I watched this in the afternoon with daylight so I guess I didn't fulfil the conditions to be cursed by this video. I did feel a bit uncomfortable watching it though. Those mantra or whatever they're singing are kinda disturbing lol

    raise your hand if you're cursed lol

  53. Saya~chan ... i`ve just watched this video @3am in the morning ... i haven`t checked the comments section and did what the vid poster suggested... There was "someone" peeping from the bathroom and i can`t sleep until now ;A;

    yabai.... T_T)

  54. Saya... I can't find any info on おつかれさま(Otsukare-sama). Is it a story you translated? What is it?

  55. Unfortunately, I can never seem to be able to play these kinds of videos. It's the same as the more recent "video of high school inadvertently captures something creepy" you posted later on. The 'video' is just a white box I can't click on at all. I even tried to open it in Internet Explorer and it's the same thing (a white box).

  56. I know its 2015 when I'm from but what the heck I'm watching this in the dark with my door open a crack. I love the thrill I'm feeling

  57. Hi,I think I should post this as a warning to anyone who watched this video. As a note, I have had history with spirits before, and a few friends think I'm sensitive.
    I watched this video at the library at school, so the lights were on but the door was open. I didn't feel creeped out or have goosebumps watching it, but last night, the same day I watched it, I would hear noises. But only when I would turn off the light. I heard movement, like when air swooshes by a person. And then I heard tapping sounds echoing through the house. I figured it was drafts and the house settling.
    Then I heard breathing, and hard scratching on my carpet, like something was trying to claw the granite under it. I turned on the light and it stopped; my room was empty and my dog was still locked in the tiled room where her bed is. When I turned the lights off again, I heard that swooshing air again and then a hard tap on plastic right by where my CD case is. I ended up sleeping with the lights on. T^T
    I love your blog Saya,and I really appreciate you taking the time to translate and post for English-speakers!

  58. hello from 2018! lol!

    actually have been browsing your blog since a long time ago, just so this time I was rewatching some of the videos.

    anyway my thought is that, probably it is an old recording (analog tape reel and all) of a religious chanting session. what makes it more than just another religious chanting, from my uneducated guess, is that

    - this was not your mainstream buddhist/shinto group, but an syncretic group: a religious group that combined, mixed, or fused ideologies from different religions as one.

    - the men shown probably either just normal folks, or maybe from a higher social class. what are they chanting or praying only they know (or maybe they're just mindlessly chanting?)

    and since it's an old recording presented in digital format (tape transfer and converted to digital video), I'm also guessing the original uploader could have manupilated the audio so the voices sounded low pitch

    anyway looking forward to more of your post!

    also shout out to anyone reading this in this last quarter of 2018!


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