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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hemi-Sync for Lucid Dreaming

Listening to this apparently puts you in the right state of mind to lucid dream.
It appears to have been created with a technique called Hemi-Sync that uses audio patterns containing binaural beats.

How to Listen:
Use your headphones (without noise cancellation or filter).
Set the volume low to the point that you can just barely hear the sound.
Lie down on your back, relax your body and hit the play button.
Then all you have to do is go to sleep and you will be able to lucid dream!

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Some people have reported unpleasant side-effects from lucid dreaming.  
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I have also found this on youtube:
Hemi-Sync for out-of-body experience.


  1. I think this is a great blog. I can find new cryptic here. Can you allow me to use your work for this FB page:
    Any credit will go to you and your blog.
    Brofist from Vietnam :D

  2. it's okay saya, you are worth waiting for <3

  3. @Jeff: You can just put a link to my blog or to each entry on my blog. Thank you.

    @Aya: Thank you very much,dear <3

  4. Hi Saya-san!!!

    It's awesome to see you posting again :D I'm glad to hear you have more free time. Rest well this month, Saya-san.

    I'm going to watch this video right before I'm going to sleep tonight. I just hope whatever happens in my dream will not cause me to wake up late for work tomorrow.. haha


  5. @Nunu Thank you for your kind words. I just wanted to warn you first that I think you can only lucid dream when your sleep is shallow. So I don't think this video lets you sleep soundly. I advise you not to try it on workdays.

  6. I'm a lucid dreamer, Saya! (Or at least i used to be, but i still got one sometimes). So far i haven't experience any negative side of lucid dreaming and i think experiencing LD is wonderful ^_^

    Learning lucid dreaming needs practice, like starting from writting dream journal everyday, perform reality checks regularly, and so on. Depends on the person tho, some people have a natural talent without these practice.

    Listening to brainwaves mp3 is additional, but i believe if done regularly it can improve the dreamer's frequency of getting lucid in a dream. I think the previous steps are required though.

    I know a great website to learn, do you mind if i post it in the comment?

    Ah here i am babbling because of excitement, sorry >_< and maybe you know these stuffs already!

  7. I've read about this in the past and I'd be quite interested in trying it if I didn't have so much trouble sleeping at night! XD

  8. @fistaniaa: Of course you can post the link. Thanks! :D

    It's cool that you're a lucid dreamer. I don't think I've ever lucid dreamt!

    @Diogo: No,dear. In your state you definitely shouldn't try it!

  9. You're welcome, Saya! :)
    This is the link: ; i also posted my dream arts to their website's dream gallery~

    Apparently, when you recognize something bizzare as unusual in a dream (like seeing a pig fly and you think it's weird), you're already 'pre-lucid', the lowest level of lucidity in dreaming. You may have some dreams where you realized that you're dreaming, at that point, you can say that you're already lucid! ^_^

  10. I shared this with a closed group on Facebook. This was one created by my teacher for a psychology class titled altered states of consciosness and modified ego. We did a ton of meditations with big nearly beats so I believe that we will try this. I know I will :-)

  11. I don't wanna experience the monkey train :c I won't do it TnT I'm scared

  12. As i read "the monkey train" in basher miyamoto's comment, shivers went all over my body..

  13. It looks great. Thanks for your article about Lucid Dreaming and keep publishing more informative content!!Great Work.

  14. Awesome post!I love the idea of a Binaural Beats Lucid Dreaming.Thank you for the valuable information on this tips.

  15. Hello, very nice website, I have written articles about lucid dreams in particular from their origins in Plato's Hyperuranium, which develops through the Sephirot (tree of life), are quite complex articles, and I understand that someone may find it difficult to read them, but if you are interested i give you the link:


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