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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Muderous Intent

 This story has been translated from Japanese into English by me, Saya.

"I feel so tired these days but I can't get any sleep at all...."
It was 10 days ago that I heard these words uttered by my girlfriend.
Then the day before yesterday, she said, "It seems I'm really tired. When I was lying down on the bed yesterday I had sleep paralysis and couldn't move my body at all (she laughed weakly)."
Certainly, as a construction worker, her work demanded more muscle than my work.

It was this same girlfriend who gave me a call past 11 in the evening. Looking back, she sounded quite strange.

"N (←my name)! Come over here right now! Please!"
Her place was an apartment complex, about 10 minutes from my house by drive (she lived alone).
"What's the matter? OK, I'll be there in a heartbeat."
 Two or three minutes into driving, I again received a call from her, but she was being way over-the-top hysterical:
"(Sobbing) Where are you?? Hurry!! Please!!"
"I'm nearly there. I'm hanging up."
I tried to hang up (well, it's illegal to use a phone while driving) but she continued, "Don't hang up! Please keep talking to me until you arrive at my place... (she was sobbing like crazy)"
"What's going on? I won't understand a word you're saying if you keep on crying like that. Have you had a nightmare?"

And so on and so on. We kept on talking until I finally arrived at her apartment complex.
Her room was on the 7th floor. I immediately got on the elevator and pressed the 7th floor button.
The door closed and the elevator started moving ー


The elevator's door was partly glass and therefore I could see through to the other side; and I saw my girlfriend standing there with a mobile phone pressed to her ear.
In a panic I hit the "open" button again and again. But the elevator had already started going up, so of course it wouldn't open.

And later I was glad it didn't.

The second floor: My girlfriend, standing there with the phone pressed to her ear, was looking at me with glazed-over eyes.
The third floor: My girlfriend, standing there with the phone pressed to her ear, was glaring at me.

I saw her on every single floor until it got to the 6th floor, each time wearing a different expression on her face.

But all I heard from my phone was the sound of her crying. As you would expect, I was speechless...
When I arrived at the 7th floor, there was no one there.
Relieved, I got out of the elevator and went to her room; she was still crying.
I asked her why she was crying, and she told me the reason:

She said that yesterday (right now that's already the day before yesterday), while she lay on the bed she had sleep paralysis, and saw a woman standing by her side who smiled at her and said "I'll kill you" and disappeared.

Then before she called me (that's yesterday) and just after she turned off the light she heard,
"I'll kill your boyfriend! I'll go over to him right now and kill him!" The loud voice echoed throughout the room... (I was shocked)

I stayed at her place until the next day. Then, because it was time for me to go to work, I went back to my place first where, on arriving, I discovered numerous scratch marks on my front door. 
I was in a hurry so I couldn't do anything about it then, so I just went off to work.

On the way back from work, my girlfriend called me and told me something very disturbing...
"Today around noon, I saw a strange woman who glared at me and clicked her tongue as she walked past me."
A cold sweat broke out on my skin. Why me? Was it a so-called iki-ryo?**

Now I really want to go and tell the person that she must have been cursing a wrong guy....   

**Iki-ryo (生霊): Literally, "living spirit." It is a spirit of someone still alive which may sometimes haunt other people.


  1. Woaah this is My first Post as always i really love the stories in your Blog Keep updating Saya onee-chan!

  2. Its great to have you back Saya. That was very very VERY scary. It has such a malevolence and thick dark athmosphere, combined with the veil of mistery and the gruesome scary imaginery of the haunting, that you can almost feel eyes in the back of your head, looking as you read, breath in your neck, of something ready to take you to a dark, bad, wrong place when you finish your reading, very very nice and good material, top quality horror and traduction.

    Thank you for such amazing work as always Ms Saya.

  3. @ExLucio: Hello! Nice to meet you! Sorry you always have to wait so long for updates.But I love getting comments from readers. Thanks a lot! :D

    @Henry Lh: I'm so glad you found this scary! XD It's disturbing, especially the part where the narrator sees his gf's doppelganger(?) multiple times from the elevator. Thank you very much for your kind words and support! :D

  4. Woah, welcome back, Saya-san and thank you so much for the new entries :D It was great reading this (though I'm not sure if I'll dare to watch the video, haha). Looking forward to more stuff from you soon :D

  5. @hollespiel: Helloo! Thank you! You should try watching the video! It's not that scary! Just a little bit creepy that's all!

