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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Meals

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Omelette-rice, or Omurice

The story I'm about to tell concerns a very scary experience I had, which has nothing to do with supernatural stuff, but which freaked me out as nothing ever had before.
What you need to know, first of all, is that I was the lowest of scum bag at the time it happened.

I had a girlfriend with whom I had been going out for two years.
She was kind, modest, had a good sense of humour, was slim but curvy at all the right places, and always well-dressed and pretty.
We were getting on swimmingly even after we had been together for two long years.

It was my fault that we broke up. At the time, my work and many other things in my life were a complete mess; unfortunately, I dealt with the accumulating stress by bullying my girlfriend.
We never used to fight, but one day we had a big fallout.
And it was that fallout which eventually led to our break-up.

As usual I had been playing games on the Playstation console (I had been jobless for half a year), when my girlfriend returned from work. She soon started picking up and throwing away the rubbish, such as empty cans, that were strewn all over the floor.
By this time I had become such a jerk that I became irritated merely by listening to the noise she was making while she threw away the cans, and started verbally attacking her without a good reason.
"You think you're better than me, don't you?"
"You must be feeling good about yourself for taking care of me. Right?"
I was a real asshole.

She stayed calm (probably she was hiding her true feelings) and went on cooking.
Then after that as I watched her munching away in front of TV (although she was skinny she ate a lot, like she really enjoyed eating) somehow I grew irritated again.
"Look at yourself, eating like a pig! Well, it must taste really good, eh, to eat something you bought by the money you earned yourself!
"I'm so sick of you. I don't want to be with you anymore so can you just pack up and leave?"
So I went on and on, saying so many unreasonable things.

Oops, maybe I've said too much - I thought for a second then, but kept on eating.
She was looking down and sniffing. Even that behaviour pissed me off.
".....OK. I understood."
Finally she said, and gathering up her coat and bag, got up to leave.

"I'll come back on another day to collect the rest of my things. And also - "

Also what?
I had been sitting in a sort of daze in the now quiet room, when I received a text message from her.

"I want you to know that the meals I cooked for you - they were all made from recycled food."

Then she sent me a few more messages.
Below is the summary of what she wrote.

  • She was suffering from bulimia.*1
  • Too much money was being spent on food that she decided to keep the vomited food in the freezer.
  • She reused them when she cooked things like risotto and omelette-rice *2

⇒ I ate them ⇒ "Wow, tastes great!"

That was what was happening everyday.... All those hamburger steaks and stir-fried dishes first went through her before coming to me.

In front of me was a dish of omelette-rice. I felt my mind go blank even as another message arrived.

"Today's dish used to be a bowl of chicken-and-egg rice."*3
Inside the omelette was some fried rice with chicken. I threw up.

*1 Bulimia nervosa : An eating disorder characterized by binge eating and purging (vomiting), done out of an excessive concern for body weight. (Wiki)

*2 Omelette-rice: Omurice (オムライス)  in the original text. It is an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup (Wiki). See the picture at the top.

*3 A bowl of chicken-and-egg rice: Oyakodon (親子丼) in the original text. It is a dish in which chicken, egg and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a bowl of rice. (Wiki)
See the picture on the right.


  1. No other tag could be as fitting for this one as "Sick" is, haha!
    This story was creepy on a very unique way. Thanks for sharing, Saya-san!

  2. Oh, heavens. I think this really freaked me out more than the ghost stories. Not so much the twist ending (He's been eating vomit!) than the fact that it's been happening for a looooong time now. (He's been eating vomit for AGES!)

    And judging by the narrator's tone, he's obviously learned his lesson. o__O

  3. Eww thats disgusting! I would definitly freak out if that happened to me! Bleh

  4. OH. MY. GOD
    This is one of the most horrifying in a non-spooky way story i have ever read.

  5. Birds do it for their babies all the time. It's just strange to us because we decided it was off putting or unacceptable.

    He should be glad he wasn't starving on the street :P

    Also this could have been avoided if he had been a good boyfriend and paid attention to her. She is suffering and struggling with problems of her own and even though it may be considered twisted she was still making sure he didn't die of hunger and had a place to live.

    Love is unique bird

    1. I loved your answer. But the way she said it, it sounds as if she'd been giving him that food even before he was an ass xD

      I guess you're right when you say at least she kept him fed. It's just... such a foreign concept to me OHGOD I JUST IMAGINED HER VOMIT SIZZLING ON A FRYING PAN.

  6. WOW! This really surprised me!!! And I loved it! It's nice how a story can be horrific without having ghosts or killers in it HAHA!

    By the way! Just wanted to say I'm a recent viewer of yours and I enjoy your posts!!! Do your best! I hope you have fun as much as we do when reading your blog! :)

  7. My god O.o She's so sick! I can't even imagine how can she take out her food from her body. More. Than. Twice. A day. Every. Day.
    Damn, I hope I didn't have a nightmare!
    Anyway Saya-san, it's great to see you updated so fast! I'm your silent reader, and I started to read your post since 1 year ago. Your post always amaze me! XD

  8. Wow your storytelling is great as usual Saya san, my stomach reacting weird after reading this. Nice story :D

  9. Omg.. that's it,, no more yoshinoya for me hahahha,, this is truly a grim story T_T

  10. Now I'll never be able to have omurice at a maid cafe. I was curious about it before, but now I think I'll pass.

  11. As long as it tasted good and i didn't know i would be okay with this. I mean birds do this and we do this for our babies.

