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Monday, 21 April 2014


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A cryptic story.

Twin sisters (two little girls) were kidnapped.
Their eyes and mouths were covered with tape.

The kidnapper, in helium voice, whispered in the ear of the older of the twins:
"Stay still and don't try to run away, or else I'll kill your younger sister."

Then the kidnapper, in helium voice, whispered in the ear of the younger of the twins:
"Stay still and don't try to run away, or else I'll kill your older sister."


  1. how did the kidnapper knows which one is the older or the younger one?
    the kidnapper must be someone from the twins family

  2. How the hell he knows which one is which... they are twins except he know them so well

  3. hey, it's the first time i comment here, but i've read quite a lot of the stories which you've translated.
    i'm not good with this kind of stuff, i always read the comments below, but i totally love cryptic stories. my guess is, since they're twins, the kidnapper might be their parent, a stranger wouldn't know who's the younger or elder one. i'm not sure about it, it's just my guess

  4. So the kidnapper has to be familiar with the sisters in order to recognize who is the older and the younger one among the twins.
    This is scary, you can't trust even the people who you know and knows you :(

  5. I got this one - If the twins are identical twins, how did the kidnapper know which of them are younger or older? The kidnapper must be someone who is familiar with the twins.

  6. hmmm so the kidnapper knows them personally.

    that's how he is able to tell who is the older/younger sis.

  7. This one is easy peasy!!

    It has to be someone that was in the delivery room with them, or a close friend of the family. How else would they have know which twin was the eldest?

  8. Also I'd like to add that the author didn't necessarily say it was a MAN! It could have been a woman. Maybe the mom O.O


  9. Must be somebody the twins know because the kidnapper disguised his/her voice, and the kidnapper also knows which twin is younger/older.

  10. They don't need ot be identical, and the kidnapper doesn't have to be family - but they do know the sisters well enough to know who is older.

    Well, in real life criminals are likely to know their victims.... scary.

  11. The kidnapper know which one is the younger one and the older one... the kidnapper might be their closest colleagues... O_o

  12. oh i've read this story once in an indonesian horror page, the kidnapper is their older brother by the way

  13. Well, another way of thinking would be that he would actually kill both of them, so it doesn't have to be somebody that directly knows them. Because to a stranger, both of the twins would be the same age, and by saying he would kill the "older" one or the "younger" one, he would actually mean to kill both. I don't know, this is one of those things sounded a bit more believeable in my head.

  14. OK I'm replying to only those comments that seem to require my reply!

    @kamam0t0: Cool, very nice to meet you!
    Well done I think you're right! :D


    @Kimberly-Anne: If you say "easy peasy," you also have to say "lemon squeezy"! That's written in the laws of the Underworld!!
    Now you are fined!!

    Yes indeed it cold be a woman! That would be somehow scarier!

    Thank you for the little sound effect(?) at the end! haha

    @nunu: That's right! That's probably why the person has disguised his/her voice!

    @Steeple: That's true, I heard that in real life murder cases, the culprit is often someone close to the victim!

    @Nabilla: Well, you can't really say it's their older brother just by reading this story.

    @Snowish: Hmmm? Not sure if I understood your theory. The point of the story is that the criminal knows which one is older and which one is younger. So from that fact we infer that the criminal is someone close to the sisters, because you have to know the sisters very well in order for you to tell them apart.


  15. oh yeah twins born together dumb kidnapper :P

  16. Hey! I know this is last year late but I couldn't help it.

    No one had considered a telepathic kidnapper ;0
    idk maybe I'm jus over imagining this.

    I just stumbled here when I was looking for creepy japanese stuff and found that I am loving all these cryptic stories.

    Hope you update us more soon.


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