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Monday, 31 March 2014

Phantom Voice

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Right after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a female voice was emitted from Hiroshima Broadcasting Station (the building of which was thought to have suffered an instantaneous annihilation) calling out to Osaka Broadcasting Station for help. 

"Osaka, Osaka, this is Hiroshima Broadcasting Station. Hiroshima has been annihilated and we are short of radio waves. Please, Osaka, Osaka, send us some radio waves...."

Everyone who heard her on the radio later remarked,
"It was a very beautiful and clear voice, like a voice of an angel." **

**Angel - Tennyo (天女)in the original text. They are heavenly beings who often appear in Japanese mythology. (See Wiki)


  1. Yaaayy am I first?
    Omg kakak saya, is she really an angel?are there any victim left?or all of them already died?

  2. Is this real?? i'm speechless... Is there any video about this??

  3. Creepy....

    Short and sweet, but so bizarre that it's so spooky! a perfect ghost story

  4. This is very intriguing. I never would have thought such a thing occurred during this tragedy.

    It gave me a chill despite the theory of it coming from a heavenly being.

  5. This is beautiful, In a creepy way. Thanks for the update Saya xD

  6. I can only agree with the others... Really beautiful, yet really creepy!
    Quite mysterious. Thanks for the story, Saya-san!

  7. oooh.. Saya-san.
    This one almost had me in tears.
    I don't find this scary at all.
    I think it's sweet and beautiful.
    I like the idea of guardian angel watching over people when in need.

  8. I don't get this part, it doesn't make any sense:

    "...we are short of radio waves. Please, Osaka, Osaka, send us some radio waves..."

  9. Somehow I don't feel this story is scary at all.
    It's more tragic and saddening for me.

    That voice probably comes from a protector spirit or maybe from one of the victims who didn't realize they were dead already and was just reaching for help... :"(

  10. They were short of radio waves and yet the voice was clear?

  11. @anon that is the thing, they are short of radio waves and this "angel" was not actually using the radio waves but since being an angel her powers had her voice broadcast itself perhaps, she was trying to have help sent to hiroshima and radio waves are important for communication in times like that

    it is that the voice was clear that is spooky, though this is a nice story

  12. I posted earlier that this part doesn't make any sense:
    "...we are short of radio waves. Please, Osaka, Osaka, send us some radio waves..."

    What I mean, is that if someone sends radiowaves to Osaka, they can just listen the broadcast. Osaka can't actually use those radiowaves themself. So why would anyone ask to send them? Why not ask to just send help?

  13. A few people have been saying this story doesn't make sense.



    @novemberain: Lots of people got killed instantly in the bombing. Many of the survivors became ill afterwards from radiation.
    I don't know if she was an angel. She might have been!

    Oh, by the way, well done for being the first! XD

    @BlueRio: There aren't any videos about this, unfortunately!

    @Steeple: I quite like this story myself! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

    @Anon (31 March): haha It's my pleasure to creepy you guys out! XD

    @CRRobbins: It is curiously creepy, isn't it? I can't put a finger on what makes this so creepy.

    @Deka Aden: Yes it is beautiful too. You're very welcome!:D

    @Tenshi: Looks like one of your colleagues was out doing her job? XD

    @nunu: Oh! You're very kind-hearted, dear. :)

    @Anon (1 April): As I said above, that part is supposed not to make any sense. It sounds meaningless even in Japanese.

    @Anon (13 April): It is sometimes said that when people meet a sudden death, they become spirits without having realised they've already died. So yes,your theory might be right! :D

    @Anon (28 April): I think you're taking this too seriously. haha

    @Anon (9 May):hmmm I don't get your question. Could you please rephrase that?

    Anyway don't think too deeply about it! haha


  14. I try to be clear.

    1. Voice talk about being short of radio waves (becase transmitters are broken or destroyed).

    2. So, the voice asks Osaka to send radio waves to them.
    Osaka sends radio waves -> people in Hiroshima can hear broadcast. That doesn't help much. They can't use those radio waves send to them for anything.

    3. The voice could ask someone to come and help them fix their transmitters or bring new ones, if the real problem is about not being able to send radio waves.

    4. Why the voice asks radio waves, when they can't be used to anything? Why doesn't it ask someone to come and help them, that would actually be helpful.

  15. @Anon (12 May): As I said before, the whole point of the story is that it doesn't make sense, and it's the whole illogicality of it that makes it so eerie.

    Anyway there's no point in asking ME why the voice said what it said. I mean how can I know the answer?

  16. It is also believed that if you go outside just before sunrise in either city, you can hear voices and screaming from victims of the bombs... it's very sad

  17. Hello, Saya. I had this thought yesterday. What if the atomic explosion was so strong it affected even celestial beings like the angel? She meant to ask for help, but she was suffering so she started saying nonsense. She was dying too.

    It makes me so sad and creeped out to think about it.

  18. maybe she sounds like Park Cho Rong. hehehe


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