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Monday, 13 October 2014

Accident at Construction Site

Translated from Japanese into English by Saya

A cryptic story for you! :)

I was out for a walk when I heard a woman's loud scream.

 Startled, I ran to the place where the scream came from and saw a woman sitting on the road in front of an iron plate measuring around 2m in length, 2m in width and 50cm thick.

I tried to talk to the woman but she was too stunned to talk.
A man dressed in construction worker's clothes came up to me and explained what had happened.
It seemed the iron plate was dropped to the ground while they were working overhead on the building.
It looked like nobody got hurt. The woman just fell to the ground due to shock.
But I felt shivers run through me as I looked at the black iron plate on top of red tiles.

I went home after that, but in the late afternoon before the sunset, I visited the scene of the accident again.
The iron plate was still there. Probably due to its very heavy weight they hadn't yet been able to remove it.
The area was cordoned off with a security guard standing in front of it.

The woman I had seen earlier was still there. I went to talk to her.
"What happened earlier must have been quite shocking."

The woman replied,
"Yes, I was so shocked. Especially when I heard the scream."


  1. Well, I guess that coroners will have quite a lot of work to do. Anyway, that doesn't seem to be the worst way to die.
    It also reminds me of The Final Destination 2, lol.

    Thank you for such a nice story!

  2. So, the scream came from that woman's friend, daughter, mother or someone else that crashed by that iron plate. And red tile is actually tile with victim's blood.

    Was my answer is correct?

  3. Ohmigod! There's a woman crushed underneath the plate?
    Poor thing :(


  4. Oh my God... how come the woman heard the scream when she should be the one who screamed? and how come she is still in the location while there are already cops' line all over the place?

    i think the woman screaming is the woman in shocked due to her being crushed beneath the iron plate.. this comes clearer when the construction guy came to the story teller not to the woman in shock. If you are the construction worker, will you go to the guy that comes late or to the woman on site thats in shock?

  5. the red tiles thingy kinda gave it away, but the story sure is creepy... I wondered why the construction guy denied that someone was crushed beneath though. probably because they didn't see the other woman?

  6. what confusing me is why the narrator didn't hear the sound of the plate hit the ground ? (maybe it's a loophole in the story)
    so there was 2 woman, one sitting in the ground, the second is who were crushed under the plate.
    but I think Petzie had a point there, the construction worker should come to the lady first than to the narrator. (if there was really a lady there...)

  7. "No body got hurt."

    That doesn't mean someone didn't die...

  8. Hello Saya! This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I am very glad to see you posting more often again! :'D

    Also, the end of the story was quite a plot twist for me, hehe, and made me rethink what happened. I think a woman was flattened by the iron plate, thus making the tiles red. The other woman at the scene may or may not have seen the first woman be crushed (perhaps her back was to the crushed woman to begin with or she was a little farther away), but she definitely heard it and was shocked by the sudden scream. Then again, this is just my guess~ I see others have similar answers to mine, but perhaps we will see one that is different than the rest and makes us re-question our original thoughts! Anyways, I hope all is well with you, Saya (and of course, the other commentators too)! ^w^

  9. @Yovita I think you got the cryptic part of it! I was thinking this was too straightforward, but you unintentionally got the cryptic part, I think. The part that is supposed to be weird is the writer only heard a scream, not a bang - because the woman who screamed softened the blow of the falling block by getting her body crushed underneath it.

  10. Am I the only one who thought that the plate was alive and it screamed because it fell? Oh, well, the other explanations make much more sense :P

  11. @ a girl : but the sound of the bang must have been audible even if it was softened by the body.

    @ yugiohaddictedfan7 : now that I think about it, it's the most reasonable explanation to the story ! it also explain why there is no 'bang' sound because the plate didn't bang, it screamed.

  12. Ohhh dang, i was thinking sort of some supernatural thing. Like there was no one underneath, so why was there a scream? (A ghost etc) Althought yes the red tiles, but kinda hard to imagine the blood coverring THE WHOLE AREA such that the original color of the tiles were red? I mean, if its a puddle of blood, you shoukd definately be able to see that its a puddle and not look at it as red tiles right??

  13. Saya! Since we can't PM.. Here's my first paranormal experience that happened to me. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I'm not sure if you seen the short film called "Don't turn off the lights" on YouTube but my experience was vaguely similar to it. I still get goosebumps every time I think about it and I'm getting them now as I type it.

    Well, back when I was 6 - 7 years old, about 18 or so years ago my family and I used to live in an apartment complex. It was a simple two bedroom. My three siblings and I shared the larger bedroom and my parents took another so you can imagine it was pretty cramped. We had two beds and our beds were positioned so that mine was right next to the window, furthest away from the door. Well, one night, I woke up. I glanced at my alarm clock and it was exactly 12:00 midnight. I didn't think too much of it but I had to pee... I slowly edged my way off my bed not daring to make a sound and walked out the bedroom. My eyes were pretty accustomed to the darkness so I didn't bother to turn on the lights. The bathroom was just a couple steps away from my room anyways. Well, for some reason I decided to look to my right towards the living room. There I saw something, it was a black figure sitting on one of our sofas. It looked like a person. It was sitting as stiff as a statue staring straight ahead at a quilt we hung there. I got scared so I quickly ducked behind the nearest sofa. After a couple seconds which seemed like eternity, I slowly stood up. I don't know what I was thinking.. maybe it was to confirm if what I saw was really there. I slowly peeked over the sofa and there it was. Not too far it was sitting in the same position as it was before. This time it must had noticed me as it slowly turned it's head to face me. I got scared so I immediately jumped up. The black figure stood up as well. It came towards me, with it's hand outreached as if it was going to come capture me. I quickly flipped on the light switch and it disappeared. I quickly went to bed after that. I told my parents in the morning but they just assured me that it was nothing.

  14. Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your comments! :D

    As usual you all came up with interesting theories and I enjoyed reading them all!

    One "answer" I heard on the web is that there is a woman crushed dead beneath the iron plate but no one has noticed it yet!

    It's interesting that some of you think that the woman talking to the narrator is a ghost! I think that's possible.

    @regorgitated: thank you for thanking me! :D

    @He-Chan: Hello! Thank you for dropping a comment! :D I'm always happy to hear from my blog readers!

    @Wa Yang: Oh my god! That must have been so scary! I would have fainted if I saw a black figure like that in my own house! You did a right move when you flipped on the light. I'm glad you're safe!

    And thanks a bunch for sharing the story. I'm sure other people here enjoyed reading your story as much as I did! :D


  15. Very nice story.

    Thank you for the update.

  16. @Farz Wolf: You're very welcome, dear. Thank you! :)

  17. the story was creepy and sad... t.t

  18. I had quite a different interpretation coming through my mind. I thought that the scream in some way saved the woman from the iron plate, and that the scream came from some sort of spirit protecting her.

  19. I'm a new fan of these, and I love them. Please post more Saya-chan!!!


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