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Thursday, 3 April 2014


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A cryptic story

My wife was assaulted by a man while at home.

I checked if she was alright, and apparently she managed to fend off the attacker with a knife she was holding.

When I went to pick her up at the police station, she said,
"I heard the doorbell ring and opened the front door thinking it was you when a man suddenly attacked me."

It must have been a very frightening experience. I held her tight in my arms and caressed her head to soothe her.


  1. My only possible guess, and correct me if i'm wrong, but... was she expecting her husband with a knife??Was whe expecting to kill him? if it is so, WOW XD

  2. So... she opened the door with a knife in her hand, even though she thought it was her husband. Uh oh. The writer better watch out!

  3. あら....... that means she was expecting her husband as she was holding on to the knife. Maybe there's more the husband-wife relationship than it seems.

    I'm glad you're updating more frequently now, Saya! Thank you so much, your stories made my day ^^

    P.S. Do you remember me? >.< I commented on one of your stories 4-5 years ago...

  4. hmmmmm I think his wife tried to kill/attack her husband?

  5. I thinmthe wife was making some food and when she heard the doorbell, she was holding the knife because she wanted to slice something when she returned to the kitchen :3

  6. maybe she'd been cooking and that's why she had a knife on her hand.

  7. This is Saya in Underworld, there's no way it was as innocent as that.

  8. Why was the wife holding a knife when opening the door expecting her husband?
    Did she intend to attack her husband with the knife?
    That poor man was probably a neighbor or postman with bad timing, and had to defend himself.

    And of course, probably unlikely, but it could be she was cutting something in the kitchen and just innocently bring the knife with her to open the door when she heard the doorbell. That poor man then panicked when he saw the knife and attacked the wife thinking he was defending himself.

  9. She was not wearing her glasses at the time when she opened the door when the husband is about to hug her mistaking it for an assault and attacked him. THEN picked her up at the police station. . . . yeah.

  10. @shaphat
    No women in her right mind would hold a knife while opening a door.

    Saya I love your story as always <3

  11. Awesome, I had to read it twice to get it. She was holding a knife, thinking it was her husband. Well, I guess the attacker served as a sacrifice for the narrator's life. But maybe not for long...
    And I also noticed a misspelling in the title, Saya. Just saying. :)

  12. Why would her husband ring the doorbell? When you arrive at your own home don't you just unlock the door and go in? Was she really assaulted, her story doesn't add up.

    She could have been in fact laying in wait for the husband with the knife, but perhaps it's not quite that one sided if she says she was expecting him. Could he have sent someone after her?

    Perhaps she is aware of her husband's intent and was prepared to defend herself. Her statement could be seen as a threat back at him for his attempt. "...thinking it was you.." this could be her implying that she will be coming after him now.

  13. The wife is an ex-agent from some fancy secret organization. She has her habits. That's why she carries a knife around.

    Her husband should be proud.

  14. You can never be too careful with all these door to door salesmen these days.

  15. Aside from what everyone said (about the woman intended to kill her husband), it seems that when she opened the door, the man see her holding a knife and try to defend himself by attack her first(?) (cause no one would greet a guest while holding a knife, at least put it down before opening the door) Just thought of this weird theory :D

  16. Oh my! Most of the time I'm to dumb to get the cryptic storys. Glad you have so many intelligent readers who always explain them hahaha :D

  17. I kept reading and re reading to find fault in what the husband was saying expecting him to actually be the man, then I visited the comments. So many things that just go over my head.

    That poor husband, lol.

  18. I'm curious and not sure if this is the actual cryptic part...would it make sense if you could hold someone tight in your arms AND caress that person's head at the same time?

  19. The wife was planning to kill her husband OMG

  20. After being a lurker for a long time, in this first post of mine i want to propose a (-nother, i guess) theory:

    If the wife is a homemaker/stay-home wife. I think the husband won't use his keys and would ring the doorbell. So only his wife (or anyone inside if they have kids/other relatives visiting) had the authority to open the doors. I thought of this because my parents did this, mom was staying at home and my dad would just rang unless my mom was also outside (and of course dad would confirm it first through phone).