  6. Hi, Saya-san!!!!!
    Wow. I'm so happy to see you back on updating the blog :D

    @Henry Lh: I totally agree with you.
    Good storyteller can make a reader feel as if the reader is the main character, as if it's happening to the reader.
    That's why I love to read this blog.

    About the story, I honestly wouldn't know what to think if I'm the writer.
    At first I thought maybe the spirit was actually cursing the girlfriend, and it wanted to hurt the girlfriend by killing the writer.

    Or maybe the girlfriend subconsciously hated the writer. That's why the writer saw the girlfriend's doppelgangers when he was in the lift.


  7. JEEZ!That pic is scary, I clicked on it thinking it was a video but it just made it bigger scaring me more. Great story Saya :)

  8. @Nunu: Hello, Nunu! Nice to see you too! :D
    I like your theory very much! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    @noiseishate91: Noise is hate? LOL
    Yes it's a pretty scary picture!XD
    Thanks a lot for your comment!

  9. Creepy...i almost hope the first doppleganger of his GF would be no-face ghost...then it continue; bloody, witchy, boiled, burnt, and the last, his own face plastered into her. Can't get enough for your post saya:))

  10. @Sri Rini Agustini: Oh I'm glad you like my posts. It's worth the effort, seeing as they put a huge smile on your face :)) haha

  11. Hi !!
    I dont really understand why would the doppleganger was there.. Was it the lady that transformed herself to scare him ?
    BY the way, i really love your blog ( even though i get less sleep now :P )

  12. As always, I got scared reading this. Which is a good thing. I haven't been to this site in a while so reading your posts brings back memories. I can't wait for your next update, Saya-chan.

  13. Yay welcome back Saya! Wow this is scary, you never know what other people might do to you, and I find it really disturbing

    and...while I know I should've never open your blog past midnight...I just can't resist to check if there is anything new lol
    thanks for telling the story(and for translating it to english) :)

  14. @Julie Ngyuen: I don't understand it either! It's strange!
    I'm sorry you're sleeping less because of me! haha
    But thank you very much for loving my blog! :D

    @Kage no karitori: I'll try to update more this month! I'm sort of motivated. haha Thank you!

    @Yudhi Hidayat: What!? Opening my blog past midnight is one of the worst things you can do in life! You naughty girl (or boy?)! haha
    Anyway, thank you for your support. I appreciate it a lot.

  15. @Saya san: Yeah, it's just really hard for me to not to read a new story as soon as possible haha
    Oh I'm a boy by the way

    and i just realized that the picture is the girlfriend's doppelganger view from inside the elevator, it's really creepy

  16. Wow, another update! I'm always excited to see another post from you Saya, I love reading your stories!

    I was confused about why the he would see his girlfriend on the floors of the elevators, but after reading what Nunu said, it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

    I feel like the sleep paralysis is the girlfriend's subconscious, and leaves her body when she doesn't have the energy to surpress it, so it would leave her body, thus becoming the iki-ryo that the narrator mentioned.

  17. Loved this story.

    So is an Iki-ryo kind of like a witch?

  18. Like always, I need to pile up my courage to read this since I got my free time to stumbling around your site only past midnight (paper chaser,indeed)

    And I feel like peeing but I can't!! I will wait for daylight since I read this post at 4:14 AM. Hahaha. Scary yet great as always *thumbsup

    I will waiting for new post, then :)

  19. @Yudhi Hidayat: I thought you might be a boy. I beg your pardon! haha

    I thought the picture would go well with the story! XD

    @Hei Yu: I'm happy that my translations are giving you pleasure! :D

    Yes I think Nunu's explanation is a good one!

    @Adorably Dead: An iki-ryo literally means a living spirit, and it's a spirit of a person that leaves the body while the person is unconscious (eg.when the person is asleep).

    Sometimes, if you hold a strong grudge against someone, your spirit - unbeknown to you - may leave your body and haunt the person you hold a grudge against.

    Or (like the woman in this story seems to be doing) you may do a special ritual to purposely separate your spirit from your body to attack another person.

  20. Okay.Mental note : Frosted window will never be installed at my house.Ever.


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