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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Punishment

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A cryptic story!

When I regain my consciousness, I find myself in a strange room.
Then I hear a mechanical voice coming from somewhere.

"If you don't consume all the meats inside this room, you will be put to death as a punishment."

You must be joking, I want to say; but the dead bodies scattered around me are the proof that the voice means every word it says.

I look at a plate piled high with a mountain of meats, and think to myself:
Well, tough luck for you! I'm known to be a man of gargantuan appetite!

I empty the plate and declare,
"There, I've eaten them all up!"

The mechanical voice resonates again:

"Now the punishment will begin."


  1. So he's supposed to eat ALL the meat AND the corpses? Ew...

  2. He should have eaten all the dead bodies but he failed to do so. Then there is the punishment

  3. I think he's supposed to eat the dead bodies as well.

    I don't know what is worse; to have to eat multiple of dead peoples' raw meat or punished to death :|


  4. his own flesh is meat, too

  5. Sayasan, it's me, @Nuigurumi from twitter, I'm going to try to post here.
    I think the same as previous user, the person should eat all the corpses, and maybe even his own body! Disgusting! (≧ヘ≦ )

  6. Oh, my god. He has to eat the dead body and his own as well, but he failed to do so. Some sick person the voice is.

  7. I am like 100% sure that it's that he was supposed to eat the bodies, but I didn't see the part about bodies when I first read it and thought it was just "haha sucker, now you have to suffer days or weeks of indigestion from all that meat"

    Also, again, not seeing the element that there were bodies in the room, I next thought 'oh, he has to eat himself, sick.'

  8. Now the next person has an extra body to eat, that's rough.

  9. haha i thought that he had to eat all the types of meat in the room, from the way I interpret it, meats are chicken, pork, or beef. or in this case human, dead human, and a bowl of various meats

  10. ROFL!
    Ups, I'm not supposed to laughing. But for some reason this story makes me laugh! XD

    I pity whoever [can] finish this task though, too much meat can and will make you sick :p

  11. As soon as I read "If you don't consume all the meats inside this room, you will be put to death as a punishment." I was like "oh shit, he has to eat himself!"

    But in second thoughts, do you think that that really was part of the demand?

    But yes, he defo forgot about the bodies wwww

  12. Missed some meat, bro. God I love this blog.

  13. He has to eat his own body as well... T_T


  14. Either way he still dies right!?

  15. Hmm..If all those bodies are of previous "participants" then I guess the 1st person was a vegetarian :D

  16. I get the feeling Hannibal Lecter is somehow involved.

  17. He probably also has to eat himself; considering that he is meat and inside the room. So either way it doesn't end well.

  18. I am guessing that the guy has to die anyway. There is no escape from that room. The meat on the plate is most likely animal meat otherwise the person eating it will notice something wrong with it. The dead bodies scattered around the room shows that the narrator isn't the first person to be in the room (but he didn't realize it as he might be shocked or confused since he woke up in a weird room). So the possibilities are, that everyone that was placed in that room had to die regardless whether you eat the meat or not. 2nd possibility is that, you are not suppose to eat all those meat but you did hence the punishment will now begin. Cheer to all reading this and have a good day :)

  19. who's to say that the meat he ate wasn't human meat? and yeah, he's meat too..

  20. just wondering what kind of punishment he give to him...


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