  12. funny..people say birds does this..but human don't do this for a reason, it's gross. and we don't give what we VOMITED to our babies. we don't anyhow shit like birds too. and i doubt most of us enjoy/would try to eat others' vomit #justsaying

  13. I feel I have to give my opinion on the story before replying to your comments :)

    I suspect the girl developed bulimia, due to extreme stress, after the guy started harassing her,and her "recycling of food" was her way of getting back at him for giving her hard time.

  14. When I started reading your post I thought, 'Whoa, I'm gonna make omurice for dinner!' because the one in the picture looks really delicious. And it's funny how in a minute all the feelings are gone.
    Instead of having grudge on her the guy kept on stating that he was such a jerk so I guess he himself thinks that he deserves it :O

  15. I'm sure you right Saya, his description of her at the beginning of the story makes me wonder though.

    It is certainly a good revenge when you consider the normal view of eating regurgitated food. I would not be very inclined to partake of such a thing unless in a dire situation. If it was an after the fact reveal though, I would probably just shrug it off.

    No changing the past right?

  16. My favorite food used to be omurice... then I read this.

  17. ok, finally I posted a comment..
    after about few month I was reading your blog..
    but this one compelled me to post a comment, well.. my girl always cookd omurice for me, once a week, for almost one year.. do you think I should investigate the ingredients she use to cook omurice for me?

    and yes.. My english is bad.. haha:)

  18. Gross! I told myself not to read this one but I didn't listen. I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat omu-rice again!

  19. And I just had omurice few days ago.....

    I will never look at it the same anymore T_T

  20. Yuck! I have seen some documentation about people with bulimia. If they have done this for a while, the stomach acid will actually damage their tooth and vocal cords.

  21. Serves him right! What an asshole. Usually with bulimia you vomit right away, but I hope she waited until it was digested a little bit before serving it to him.

    She's clearly way too good for him. Good for her.

  22. I agree with Steeple. The jerk had it comming.

  23. I think what Saya said was right. The boyfriend caused her to develop the bulimia, in the story he says how he commented on her eating like a pig and rude things like that, poor girl her mental state must of gotten worse and worse.

    At least she was resourceful, saving the money she made while her boyfriend sat around doing nothing but be mean.

    Oh and yes there's a reason humans don't feed barf to their kids lol! Birds are a different species, our bodies are not made to eat barf like that o.o though the boyfriend seemed healthy enough...

  24. Wow it seems a lots people have taken a fancy to this story, judging by the fact it's adorned the top of "Popular Posts" for the last few days? haha

    @Dennis:Is it the first time you commented on this blog? I don't think I ever saw you on another post.
    Anyway, congrats for being the first to comment here! XD haha

    @Tenshi: haha I just hope any of you weren't eating anything when you read the story! XD Thank you for your comment!

    @DonAbad: Well. sometimes life teaches you a lesson the hard way! XD

    @Melody Chivers: You're a nice girl so it would never happen to you! This guy got his just deserts! :D haha

    @nunu: I wanted to translate this story for a long time and I'm glad I finally did it! And looking at your reaction, it was well worth the effort! XD

    @CRRobbins: Yes, remember the old meme, "If you're a bird, I am a bird"! haha

    My mum never stops telling me how, when I was a baby, I would put my fingers into her mouth while she ate and try to snatch away food from her! haha

    @Harumaki Kara: I always look for unusual scary stories!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment here! I'm always happy to hear from new readers! :D Take care!

    @Denna Charlotte: Thank you! When I don't hear from my readers I always get worried, thinking "Is this story of no interest to anyone?" lol
    So I'm happy that you decided to kindly leave a message for me!
    I hope you comment again! take care! <3

    @Anon (15 April): Oh! I'm so glad you like my translation! You've made me happy! :D Thank you and take care! <3

    @Petzie: Oh! Please keep eating at Yoshino-ya! I'd feel so bad if this story affected their sales! XD

    @Diogo: But Diogo, THEY'D PUT YOUR NAME WITH A CUTE HEART SHAPE on omurice at maid cafes. If you passed that you'd be missing a lot in life, I tel you! lol

    @Du Lugst: Are you sure? ARE YOU REALLY SURE?

    @Harumaki Kara: Hahaha, you have such a rich imagination! People with poorer imagination would survive better on my blog! XD

    @Anon (16 Arpil): haha you have a good point there. It's vomit, after all!

    @Prisilia: Sorry I ruined your dinner XD

    @CRRobbins: If it happened to me, I would probably end up feeling sick everytime I laid my eyes on Omurice and Oyakodon!

    @Biba: Awww!I'm so sorry! XD

    @Ekky Sanyotho: No need to investigate, unless you've been doing something to her that would cause her to take radical actions! XD

    Your English is PERFECT just as you are! Thanks for your first comment! :D

    @Moxie: Ah! Omurice is fast disappearing from people's dinner table and it's all my fault! *sobs*

    @hollow.nerd: That was your last omurice in your entire life? Ah! At least you still have good memories about it. Some people here have never so much as had a bite of omurice, and they probably never will now that they've read this story XD

    @CY: Heard about how bulimia affects teeth, but vocal cords too? So scary!

    @Steeple: By the description,she basically seems like a very nice girl, so she must have been driven over the edge by her bf's terrible behaviour!

    It's scary how she waited until the right moment to tell him what she's been doing to him though XD

    @Sadae: I hope the punishment has made him walk on the right path again! :D haha

    @Anon (5 May): I didn't know birds feed barf to its chicks in the first place! XD I thought they only fed insects and worms! haha

    SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT and THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE! I enjoyed reading through all of your comments! <3

  25. i love this because there is no clear victim to feel sympathetic towards like in pretty much every other story. (does that make sense? like there is no good guy and no bad guy)

  26. Even if this wasn't true, I can see how she might lie about it to get revenge on him.


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