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Monday, 28 October 2013

Washing Face

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What's so creepy?

This is a cryptic story!

Right, I should get going soon.
The clock is showing it's just past the noon hour.
Shit, I haven't even washed my face yet.
I can't be bothered but I guess I'll have to do it.

I turn the tap water on and splash water all over my face.
Then I put some soap on my fingers and work it into lather, and spread the foam over my face, massaging the skin at the same time.

The burbling sounds of water running down the drain echoe in the room.
Maybe I've let it run for too long.... I should wash the soap off my face now.
I grope for water.
Huh? What? Where is it? My hand doesn't touch water however I try.
I have to bear the stinging pain of the soap bubbles getting into my eyes as I open them to look for it.

The Tap, the tap... where is it?

Ah, here it is, the tap.
I twist the tap and water begins to run.
I splash water over my face.... Finally, it's clean.
I use a towel to pat my face dry. 

Uh.... I'm kinda scared to look into the mirror now.

I haven't shaved yet, but nevermind.
I run out of the house like a bat out of hell.

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  1. So didn't get this one

  2. Maybe it was his reflection or a ghost. Kinda confusing. Thanks for uploading Saya-san!

  3. Originally he felt that he was letting the water ran too long, so he intended to wash his face quickly and then turn the water tap off, but suddenly when he wanted to reach the water, it already stopped running. Who stopped the water? He realised it and escaped in fear. Am i right, saya san? ;)

  4. OK: dude was worrying about letting the faucet run for too long, but when he reached out to turn it off, it was already off.

    Sounds like a particularly thrifty ghost. XD

  5. I agree with @Edweefication from above,something or someone turned off the faucet before he got his hand on the tap.After reading this for a couple of times I find this one funny somehow.The ghost that turned the tap off must love the environment,he or she saw the man wasting water while washing his face(don't know if this true or not but I always turn the faucet off after i have enough water in my palm to wash,massage my face),she got angry and decided to mess with the man by turning the water off at the moment he need it the most.Afterward he or she showed up in the mirror,reminding the man not to waste water ever again.Sorry if my theory sounds a bit childish but It's keep popping up in my head after reading the story.This story amused me more than anything I've seen for awhile.Thank you so much for your posts Saya.Good luck with your work and as always have a pleasant day.

  6. Hello Saya~san. I love your cryptic stories. They are interesting brain teasers and scary. Thank you for posting them.

    I thought of this for long minutes. And in the end I agree with the others that someone must have turned the tap off just before he wanted to. If it happened to me, I would have quickly run from the room after a quick splash of water to my face.

    I remember when I was very young I always avoided looking at the mirror each time I have to go the bathroom late at night. I would remember all the horror movies I watched and I'd worry I see the ghosts in the mirror.

  7. I would say it is rather profitable to live with a ghost that doesn't like to waste water. Natural resources are not unlimited, you know, and you can save quite a sum of money if the ghost doesn't allow water run for too long.

    Anyway, a nice story, thank you very much for translating it!

  8. My answer has already been told by my fellow readers, something or someone unseen turned off the tap. Nice post, Saya chan! :)

  9. It seems the water somehow turned off by itself...

    Seeing how you don't have pm up I'm gonna have to rant in happiness here.

    First of all I've spent day and night trying to read every single story on here... and when I finally see your front page you've updated even more! Your stories that you find are A+ and your translating is wonderful. What is it about Japanese horror stories that are so much more... horror like than American stories? I feel Japan focuses more on the psychological part instead of things like jump scares. Japanese or not I'm sure any story you think is worth sharing must be a good one! I really appreciate that you take time out of your days (and nights maybe) to find these and properly translate them into English and not just simply copying word for word Japanese to English. Anyone who thinks it's ok to not credit a translation must be a kid who has too much time on their hands and doesn't know how much work hobbies are once you get out and have a job and college.

    Enough of that, no need to overly compliment to the point it's awkward!

    I also wanted to say, ahem, THE MY MASTER SERIES IS AMAZING. To me it seems like it could be turned into a manga or anime or even a live action movie! Or a light novel! Thank you for showing it to us but... you better keep close watch on it and translate right away because I can't wait to see it to the end! ^.^

    I am so happy you do all this and have kept it up for YEARS. You've taken breaks and hit some bumps but your still going strong! It will be a sad day when you must end the updates but with such a large amount of content this blog will be enjoyable even once you leave it. You've put so much work into this and I hope you are still having much fun because I am!

  10. perhaps he saw something in the towel

  11. I think that it's kind of wierd that he didn't notice the water turned off... Maybe what he used to wash his face with wasn't water to begin with, or the tap turned off but the bubbling sound of the water proceeded anyhow for some reason, or something?

  12. Saya-sama~

    Okay! This time I've made some progress with figuring these out. I have derived this:
    The guy has this ghost attached to him that hates it when he uses too much water. So said ghost turns it off when he uses too much and appears in his mirror scaring the jeepers out of him(not gonna curse) so that's why he didn't look in the mirror! :D I saw someone else with a similar assumption, so I'm not that far off...

    I ALSO derived this:

    His mother is haunting him for whatever reason and she wants him to wash his face and shave in the mornings and stuff. As a ghost she got the message across somehow(can't think of an example). HOWEVER, there is this other ghost who doesn't want him to use too much water(maybe the old dead landlord before the current one) so he appears in the guy's mirror and/or turns his water off. And the guy is really scared of this old, mean landlord.

    So? I came up with TWO theories! :) yay me!
    And, I looked at the picture and noticed the water faucet has no stem(isn't connected to a sink). And does anyone notice the smiling face in the bottom left-ish corner? CREEEPY.
    Thanks for the post! (Tee hee this's such a long comment)


  13. Although cryptic, this story is kind light and fun. It is relatable as well since all of us wash our faces. I wonder if you have similar experience?

    Happy Halloween!

  14. I think the ghost is playing with the tap and that ghost is also the one playing the tap so the narrator couldn't find it...

    But i can't stop thinking about blood. I mean, i keep thinking that the water he mentioned is blood.. why? Coz in the end he mentioned that he is scared to look into the mirror.. or was the mirror never show his face coz he is already dead but he keep doing the same routine everyday even after he is dead....

    Hahhaha did i get anything right or did i think too much? Lol

  15. Um... Maybe he somehow reached INTO the mirror while washing his face, and when he realised it, he got scared?
    Just a strange thought that occurred to me.

  16. He turned the tap on twice.
    Now, the burbling sound of the water continued either just up to the point he reached for the water, or during the time he was trying to rinse.
    The sound could have been caused by the spirit the whole time.

    I'm surprised the guy noticed the problem.

  17. He did turn the tap off, probably out of habit, then, upon hearing the sound, and with his eyes closed, he would have naturally presumed that he'd forgotten to do so. The question remains as to what was the burbling sound?

    Anyway, I wouldn't want to use a razor in a spot where someone had slit their wrists/ throat either.

  18. I agree with the blood theory. He scared after he pat his face with towel, not when the tap suddenly off (he probably forgot that he didn't turn off the tap). And he afraid to look at the mirror because he know his face is full of blood, after he saw blood stain on the towel.

  19. I had a feeling he washed his face off...

  20. I think the bubbling sound is that the sound of the water filling the lavatory. Well. That's all there is LOL, I can't think about anything anymore.


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