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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fall-and-Die Village

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Dolls in kimono*1 source

Have you ever dreamt of "Fall-and-Die village"?

This type of dream is called the "collective dream"*2 and many people dream it at some point in their lives.
Most people forget about the contents of the dream immediately after they wake up. But there are still numerous reports about the dream collected from all over the country.

The dream begins with a scene in a farmers' village. The sun is setting, and there are blue-purple dead bodies lying around everywhere.
After a while, a few young girls in kimono come up to you and explain, "This is Fall-and-Die village." As soon as they finish telling you this, one of the girls trips over one of the dead bodies and falls.

As the girl screams, her body immediately turns blue-purple and stops moving.

There are several variations as to what happens next. Some people have reported that they got "chased by the girls and ran around the village like crazy," and some say they were "forced to  play on stilts,"*3 while others say "nothing particular happened" and they just woke up.

But somehow, there are no accounts of the dream from someone who actually tripped and fell in the dream.

Photographed in 1926 (source)
*1 Ichimatsu dolls (市松人形) - a type of popular traditional Japanese dolls (See Wiki the Edo period section)
*2 Collective dreams - the use of the term"collective" suggests a link to Jungian collective unconscious
*3 Stilts - Takeh uma (竹馬) in the original text, where takeh means bamboo (indicating the material with which they are made), and uma a horse. 
Pictured right: An old photo of children in kimono playing on bamboo stilts.

I suspect all the chasing and walking on stilts in the dream are ploys to make you trip and fall.


  1. 最初の文章を読んだ時、なぜかぞっとしました。短い文なのに、かなり怖かったと思います。Sayaさんはいつも印象的で、しかも文にぴたりと合う画像を載せていますね。

  2. Wow.. that is a very scary dream to have, Saya-san.
    If we do fall, probably outside the dream we'll fall from the bed too. That would suck. And hurt :(

  3. o__o so I dream quite often when sleeping, so I wonder if I already dream this scary dream one...and then completely forgot about it. o__o

    but if I did, I'm glad Im not the one forced to play on stilts, cause if I do, I'll surely fall.

    Tsk, I'm a sucker at everything xD

  4. I wonder if this place actually exists somewhere in the world or perhaps it is in an adjoining dimension that can only be reached through astral projection in the dream state.

    A very cruel place where a life is wagered for amusement.

    Would anything happen if you chose not get on the stilts or to give into their ploys? Maybe they'd just push you over.

    Not as fun as trickery but who knows what they would do if angered.

  5. Maybe the reason there are no accounts of the dream from someone who fell in the dream is because everyone who fell in the dream died in their sleep o n o
    So maybe thats why there's no one alive to say that they fell in the dream

  6. I just hope that this story won't affect my dream tonight huweee T_T

  7. @渚: 不気味な話ですよね!画像を気に入ってもらえて嬉しいです。話に合うものを一生懸命に探した甲斐がありました!いつもコメントありがとうございます。たまに日本語でコメントを頂けると、なんか嬉しいですね。(*^^*)

    @nunu: If you just fell that would OK but most likely you'd be waking up in another world! :P

    @Ponyo: oh does your name come from the Hayao Miyazaki's anime film? :D

    @CRRobbins: Hmmm it's possible! Lots of those "another worlds" appear as having red sky and this one to is a place of sunset which is similar to that.

    @Anon: That's certainly what's implied in the story! :D


  8. I very like your job, so can I tranlaste it to Vietnamese ? >"< Thank you.


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