Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


But more importantly,


You should be celebrating, not visiting an unhealthy blog like mine.

Press the go back button, or close the browser. NOW.

But you will still get LOVE from me :D teehee


  1. It's New Years Eve for me but thank you! Happy New Years! ^-^

  2. I was just passng to give love to miss Saya :3

    -even when she doesnt respond my mails anymore :c Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year, Saya-san!!!
    Wish you the very best for 2014.

    It's holiday here, and I'm celebrating by watching horror movies all day today :D

  4. Hi Saya san, Happy Creepy New Year! :P

  5. Happy New Year Saya! It always cheers me to read these stories that you post, and inspires me to write my own novels. :3 Thank you, and may 2014 treat you well!

  6. New year's day is about to finish here in our country wahh.. Happy New Year Saya! I really enjoy the stories you post here specially those mind breaking cryptic stories :D

    keep up the good work!

  7. Happy New Year Saya-san! I've been read your blog for 4 months but it's my first time commented here. xD I'm in love with your blog. <3 I always love scary things and urban stories. Thank you for always updating and hope you will have a great year! Hope you will update more too LOL XD


  8. Long time reader. Thank you for this blog, happy new year to you too!

  9. hehe your update was really cute
    happy new year Saya , have a year full of hapiness and joy <3

  10. Long time reader but first time to comment!

    Happy New Year, Sayaさん!!
    I've always loved your blog and I really hope to hear more wonderful creepy stories from you again soon!

    Please enjoy the new year! (ノ´∀`*)

  11. Happy New Years miss!!!

  12. Happy New Year Saya !

  13. Your blog isnt unhealthy Saya! I love it and all the stories, but i dont dare watch the clips or do the rituals, i'm too scared.

  14. hehehhehe Happy New Year Saya! Im glad to see this post! How did you celebrated New Year? :D

  15. Happy New Year Saya-chan! I wish you all the best for 2014! May health, happiness, love, success and prosperity follow you always! :)

  16. Even though it's a few days too late, I wish a happy new year to you (Saya, duh) and your readers (My fellow horror creeps) :D
    I recently re-discovered this blog, since I had stopped checking it by 2010 or so, and came back in a spell of nostalgia, thinking I would find nothing new, but I would have been happy with just re-reading everything.
    I want to thank you for, unknowingly, accompanying me and a few very close friends (most of whom I've lost touch with) through my teen years and for bringing back the little night-time laughs (and very eventual chill) the stories bring to me.
    The stories from "my master" series are a particular favorite of mine, since they remind me of someone I was really fond of.
    Anyways, sorry for the long message, I just wanted to put in words how thankful I am.
    Don't stop being awesome!!!

  17. Definitely late but Happy New Year Saya! The year can't truly start without me scaring myself while reading the stories you translate!

    Thanks again for your hard work and here's to a great year ahead!

  18. Hehe thanks for all your great work of posting such an amazing ghost / horror stories in 2013... expecting more on 2014 ^^ thanks Saya San!!

  19. happy new year :)

  20. Sorry I'm replying late!
    I've spent my day reading stuff for the essay I have to write this month.

    @Mayumi: haha it's funny how because of the time differences some countries stay in the previous year while others have already gone into the new year. It feels weird.

    But thanks for your message and smiling face! =D

    @HN3: You can still talk to me on the blog. It's easier for me this way. Thanks!

    @nunu: And I wish your year 2014 be filled with happiness and love, dear!

    Oh! You were watching horror movies, were you? What an interesting way to spend the new year's day XD I wonder what you watched!

    @桔子: This year certainly will be as creepy as the previous year, if not more!! =D I hope you continue to support me through my endevour to bring the best horror in the internet world!

    @Rainfeather: What a romantic name you have there!

    You're a writer, are you? Very nice. May you have a wonderfully creative year too! =D

  21. @山田ミハル: Thanks for your support, ミハル! I'll be sure to post more cryptic stories and rituals this year! =D

    @Medi: Oh so you're relatively new here! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. But I'll be on a holiday soon so hopefully I can post more during that time.Quite a few people have been asking me to post more urban legends, so I should do that too!

    I wish your 2014 be filled with happiness and excitement, and some creepiness! :P Cheers!

    @Anon (2 Jan 2014 03:18):
    Thanks a lot for your message! It's a great joy to hear from you! May your 2014 be filled with happiness and prosperity!

    @Anon (2 Jan 2014 05:53): Thank you! =D I wish this year be wonderful and full of happiness for you! <3

    @inukochi: Oh! I'm honoured to receive a comment from you!

    My posting is sporadic, but I will keep going! Hopefully I can post more stories this year than last year!

    Thank you very much for your cute message! May this year be full of fun and happiness for you! =D

  22. @Anon (2 Jan 09:46): Thanks a lot, dear! May your 2014 be full of prosperity and happiness! :D

    @norsue: Thank you, dear. I wish you great time ahead and may you achieve all that you wish for this year!

    @Anon (2 Jan 18:43): Well dear, perhaps you are healthy because you have stayed away from those clips and rituals! XD

    @unicorn: I didn't do anything so special, dear. I have no holiday until the Chinese New Year. But I had a quiet, relaxing night! :D

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014!

    @Tia: Thank you, Tia!! I wish the same for you! May each day of 2014 bring happiness, god cheer and sweet surprises to you and to all your dear ones! <3

  23. @Alejandro Jawerbaum: Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment! And what a heat-warming message that was! It is yet another reminder that "no man is an island." It is very strange yet touching to think that I've sort of become part of your happy childhood memories, although indirectly through the blog.It kind of makes me think what I do has a meaning. :)

    I wish 2014 bring success and happiness for you and for your loved ones!

    Hopefully I can publish more Master series stories soon! :D
    Take care! ;)

    @Erwin S.: Thank you for your cheerful words! This year too, I intend to keep you people as sleepless at night as you were last year! XD

    I wish this year bring you endless joy and happiness! :D Thank you for being my blog reader!

    @Ariya Vanna: I will do everything within my ability to meet your expectations. Thanks a bunch for your support!

    @Şefik Ateş Meriç: Thank you! I wish you a wonderful year ahead, full of happiness and love!


  24. Dear Saya,

    I've been celebrating so I didn't read you blog until now, but: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, TOO!!!

    It's good to see you update more often! I hope you're fine and have a great year waiting for you!

    Cheers, Doc Sanchez

  25. @ Doc Sanchez: Hi, Doc Sanchez! I've been wondering about you! :D How's it going with your life?

    I'll be on holiday soon so I hope I can update more often!

    I wish year 2014 be full of joy, happiness, and success for you! Thank you very much for commenting!

    Love, Saya

  26. Belated happy new year for you, Saya.

    I'm rare to give a comment here, but i'm always being your blogstalker or silent reader.:)

    I just gave a couple of comment here to ask your permission that i wanna take your article to share somewhere else in indonesian language. i don't know if u remember me, but once i said to you that i'm translated the stories from your blog into Bahasa (Indonesian language) and at that time with your kindness you'd give me your permission. really2 thanks to u.

    Now, i ask you once again to make me sure that what i'm doing is right. because some times i feel not good if i take your stories and translate them without give you to knowing it. is it okay? thanks before.

    and if you don't mind, you may follow me back in twitter. my acc @urbanlejen thanks. you can read (if you wanna try:)) my work too in my blog, and sorry for my bad english.:)


  27. @bopluseven: OK dear, I understand your situation and thank you for asking again. If you promise to link back to my blog you can translate the stories. Take care!:)


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