    Then comes to the part when she said she defended herself. IF i was about to trespass into someone's house, i would rather jimmy/pick the lock than ring the bell and waiting to choke anyone who answered (ㅋㅋㅋ and i would never ever do that). So, the fact that she 'kinda stabbed' the assaulter in self-defense, came really odd to my senses.

    What i could think of is this; The wife was 'already' expecting the husband to be outside, AND already holding the knife in her hands. The second the door opened she pulled the man (whom she thought was her husband) inside and stabbed his throat with a knife, instantly eliminating him.

    Then she realised it wasn't her husband, she gasps, she dumped the body somehow and calls the police because she's already soaked in blood.

    Cops picked her up and calls the husband, she used the alibi that she was assaulted and managed to fend 'him' off with a knife. Plus the fact that the assaulter wasn't described in the story impiles that the guy 'vanished'. Voila, perfect alibi.

    p.s. Like NDRue said, the last part could be a twist to the story. The husband knows that her wife wanted to kill her and thus took the revenge by choking her in his arms (like a one handed sleeper hold) while carressing her hair and whispered, "Sshhh..." (creepy music cues lol)

    p.s.s. I developed this psychotic mind because i watched The Mentalist, Dexter, and BBC's Sherlock. I'd blame them if you think my theory is too much to be true xD

    So, that's all for my first post. It is super long with lousy grammar, i know. But i hope i could shed some light into the case. (uh, i mean story lololol) Cheers!

  21. @CRRobbins: If I'm not mistaken, many houses in Japan employ a door chain, so there's no point in the husband unlocking the door because the chain will prevent him from opening it fully anyway.

  22. Reading the story twice, *wondering
    Reading all the great coment *amazing
    And in the end I pity both the narator and his wife, both of them having a bad day experience.

  23. @ Fatalystic I was unaware. I learned something new, thank you.

    I am still suspicious of the the husband, due to how little emotion is shown when writing about something that would normally be very concerning.

  24. Omg so the wife is expecting the husband while holding a knife? omg

  25. I think the husband killed her at the very end... The wording seems a bit strange at the end so perhaps it means something?

  26. Sorry for the long wait. I'm going to reply to your comments now!

    I will, however, only reply to those comments that seem to need my reply!

    @Tia: Thank you for your continuing contribution to the blog by commenting often, Tia. :D

    Yes, I think that is the most likely interpretation! Well done for getting it! :D

    @キラナ: Wow you've known my blog for so long? Thank you for coming back and commenting! :D It's a great joy!

    @Failure Drill: Exactly! :D haha

    @nunu: Oh thank you for the new theory. I like that! :D

    @Anon (3 April 17:32): haha, that would be funny!XD

    @Ryan Pratama: Thank you <3

    @Mandy: I noticed the misspelling myself later and corrected it.(Gosh don't you find this "misspelling"hard to spell? I'm sure there are many people who would misspell "misspelling." haha) Thank you!

    @CRRobbins: You have a good point! But maybe she attacked the person before he had time to ring the doorbell, thinking it was her husband, and she lied about the doorbell bit. But if she didn't lie, then her story certainly doesn't add up. Thank you for your cool theory! :D

    @sardine god: haha another good theory!:D

    @Ion: true! haha XD

    @Anon (3 April 23:05) That's possible too!

    @P.sycho Waka: Yes many of my readers are so good at this. I sympathize with you because I'm no good at it either! XD

    @Adorably Dead: haha it's my job to make it hard so people don't get it easily! :D

    @NDRue: Oh that's a good point. But perhaps it'd be possible if one of his arms was supporting the back of her head.

    @Anon (5 April 13:20):wow you provided us with a very good answer to the doorbell problem
    ! I appreciate it.

    Thank you very much for your interesting theory! You seem to be very good at this with your predilection for such TV shows as Dexter haha. I hope we hear from you again in the blog comments in the future! :D

    @Fatalystic: wow you know Japanese culture well. Yes that's another possible explanation.

    @novemberain: haha yeah XD Although "bad day" is too mild an expression for this horrible incident! lol

    @Petzie: Don't panic, my dear! haha

    @Anon: Maybe! :D



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